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The analysis of NME and Kerrang music magazine covers.

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  • 1. MusicMagazine Covers Analysis

2. AnalysingNME magazine front cover 3. qui Conventionalbar code position in the bottom right of thecover therefore it does not take up much space. Sans serif fonts , all in capital letters which makes all text stand out more.This use of a less complex font is sensible becausetheexplanatory textis quite small anyway, so enables reader to read it more quickly and clearly.All text is lined upand only 3 fonts have been used which gives the cover a more neat and organised feel.Background is all in white, and that contrasts well with the boldness of the red as well as the black and white picture. Thisuse of white spacealso gives more emphasis not only to the photo of Liam Gallagher but to text around him too.Themastheadis bold and overall simple. The bright red colour and thick sans serif font makes the cover eye-catching andappeals to all genders.Cover lineis bigger in size than most of other texts. This makes it stand out and attract readers attention.This & is quirky and original and contributes to the magazines authentichouse style.Unusual and funnyquote will probably interest audience and make them want to read on.Selling line. 4. The main image is of ex-Oasis band member Liam Gallagher. This instantly reaches out to a large audience of many ages as he is very famous. The fact that he is wearing sunglasses and is looking away from the camera instead of making eye-contact suggests that even though there is an interview with him, he does not wish to be exposed too much. Theimage is a studio shot in a medium close up angle, with very sharp details and in black and white. It has bright studio lighting with acyanotype toneto it and in relation toMise en scene , there aren'tany props apart from his glasses which makes the picture very simple but powerful.any props or He is looking towards the right hand of the magazine cover, where people would open up the magazine therefore the fact he is looking towards that direction could incline people to actually open the magazine.Language Cover Photo This cover uses a lot ofcolloquial languageas seen by the examples on the right ( epic gigsandmassive summer ) in order to attract a younger audience and make the text on the cover more interesting via the use ofinformality . It also uses a lot of direct speech and speaks personally to the reader via the use ofpersonal pronounssuch as Liam answersyourquestions. This is a good thing to have on a cover because it would persuade the reader to open the magazine since theyd feel like theyre being personally addressed to. 5. Eye Flow The front cover has a layout which follows the readers naturaleye flow . They will firstly be attracted to the masthead on the top left at the page, then follow Liam Gallaghers picture of his face down to the Plus section of the page. With this in mind, it was a smart idea to have made the Liam cover line in a very large and bold font because it may necessarily not be the thing the audience may be attracted to first. 6. AnalysingKERRANG magazine front cover 7. Themastheaduses a grunge sans seriffont with an element of chaos and distortion to it. This may suggest to the reader that the magazine is very busy packed with information as well as setting agenre of rock to it.Unlike other magazines (for example NME) where the masthead is bold and very simple this one differs in the sense that it seems more rebellions and more in your face, which could also be reflected from the exclamation mark.Conventionalbar code position.Contrasts from thecovers overall businessand distortion.Via using aquotefrom the band as themain cover line , the audience feels directly addressed by the band, ergo this connection may entice them to by the magazine.Appealingsticker.Main cover lineingrunge fontsimilar to themast head , in a tilted format, very unconventional and sets a tone of distortion to the cover, like the position of the lead singers head also.Selling line Extra pictures added on the front cover which gives reader more to look at rather than just the cover photo.Splatterspersuade audience to buy magazine due to the words used such asWin andplus Suggesting magazineis full of great interesting things and gives readers opportunities. Unlike NME, Kerrangs colour scheme is a lot more complex, with more colours such as white, pink, yellow, black and grey and its all overall a lot brighter with more vivid colours.This may catch the readers eye more effectively 8. Language Cover Photo Like NME, this Kerrang cover uses aninformal registerto address its readers, with overall slangy/ colloquial languagewhich would appeal to their target audience of ayounger demographicas its the vocabulary their familiar with (examples to the right). Even though there arent anypersonal pronounslike in NME, this cover still successes in making a direct link with the audience by saying things such as:Dave Mustaine gets personalwhich makes the reader think these are exclusive things they might not be able to read elsewhere.The cover photo for Kerrang is very different to NMEs. Firstly all the members in the band (Paramore) havedirect eye contactwith the camera which will make the reader feel morepersonally addressed, as if the band are looking straight at them. Like NME the image isastudioshot but in a low angle and has minimal props,as well as morenatural lightingand not in black & white. In fact, the picture is quite saturated and the colours are all very vivid especially the lead singers ginger hair which contrasts to the rest of the bands black clothing. This suggests she is the main feature of Paramore, and since shes very famous a larger audience will be appealed to buy the magazine.Abbreviation 9. Eye Flow Thelayoutof Kerrang also follows the readers natural eye flow: fromtop left of the cover to the bottom right. With this in mind, this cover enables the reader to firstly see themasthead , then themain cover line , followed by the main attribute of thecover photo(Hayley, the main singer of Paramore). 10. Inspirations for my own magazine cover

  • Black and white cover phot o
  • Bold contrasting colours for text and for masthead (red colour especially)
  • Conventional bar code positions
  • Kickers and explanatory text all in capital letters
  • Lining up of text makes the cover neat
  • Using a quote from famous band as a selling line
  • Use of stickers and splatters
  • Conventional bar code positions
  • Follows readers natural eye flow
  • Grunge font for mast head
  • Studio low angle shot.
  • Colloquial language
  • Models direct eye contact with camera
  • Using a quote from famous band as main cover line
  • Informal register