Multiple Email attachments / Email attachments Whenever I ... *****soc ranjan ... I want...

download Multiple Email attachments / Email attachments Whenever I ... *****soc ranjan ... I want to add the Category filed exist under the E-Mail Business object ...

If you can't read please download the document

Transcript of Multiple Email attachments / Email attachments Whenever I ... *****soc ranjan ... I want...

Multiple Email attachments /

Multiple Email attachments

Whenever I try to attach multiple attach to an email, the first attach goes away or disappears

Welll, the Windows attachment deal is so when you send to people with PCs they'll receive/view them properly... crazy deal that I've never figured out the purpose of, since I use Eudora and it's always done it right no matter what!?

Does the second one move over to the left or just the first one vanishes from it's spot?

Done any Disk Maintenance lately?


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Send multiple email attachments using FM SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1.How?

Hi All, I have a requirement to send email to an external ID for which I am using FM SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1.Can anyone give a sample code to send multiple excel attachments using this function module. Points would be rewarded. Thanks Archana.

Check the Thread,,

Re: more than 1 attachements/sheets in SO_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1

Multiple emails in outlook 2010 with pdf attachments will not print

Here is our issue 1. Select multiple emails in outlook 2010 with pdf attachments (versie 10.0.1) 2. Go to file -> Print 3. Select Print Options. Check the box for Print Attached Files 4. click Print The emails will print but only the first attachment will print. After that we recieve the following error There was an error opening this document. The selected file cannot be found. We have tried turning off enhanced security mode but still get the same result

You can also extract these pdf attachments via email attachment extractor from here and then send the pdf file for printing. I think this will be easier for you to print them all.

Why do my email attachments open as only one page in Preview, I can't print multiple page documents

Why do my emailattachments open as only one page in Preview? Multiple page attachments only will print as 1 page with very small print?

It's a Finder feature, related to Quick Look. You can hit the space bar in the file list to get a preview.

If that doesn't work, you may have an issue witha preference file or similar. I find rebuilding the launch databse works quite well resilving tis kind of thing, as does trashing Finder preferences

Multiple pdf attachments from server folder using SO_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1


I am trying to build a program able to send an email with multiple pdf attachments.

The files are stored in a folder in SAP server.

I am able to generate a pdf file from a spool and sucessfully attach it to the email using:



bin_filesize = v_bin_filesize


otf = job_output_info-otfdata

doctab_archive = it_docs

lines = it_lines


err_conv_not_possible = 1

err_otf_mc_noendmarker = 2


IF sy-subrc = 0.

LOOP AT it_lines.

TRANSLATE it_lines USING ' ~'.

CONCATENATE gd_buffer it_lines INTO gd_buffer.


TRANSLATE gd_buffer USING '~ '.


it_mess_att_aux = gd_buffer.

APPEND it_mess_att_aux.

SHIFT gd_buffer LEFT BY 255 PLACES.

IF gd_buffer IS INITIAL.





Internal table it_mess_att_aux is the parameter contents_bin of FM SO_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1.

I have now 2 files on a server folder which I would like to include as well.

I am reading the content of the pdf files in following way:

DATA: gd_buffer TYPE string,


IF sy-subrc 0.

MESSAGE e257(zmsgsd) WITH lv_fileserver.


CLEAR: it_mess_att_aux[], gd_buffer.


READ DATASET lv_fileserver INTO gd_buffer.

IF sy-subrc 0.



APPEND gd_buffer TO it_mess_att_aux.


APPEND LINES OF it_mess_att_aux TO it_mess_att.

I do not understand the purpose of the statement:

TRANSLATE it_lines USING ' ~'.

in this context. Could anyone explain it?

All the files are attached to email with the desired name but corrupted and with the wrong size.

Can anyone help me build the logic to attach a pdf file from server in a email?

