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The music quiz without audio.

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  • 1.


  • A set of 11 questions based on the theme MUSIC
  • 1 pt for every correct answer, with *ed questions in case of a tie
  • Send in your replies, in a single mail/message, in my Fb account
  • The deadline is midnight 26 thDecember


  • * (01) Who is she?


  • (02) Id the two gentlemen, (i) extreme left and (ii) extreme right.


  • (03) Simpsons parodying which band?


  • (04) Name the band?


  • * (05) Connect


  • (06) No points for identifying the movie from the poster. I need the name of the playback singer whose name has been edited. [source: imdb]


  • (07) Which album cover art was inspired by something which was mentioned in the ending of this novel, with hundreds of children, partially resembling human beings? [points only for the name of the album, not for the band or novel]


  • (08) Id the missing pair. [flag and object goes in as a pair]


  • * (09) Id the person on your left, taking the person on the right as a clue. [no points for Iding the person on the right]


  • * (10) Which legendary person, born in 1767, was named after the presiding deity of this temple?


  • (11) The legends who made these movies, also made the film X. In 2003, a group performing in a rock contest in Chennai, named themselves after this move X. Which band OR what is X?
  • [next slide]
  • *NOTE: The movie after which they named themselves is not given. The next slide simply shows some posters of movies which were made by the people who made X]

14. 15.

  • (12) The X is widely believed to have a direct link to Satan through his lineage, and is thus granted with other special abilities. In Latin America, it is believed that X will be a werewolf. In Ireland, X is seen as a healer, since Paul Joseph Cawley was a X and was known in this coal mining town for allegedly healing many skin diseases. What is X, which was the name of a 1988album?


  • (13) Simple one to end the quiz. Id the band.