Music Video Analysis for Foo Fighters The Pretender

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Music video analysis for foo fighters the pretender

Transcript of Music Video Analysis for Foo Fighters The Pretender

  • 1. Music Video Analysis for FooFighters- The Pretender

2. OpeningThe beginning of this music videocontains a high angle establishingshot of Dave Grohl walking over tothe microphone stand and picking uphis guitar (possibly because he is themain image of the band thereforeget's an individual entrance).It is also note worthy that the lightscome on in time with the music.This is then followed by shots of him that hidehis face for the first line. On the second line wesee a zooming medium close up of him singingthe words, "keep you in the dark," whilelooking towards the darker side of the room asif he is sing to someone. This is when the otherband members come in to the room and pickup their instruments. 3. First VerseThe next verse then begins with the drummer hitting his drum as soon as thedrums come in to the music. Now that the music has sped up the cuts come moreoften with shorter shots- mostly panning, zooming or close ups. Thought beats arenow used a lot when the guitars strums. 4. First ChorusAt the pre-chorus line, a riot policemember walks out of the darkness; thisindicates a new part of the song (thechorus).This man then walks over to and stands ona black line as the band play more andmore aggressively.After a complete mix of shots with different angles and movements, close-upscontinuously switch between the officer and the lead singer. This is probably to showcomparison between the band and authority; this fits into the genre of rock completelybecause it is often stereotyped and criticised for being against authority and law. 5. Second VerseThis verse is a lot like the first with lots of fast moving shots a quick cuts to fit the musicspeed. A huge range of shots are used including panning, zooming, close-ups, mediumand long shots mainly focusing on the band members playing the song. This is very usualfor the genre of rock and alternative rock because it shows that the music is theirs notjust played and copied on a computer or wrote by someone else just trying to reach thetop of the hits. 6. Second ChorusThe key feature of this chorus is that evenmore riot officers march towards the linefacing the band. By looking at the officerswe can see that they are all dressed thesame with the same shields and weapons.We can also see they are all numberedwhich is a complete contrast to the bandwho are all wearing different things andarent restricted to standing on one line.This could be to say the band membersdont want to be the same- they want to bedifferent, they want to stand out and notbe another ordinary person that to somepeople are just a number; this is an directlink to the lyrics, What if I say I'm not likethe others? What if I say I'm not justanother one of your plays?. From realisingthis we could say that there is a hiddenpolitical meaning behind the song that thevideo acknowledges and shows visually. 7. Final ChorusDuring this final chorus the riot officers allcharge forwards but during this the musicslows down using quiet broken chords.The video imitates this by slowing downthe videos and using less cuts.Immediately after this the music gets louder and faster with all the instrumentscoming in at once and as soon as the music hits this point an explosion of red liquidsprays forwards behind the band hitting the line of patrol members. Straight awaythe video goes to fast cuts but not as fast as before, low angles and tilted shots arefinally used to show the police fall to the ground before the video ends on Grohlsmashing his guitar on the floor (which is another norm for the genre of rock). 8. ConclusionOverall this video follows genre norms of rock andalternative rock because it does things seen often inalternative rock music videos such as having meaningbehind it all and showing a lot of performance.By evaluating each section of the song (the verses andchoruses) we can see something new happens everytime the music advances. In this case the band picks uptheir instruments then a riot patrol member comesthen he reveals his weapon then more members comeand finally they run forwards towards the band.