Thank you in advance,

Kind Regards,

Joo Cabrita

hi , try this ,it is working fine .


i_objpack LIKE sopcklsti1 OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,

i_reclist LIKE somlreci1 OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,

* wa_doc_chng LIKE sodocchgi1,

i_objtxt LIKE solisti1 OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,

* i_objpack LIKE sopcklsti1 OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,

i_objhead LIKE solisti1 OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,


i_record LIKE solisti1 OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,

wa_doc_chng LIKE sodocchgi1,

v_lines_txt TYPE i,

l_lines TYPE I VALUE '20'.



format = 'PDF'

max_linewidth = 132


bin_filesize = bin_filesize


otf = int_tab_otf_final

lines = int_pdf_tab.

IF sy-subrc 0.




*****************soc ranjan***************************

* IF full_path IS INITIAL.

* CALL METHOD cl_gui_frontend_services=>file_save_dialog





* file_filter = 'Portable Document Format (.pdf)' " for restricting saving file only as pdf


* filename = file_name

* path = file_path

* fullpath = full_path

* IF sy-subrc 0.





******************eoc ranjan*****************


CONCATENATE full_path git_select_option-pernr INTO path SEPARATED BY '_'.


** **************************for downloading*********************************



* bin_filesize = bin_filesize

* filename = path

* filetype = 'BIN'


* filelength = file_size


* data_tab = int_pdf_tab.

* IF sy-subrc 0.




CLEAR : lop , el , sl , cl .

* ******************addeddd later by ranjan 21.04.2011

DATA : desc TYPE char40 ,

desc1 TYPE char100 .



t_source_tab = int_pdf_tab

t_target_tab = i_record


convert_not_possible = 1


IF sy-subrc 0.

WRITE : / 'Error in conversion of pdf lines'(015).


APPEND LINES OF i_record TO i_objbin.

*Creation of the entry for the compressed attachment

DESCRIBE TABLE i_objbin LINES bin_filesize.

i_objtxt = 'Hi'.

APPEND i_objtxt.

i_objtxt = ' '.

APPEND i_objtxt.

i_objtxt = 'Pls find the attached salary slip ' .

APPEND i_objtxt.

i_objtxt = ' '.

APPEND i_objtxt.

i_objtxt = ' '.

APPEND i_objtxt.

i_objtxt = ' '.

APPEND i_objtxt.

i_objtxt = ' '.

APPEND i_objtxt.

i_objtxt = ' '.

APPEND i_objtxt.

i_objtxt = ' '.

APPEND i_objtxt.

i_objtxt = ' '.

APPEND i_objtxt.

i_objtxt = ' '.

APPEND i_objtxt.

i_objtxt = ' '.

APPEND i_objtxt.

i_objtxt = ' '.

APPEND i_objtxt.

i_objtxt = ' '.

APPEND i_objtxt.

i_objtxt = ' '.

APPEND i_objtxt.

i_objtxt = ' '.

APPEND i_objtxt.

i_objtxt = ' '.

APPEND i_objtxt.

i_objtxt = ' '.

APPEND i_objtxt.

i_objtxt = 'Regards: '.

APPEND i_objtxt.

i_objtxt = 'Corporate HR '.

APPEND i_objtxt.



wa_doc_chng-doc_size = ( L_LINES - 1 ) * 255 + STRLEN( i_objtxt ).

*Creating the entry for the compressed document

CLEAR i_objpack-transf_bin.

i_objpack-head_start = 1.

i_objpack-head_num = 0.

i_objpack-body_start = 1.

i_objpack-body_num = L_LINES.

i_objpack-doc_type = 'RAW'.

APPEND i_objpack.

***CLEAR: i_objpack .

***i_objpack-transf_bin = ' '.

**i_objpack-head_start = 1.

**i_objpack-head_num = 0.

**i_objpack-body_start = 1.

**i_objpack-body_num = L_LINES.

**i_objpack-doc_type = 'TXT'.

**i_objpack-obj_descr = desc1 .

**APPEND i_objpack.

*CLEAR: i_objhead .

*i_objhead = DESC.

