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Mumps Dr. Md. Salequr Rahman Department of Community Medicine Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College Feb. 2014


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Dr. Md. Salequr RahmanDepartment of Community Medicine Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College Feb. 2014

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Mumps ( Infectious Parotitis)

• Infectious and communicable disease characterized by fever, tenderness and localized swelling of one or more of the salivary glands, usually the Parotid and occasionally the sublingual and submaxillary glands.

• Agent: Mumps virus- belongs to paramyxo group.

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• Host:• 5-15 years• Males are more affected• Lifelong immunity after one

attack• Passive immunity up to 6


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• Reservoir: Saliva of infected person.• Mode of transmission: Direct contact by

droplet, contaminated fomites.• Incubation period: 12-26 days. Case is infective

1-6 days prior to appearance of swelling and week thereafter.

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Clinical features:

• Pain and swelling in either or both the Parotid glands.

• Earache, pain and stiffness on opening mouth

• Fever, headache and other constitutional symptoms- for 3-5 days.

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Clinical features:

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• Orchitis/ oophoritis• Pancreatitis• Meningoencephalitis• Myocarditis• Nerve deafness• Polyarthritis• Hydrocephalus

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Prevention & Control:

• Analgesics• Orchitis- Prednisolone• Immunization: MMR vaccine.