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 The Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn A Multigenre Research Paper by: Christine Truesdale ECI 520 Dr. Young May 8, 2012  

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 The Rise and Fall of 

Anne Boleyn

A Multigenre Research Paper by:Christine Truesdale

ECI 520

Dr. Young

May 8, 2012


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Table of Contents 

1. Dear Reader Letter 

2. Personal Ad: Henry VIII

3. Letter: To Anne Boleyn from her father, Thomas Boleyn

4. Henry VIII’s Court: An Extended Metaphor Poem

5. Anne’s To Do List

6.  Note from Henry to Anne

7. I am Queen: A double-voice poem8. The Courtship of Anne Boleyn: Painting and Narrative

9. Dialogue Excerpt: Anne and Henry

10. Annulment Petition: Henry and Catherine

11. Marriage Certificate: Henry and Anne

12. “The King Creates New Church”: Newspaper Article

13. Birth Certificate: Elizabeth 1

14. Digital Diary Entry: Anne

15. Physician’s Statement

16. Royal Proclamation

17. Text Conversation: King Henry and Lady Rochford

18. “The Lady in the Tower”: A Haiku

19. Death Certificate: Anne Boleyn

20. End Notes

21. Biography

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 Dear Reader,

You’re invited to join me as I travel back in time to

the mid-16th century to visit the royal court of England. The

following multi-genre paper is about Anne Boleyn, who is

famous for her seduction of King Henry VIII and rise to the

throne of England. Her journey, which ultimately caused

England’s religious break from the Catholic Church, is

taught to students around the world. What is often

excluded, however, is the multitude of people who

contributed to Anne’s story: King Henry, Catherine of 

Aragon, Mary Boleyn, George Boleyn, Jane Boleyn (Lady

Rochford), the Catholic church, Anne’s parents, and

Anne’s well-known daughter, Elizabeth 1.

In the time of Anne Boleyn, court life was complex,

manipulative, ambitious, seductive and dangerous, and

those who lived within the castle walls created thesedescriptions of court. I hope that by peering into the rise

and fall of Anne Boleyn, I will help bring more knowledge

about the lust, ambition and ultimate betrayal of court that

is so often lost in the modern world’s fascination with the


This multigenre project serves as a timeline, and it is

 best understood when read linearly from beginning to end.



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Married: with an openrelationship. Looking foryoung, educated, highbornlady with a fertile womb tobirth male heir. Brunettespreferred. Women with saucyattitudes encouraged toapply. Miscarriages and/oradultery will not be



Late 50’s seeks man with akind heart. I am intelligent, outgoing,articulate, and I’m told Ihave an infectious laugh

and a lot to offer a man.You’re not going to findanyone else like me.Looking for someone whoenjoys a good golf game or walk in the park.

SUCCESSFUL LAWYER: Tired of working my lifeaway. Ready for a kind-hearted woman to spend it

 with. Salt and pepper hair with straight teeth. Bathedaily and enjoy a woman whodoes the same. Red-headsand blondes preferred.


 A good time. Want someoneto spend time with. Nostrings attached. Let’sgrab some dinner and see where things go. I am a male—early 30s. Preferolder women, but am open.Only requirements is that

you don’t expect anything more than a fun date.


You had on a long blackdress and your blonde hair was in a bun. You smiledat me and said you liked myshirt. I should have askedyou for your number. Let’sget together and see howfar our connection can takeus. Meet me at the marketthis Saturday at 10 am, and we can get lunch.

EASYGOING FARMER: Seeks a friend. I am a widower in the upper 60’s.Just looking for someone tospend time with. I enjoyhorseback riding and

playing a game of gin everynow and then. Prefersomeone around my age. Notlooking for relationship.

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My Dearest Anne,

I hope this letter finds you well and enjoying your time in the French

court. I know the last time we spoke, you were angry with me. I understand

your feelings of betrayal for being sent away, but after your marriage

scandal with Henry Percy, you left me no choice. Hopefully we can put that

all behind us now.

I’m writing to summon you back to the English court. Although your 

dear sister Mary has tried to entertain the king, her efforts have proved to be

most futile. Catherine is drawing him back in with her promises of a male

heir—even though I have heard from a reliable source that she is indeed

 barren. We are in need of someone with great beauty who can hold the

king’s attention longer than Mary was able. We need you, with your enchanting personality and intelligence.

As my eldest daughter, this is your opportunity to raise the Boleyn

name to greatness and achieve power and status that of which you have only

dreamed. Please do not let the thought of being a man’s mistress deter you.

This task will not defile your name or your virtue. In fact, simply bearing a

king’s son would ensure a marriage between you and a higher noble.

In closing, I fear I must warn you now, for once you arrive any words

spoken within the castle will need to be treated delicately and with the

utmost care. One must always tread carefully around His Majesty the King.

He is said to be quick to love and even quicker to scorn. Do not give him

everything he wants—not at first. That was Mary’s downfall, for she is too

gentle-hearted to hold back her loving nature. You must always been in

control of yourself, your feelings, and the situation. I have every confidence

in your abilities to achieve this.

I will be counting the days until I can see your beautiful face again.

Your mother, George, and Mary all send their love and cheerful anticipation

of your homecoming.

Your father,Thomas Boleyn

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Henry VIII’s Court: An extended metaphor poem

Court life is like a school cafeteriaWith the blue-eyed queen entertaining her subjects,Speaking of crushes and cherry-flavored lip gloss

Where the seats next to her are prizes As easily lost as they are won.