*APPEND i_objhead.

*break-point .

i_objpack-transf_bin = 'X'.

i_objpack-head_start = 1.

i_objpack-head_num = 1.

i_objpack-body_start = 1.

i_objpack-body_num = bin_filesize.

i_objpack-obj_name = 'Employee Payslip'.

i_objpack-obj_descr = 'Employee Payslip'.

i_objpack-doc_size = bin_filesize * 255 .

i_objpack-doc_type = 'PDF'.

APPEND i_objpack.

CONCATENATE 'Salary Slip of Month' p_month INTO desc SEPARATED BY ' ' .

*DESCRIBE TABLE i_objtxt LINES v_lines_txt.

*READ TABLE i_objtxt INDEX v_lines_txt.

****wa_doc_chng-doc_size = ( v_lines_txt - 1 ) * 375 + STRLEN( i_objtxt ).

wa_doc_chng-obj_name = 'Payslip'.

wa_doc_chng-expiry_dat = sy-datum + 10.

wa_doc_chng-obj_descr = desc.

wa_doc_chng-sensitivty = 'F'.

wa_doc_chng-doc_size = v_lines_txt * 255.

CLEAR i_objpack.

DATA: l_usrid_long TYPE pa0105-usrid_long.

DATA : emessage(70) TYPE c.

CLEAR : l_usrid_long.

SELECT SINGLE usrid_long

FROM pa0105

INTO l_usrid_long

WHERE pernr = git_pa0001-pernr

AND subty = '0010'.


IF sy-subrc EQ 0.

i_reclist-receiver = l_usrid_long.

i_reclist-rec_type = 'U'.

i_reclist-com_type = 'INT'.

APPEND i_reclist.


WRITE:/ 'No email id is maintained for this personnel number' , git_pa0001-pernr.


IF NOT i_reclist[] IS INITIAL.

***************************************for senders id *************************************



document_data = wa_doc_chng

put_in_outbox = 'X'

sender_address = 'xys'

sender_address_type = 'SMTP'

commit_work = 'X'






packing_list = i_objpack

object_header = i_objhead

contents_bin = i_objbin

contents_txt = i_objtxt

receivers = i_reclist


too_many_receivers = 1

document_not_sent = 2

document_type_not_exist = 3

operation_no_authorization = 4

parameter_error = 5

x_error = 6

enqueue_error = 7

OTHERS = 8. .

IF sy-subrc 0.




Cannot save email attachments to folders in Finder

Ughhh, I'm getting a sinking feeling.... It's happening again.

Ever since I installed Mavericks back in June of 2014, I've had nothing but problems. In fact, the actual install (perhaps coincidentally, I'm told) caused my hard drive to fail in mid-install, even though it was only 2 years old. Apple Care cheerfully paid for the new hard drive and installed Mavericks for me, but ever since my previously fast, responsive computer has been incredibly sluggish, lots of beach balls, tons of problems with things like the one I'm experiencing again today -- can't save email attachments to folders in Finder (the computer behaves as if the save was successful, but when you go look in the Finder later, you discover it was never saved anywhere). Also, I can't create any new folders because it says the location is Read Only (I've tried various file locations -- same result).

Since June, after countless visits to the Genius Bar and all sorts of attempts to fix the accumulating problems, the Genius erased my User Library last December in a final attempt to get the computer to work right before my Apple Care ran out. It was one of many attempted fixes that would actually work pretty well for a few days, but then the problems would accumulate again.

Last week, Word kept crashing. I took it to the Genius Bar and the June 2014 hard drive failed a diagnostic test. Even though Apple Care had expired, Apple replaced the hard drive for free because they could see the long list of notes from all of the visits I had made to the Genius Bar. I restored everything and, although it seemed to be working okay at first, I was still getting a lot of beach balls. Sometimes it can take 30 seconds to open a Word document, even if the application is already open. (FYI, I don't keep a lot of applications running.) But at least it was working. Today, however, I'm seeing some of the old familiar problems creep in. I cannot save email attachments to a folder. I cannot create new folders. I've tried restarting the computer multiple times. All of this was working fine as recently as yesterday.

1. Am I doing something that is causing this? This is my sixth Mac and I've never a serious problem with ANY of the others (including one that I bought USED) and I use them at least 8 hours a day. As far as I know, I'm doing everything the same way I've always done it.

2. Has anyone else encountered this "Read Only" problem and do you know how to fix it? I'm starting to think this is just a bad computer and that this is a symptoms that something is very wrong again.

3. Do I simply need to start over with a brand new computer (although, frankly, I'm scared to restore everything onto a new computer and risk "infecting" the new one). This is my work computer and I am self-employed, so I really cannot afford to be running to the Genius Bar once or twice a week any longer. Any advice? It's a MacBook Pro that I bought in December 2011. According to the stats, I'm using 354.68 GB of my 499.25 GB storage capacity.

Sorry this is so long. Just trying to give the context.


Of course this is possible on SharePoint Server 2010 and is a very nice functionality, in this link (

you can find a detailed information of how to set up the incoming email o SharePoint 2010 document library step by step.

I hope this helps

Please mark as answer if helps you

How can i read multiple email accounts?


my program is to get emails from multiple email accounts, and grab the attachments, but it doesn't work properly.

If there's only one email account, it works fine, but if there are more, it looks like that the program always goes into the first mail account to read the messages. i suspect that the 'Server' or the 'Session' are not reset before each connection, i printed out the connected 'Folder', it looks fine, but every time the 'Folder.getMessageCount()' returns the same number of messages as the first email account has.

Here's my code:

// this is to get the folder, mostly 'inbox'

// serverString is like: "protocol://[emailprotected]/foldername"

// all parameters are retrieved from the Database

public static Folder getMailFolder(String serverString, String username, String password) throws Exception {

// URLName server = new URLName("protocol://[emailprotected]/foldername");

Folder folder = null;

URLName server = new URLName(serverString);

// the session is created by grabbing the authentication using the username and password

// the MailAuthenticator is an inner class as shown at the bottom

Session session = Session.getDefaultInstance(new Properties(),

new MailAuthenticator(username, password));

folder = session.getFolder(server);

// this message always show the same number of messages

System.out.println("folder retrieved for " + serverString + ", with " + folder.getMessageCount() + " messages");

return folder;

// this method is to get the messages from the folder

public static void getEmailWithSubjectContaining(String emailUrl, String username, String password,

String regex, String filepath, boolean addPrefix, boolean delete)

throws Exception {

Folder folder = getMailFolder(emailUrl, username, password);

if (folder == null) return;;

Message[] msgs = folder.getMessages();

// Here is my problem, the msgs.length always returns the same value

// which is the number of messages that the first email account has

System.out.println("Totally there are " + msgs.length);

for (int i = 0; i < msgs.length; i++) {

String pathToSave = filepath;

String subject = msgs.getSubject();

System.out.println("Email subject: " + subject);

// examine if the message should be dumped and deleted

if (!subject.matches(regex)) {

System.out.println("Email subject doesn't match regex: " + regex + ", this email is ignored.");


Part p = (Part) msgs[i];


if (addPrefix) {

pathToSave = filepath + "/" + getFilenamePrefix(subject);

// this method call is to save the attachment

dumpAttachment(p, pathToSave);

msgs[i].setFlag(Flags.Flag.DELETED, delete);



// this method calls getEmailWithSubjectContaining using a loop

public static void getEmailWithSubjectContaining(String dbUsername, String dbPassword, String dbUrl) throws Exception {

Connection con = null;

if (dbUrl == null || dbUrl.equals("")) dbUrl = "jdbc:mysql://localhost/email_util";

try {

// here is just simply get the Database connection

con = MySqlJDBCConnection.getConnection(dbUsername, dbPassword, dbUrl);

Statement s = con.createStatement();

String sql = "SELECT * FROM email_fetching_config WHERE active = 1";

ResultSet rs = s.executeQuery(sql);

while ( {

String protocol = rs.getString("protocol");

String url = rs.getString("url");

String box = rs.getString("email_box");

String username = rs.getString("username");

String password = rs.getString("password");

String regex = rs.getString("sub_regex");

String path = rs.getString("save_to");

String prefix = rs.getString("append_prefix");

boolean delete = rs.getBoolean("delete");

String emailUrl = protocol + "://" + username + "@" + url + "/" + box;

boolean addPrefix = (!prefix.equals("") || prefix != null);

System.out.println("Ready to grab emails from " + emailUrl + ", path to save is: " + path);

try {

getEmailWithSubjectContaining(emailUrl, username, password, regex, path, addPrefix, delete);

} catch (Exception ex) {

} catch (Exception ex) {


} finally {


********* Authenticator *******

class MailAuthenticator extends Authenticator {

private String username;

private String password;

public MailAuthenticator() {

public MailAuthenticator(String username, String password) {

this.username = username;

this.password = password;

public PasswordAuthentication getPasswordAuthentication() {

return new PasswordAuthentication(this.username, this.password);

This is all my program doing, anyone knows what the program is? thanks for your help!


Assuming you're passing in the right URL, I don't see the problem.

Still, try change session.getDefaultInstance to session.getInstance

and see if that helps. If not, turn on session debugging and check the

protocol trace for clues. If you still can't figure it out, post the protocol


Mail Sender Adapter with multiple sMIME attachments

Hi! I 'm using XI 3.0 SP 15. I have problems with my Mail-Sender-Adapter. The mails, I fetch, contain a certificate and multiple xml-attachments. The xml's represent an IDOC-structure (INVOIC.INVOIC02). The task is to first check the certificate, and then to send each of the XML attachments separately to an SAP-System. 1) We have twelve partner which use this e-Invoicing interface. How do I administer the certificates and do I have to create for each partner a "Sendervereinbarung"? 2) The second problem is, that I have multiple payloads which have to be processed separately. How can this be done? kind regards and thanks a lot for your help MArtin

As we have multiple xml-attachments, I guess we have a major problem anyway.

I guess Certificate verification in the sebder agreement is done after the Module Processing of the email-adapter isn't it?

Due to the multiple attachments we have to write a customer specific Module for the email-adapter anyway.

I guess the only way is that the module validates the certificate against the J2EE KeyStore and then extracts the various xml attachments to a file share.

A File sender adapter then polls the file share and the sender aggreement / receiver agreement /mapping ... process starts.

The only question is if the file adapter works also without a sender agreement, so that the xml's are stored on the file share

Do you have an idea, if this works? or do you see any alternatives?

thanks alot for your help!!


Pdf email attachments - error msg after download "not decoding" - creating DWORD key did NOT work!

I went to REGEDIT and installed the DWORD key as suggested by ADOBE to fix problem created by security update & it did NOT work!! Attempting to save then open the files gives same error msg. I sent multiple emails from a book scanner at the library with pdf files in quick and searchable formats & neither will open! Someone else that I forwarded the email to was able to open with no problem & he is running version 10. There is no option to load earlier versions!!!! I am running version 11 on Windows XP.

I scanned hundreds of pages using a book scanner @ the law library - the USB port was not working so I had to choose the send by email attachment option. Received 30 emails & NONE (so far) of the pdf attachments will open - the error msg states "Reader could not open "doc" because it is either not a supported file or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded)." I forwarded 2 emails to someone else running version 10 - he had no prob opening from email (I have version 11 & then I also reinstalled 9.5 & STILL getting the same error msg)! Used someone elses's computer who is running version 10 & same error msg. Each time I try a fix I then go to a 'new' unopened email & attempt to open an attachment that hasn't been previously downloaded. Adobe supposedly has a fix - from Regedit - create DWORD key @ HKCU/Adobe/Reader/11/AV General "bValidateBytesBeforeHeader" - I did that & restarted computer each time I installed etc - still NO solution! So unless you have another idea I have a THIRD 6 hour roundtrip to the Law Library in KC in my near future!

Drew Davis

Sent from my BlackBerry powered by Virgin Mobile.

Can't see, quickview or open email attachments...

iPad 2-I can receive emails fine, but cannot see, quickview or open email attachments. I've been sent PDFs and can see a paper clip icon in email list view, but no PDF icon in the email. Why? Thanks.

How about something really crazy and unheard of?

I have two email accounts with Google Mail. Both are the only ones set up in the Mail app inside my iPad2. One would load everything: .jpeg, .docx, .pdf, and everything. The other would not.

I tried hard reset multiple times, deleting both email accounts and hard resetting. I cut all processes using SBSettings and killed all processes related to mail. So I have nothing running now, and I deleted all of the readers, Doc to Go, Quick Office, and other apps I had added.

Now I have nothing running and no apps installed.

Then I set up mail again from the bottom, as if the iPad came in the mail today. One gmail account still automatically opens and previews .jpg attachments, and show .doc, .pdf attachments with their respective icons. THE OTHER GMAIL ACCOUNT IN THE SAME iPAD MAIL APP DOES NOT OPEN THE SAME MESSAGES I HAVE FORWARDED TO BOTH. I would see an arrow pointed down in the icon inside that "faulty" mail account, and the name of the attachment below the icon. I have pressed my finger a gadzillion times on those icons, only to see the spinning wheel briefly and nothing. Holding them down would do nothing, and i can't open in other apps.

The wackiest thing is... when I hit forward (by tapping the curved arrow at the top), I get a drop-down choice list: "INCLUDE" and "DON'T INCLUDE" attachments. When I tap on INCLUDE, .jpg files immediately load and show in the reply message, only two of four .pdfs load and open, but no .docx attachments would.

How would we be supposed to troubleshoot or fix something like this?

How to move multiple emails from Mail to my folders on the hard drive

I would like to be able to move multiple emails at a time from a given mailbox to a selected folder on the hard drive in a format that I can subsequently read. I know I can move them one at a time in RTF. And either RTF or HTML would be fine (along with whatever attachments) as a format. But I can't seem to find either a command or a format that will allow me to do this. My goal isn't archiving -- I want easy access to these emails and their attachments. I just want to get them out of Mail and into the folders on my hard drive that have other documents with related content. I would greatly appreciate any advice that someone could give me. Ed

Andreas Amanns Mail Scripts has an Archive Messages script that you may or may not find useful.

SAP Cloud SDK : Send E-mail with multiple existing attachments

Hi Experts, I have some requirements from our clients. 1) Can we send email with multiple existing attachments to employee? I know that we can send email with attachment but how to add existing attachments to the email and send it to user. 2) Can we enhance the standard embed component and add some standard fields under it? Here below under the Account TI screen Activity tab ->E-Mail Section I want to add the Category filed exist under the E-Mail Business object in this E-mail Section ( Account TI screen embed component ) anyone have idea how to achieve this requirements using SDK or front end. Many Thanks, Mithun

For the emails with attachments: How to send an email with attachments in SAP Cloud Application Studio

For the other requirement, you need to identify wich screen is used in the section that you are referring, and see if you can add custom fields in this screen using extensibility explorer.

Some users are experiencing difficulty opening certain docx files sent as email attachments. These files contain content controls to protect data in the document. Could someone please confirm that the content controls are the reason the files won't open.

Some users are experiencing difficulty opening certain docx files sent as email attachments. These files contain content controls to protect data in the document. Could someone please confirm that the content controls are the reason the files won't open. These files open correctly when sent as doc files. Thanks

Congrats to Saeid, Ronen, and Ricardo! Big thank you to all our contributors!

Transact-SQLTechnical Guru -February 2015

Saeid Hasani

T-SQL: How the Order of Elements in the ORDER BY Clause Implemented in the Output Result

Durval Ramos: "Very well structured and with examples that clarify how a T-SQL statement can change the data output order."

Richard Mueller: "Good use of Wiki guidelines and great examples."

Ronen Ariely

Free E-Books about SQL and Transact-SQL languages

Richard Mueller: "An excellent collection and a great idea."

Durval Ramos: "A good initiative. Very useful !!!"

Ricardo Lacerda

Declare Cursor (Transact-SQL) versus Window with Over - Running Totals

- Accumulated Earnings

Durval Ramos: "The "Window function" sample was well presented, but it was unclear how the chart was generated."

Richard Mueller: "A new idea that can be very useful. Grammar needs work"

Also worth a mention were the other entries this month:

[T-SQL] Retrieve Table List with Number of Rows by

Emiliano Musso

Richard Mueller: "Short but sweet solution to basic question."

Durval Ramos: "A simple T-SQL script, but useful."

[T-SQL] Search for Missing Values within a Numerical Sequence by

Emiliano Musso

Richard Mueller: "Clever solution with good code examples."

Durval Ramos: "You need add more details about development of the idea and create a "Conclusion" section to easy understanding."

[T-SQL] Converting Multiple Rows into HTML Format single ROW by

Maheen Khizar (Bint-e-Adam)

Durval Ramos: "In some situations, It's need to consume and format HTML tags for a UI, but It's important to remember that Best Practices recommend this formatting process preferably in Presentation Layer"

Richard Mueller: "A great new idea. Some features need more explanation. Avoid first person."

Ed Price, Azure & Power BI Customer Program Manager (Blog,

Small Basic,

Wiki Ninjas,


Answer an interesting question?

Create a wiki article about it!

TS3276 "mail" is blocked by multiple large attachments

My incoming and outgoing mail are blocked by past multiple large attachments, that did not go out. They all appear now in 'recovered from yahoo' folder. Yahoo is my mail server. Connection to my mail server is OK. When I clean or remove the 'recovered' folder, it reappears.

JOC1, welcome to Apple Discussions.

I assume the large file was an attachment to the email? Is the file locked?

Until a solution can be found, drag the message from the Sent Folder to the Junk Folder (or some other folder). Then see if you can erase the other sent messages.

Cheers, Tom

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I have a group created whose members have multiple emails. I want to be able to type in the group name, and have ALL emails automatically inserted, not just one per group member. HOW?

Okay... I spoke a little too soon.

It cuts off my emails at 50 when I have 77. I'll attach my Script. See what you can do.

property defaultGroups : {}

property defaultLabels : {}

-- Prompt for the group to use

tell application "Address Book" to set everyGroup to name of every group

if (count of everyGroup) is greater than 0 then

set theGroups to choose from list everyGroup with prompt

"Send this message to which group?" default items defaultGroups with multiple selections allowed

end if

-- Prompt for message subject

set theResult to display dialog "What would you like the subject of the message to be?" default answer "I'm sending this via AppleScript!"

set theSubject to text returned of theResult

-- Prompt for whether an attachment is desired. If so, prompt for the location of the file.

set theResult to display dialog "Would you like to attach some files to this message?" buttons {"Yes", "No"} default button 1

set wantsAttachment to button returned of theResult

if wantsAttachment is equal to "Yes" then

set theAttachment to choose file

end if

-- Prompt for message body

set theResult to display dialog "What would you like to say in the body of the message?" default answer ""

set theBody to text returned of theResult

-- Go through each account and constuct a list of possible addresses

-- to use as a return address for this message.

tell application "Mail"

set listOfSenders to {}

set everyAccount to every account

repeat with eachAccount in everyAccount

set everyEmailAddress to email addresses of eachAccount

if (everyEmailAddress is not equal to missing value) then

repeat with eachEmailAddress in everyEmailAddress

set listOfSenders to listOfSenders & {(full name of eachAccount & "