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Anne’s To Do List:  

þ 1. Meet King Henryþ  2. Go riding with Henry 

þ 3. Receive gift from Henry þ 4. Make Henry fall in love 

with me ☐ 5. Get rid of Catherine ☐

6. Become Queen ☐ 7. Birth a male heir to the throne  

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  My Beloved Anne,I never knew I could love anythingor anyone so much until you came

into my life. You are like a fireburning bright during the coldestevening of December. My heartbelongs to you, as it forever will .Please tell me I can see you tonight.

Your love,


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I am Queen 

The following is a double-voice poem about King Henry VIII from the perspectives of his mistress, Anne Boleyn, and his wife, Catherine of Aragon.

Anne Catherine

Henry is Henry is



In loveBewitched

With me. By her.

Katherine is Anne is

An old woman

A sorceress

With a barren womb

With youth and ambition

Incapable of loving him Incapable of loving him

As I do. As I do.He’s forgotten, but

He loves me He loves me

Only me

I will not go away,

She must not stay,

For I am Queen. For I am Queen.

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The Courtship of Anne Boleyn

By: Emanuel Leutze

The king leaned closer, drawing Anne to him while he whispered in her ear. As

the whispered frenzy in the crowd rose, the Queen knowingly tilted her head—resisting the

urge to turn around. Things were getting worse, Catherine knew. Henry had never gone

as far as to show his love for the Boleyn girl in her presence before. Clasping her hands to

steady the trembling, the Queen put one foot in front of the other, tuning out all but the

rhythm of her steps.

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Dialogue between King Henry VIII and his mistress Anne


Anne took a step back, swiftly evading the king’s

outstretched hand.“Why are you angry with me?” Henry asked, finally

managing to snag Anne’s hand as she tried to leave the room.

“Do you hear the things they’re saying about me?”


Anne shot him a cool glare before turning her back to him, as

only she could. “Your queen’s little birds. They chatter on about

how I’m nothing to you. How I’m just something to pass the

time.”“Don’t listen to them. Their resentment is fueled with envy.

They know my heart doesn’t belong to the queen.”

“Yet she is still your queen-- whether she has your favor or 

not. What am I? Nothing.”

“I’ve given your father and brother both land and titles. I’ve-

“And what about a title for me?” Anne interrupted, turning to

look him in the eyes.

Henry rubbed a hand across his face. “You know I can’t…”

“You’re the King of England,” she said, stepping close to

whisper in his ear as she placed a hand lightly on his chest, “You

can do anything you please.”

He took a deep breath, squeezing his eyes shut before

opening them. “I can’t dissolve our marriage. The Church will

never allow it.”

“Then make it disappear,” Anne whispered, holding his gaze

for a long moment before turning to leave.

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The Petitioner, Henry Tudor VIII , states that this marriage is invalid

and void based upon the following grounds:

☐  A party lacked capacity to consent to the marriage at the time themarriage was solemnized, either because of mental incapacity or infirmity 

or because of the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other incapacitating 


☐  A party lacked the physical capacity to consummate the marriage by 

sexual intercourse, and the other party did not at the time the marriage

 was solemnized know of the incapacity.

☐ One party entered into the marriage in reliance upon a fraudulent act or

representation of the other party, which fraudulent act or representation

goes into the essence of the marriage.

þ The marriage is considered a sacrilegious bond according to one or both


-Please explain: Catherine was previously married to my elder brother,

and she consummated the marriage. This is against the Catholic belief.

☐ One or both parties entered into the marriage under duress exercised by 

the other party or a third party, whether or not such other party knew of 

such exercise of duress

☐One or both parties entered into the marriage as a jest or dare.

þ One or both parties was previously married and consummated said




I swear/affirm under oath that I have read the foregoing petition and the

statements set forth therein are true and correct to the best of my 


Henry Tudor III 1532

Petitioner’s Signature Year

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This certifies thatHenry Tudor VIII & Anne Boleyn

were united in marriage on this day,

the 25th of January in the year 1533.

This ceremony was witnessed and celebrated by the

Royal Court of England.

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The King Creates New Church

Citizens all around Englandare in shock after His MajestyKing Henry VIII declares a breakfrom the Pope and Catholic Churchafter they declared his annulmentfrom former Queen Catherine of Aragon and following marriage toQueen Anne Boleyn to be invalid.

Just yesterday, the Kingdeclared the Act of Supremacy, which named himself as “the onlySupreme Head in Earth of theChurch of England.”

Within London, citizenshave already been protestingKing’s annulment, claiming thatit has nothing to do withCatherine’s alleged prior

consummation, but rather the King

lied to marry his current Queen Consort, Anne Boleyn, whois now rumored to be with child.

Many citizens have begun to gather outside the castle walls, screaming allegations about Queen Anne being an evilsorcerous who has entranced the King to marry her and makethis break from Rome. The Queen stands behind her King inhis decision, declaring that the Church of England willstart a much-needed reform.

Inside sources from the Royal Court claim that whileQueen Anne is with child, the newly formed marriage isalready strained due to the increased disapproval from the

people of England. Another anonymous source stated thefollowing, “I’m not sure what will happen if the Queendoesn’t produce a male heir. For her sake, I hope she isindeed with child. The King seems restless already—he’s wondering if he has made a huge mistake. I guess only time will tell.”


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This certifies that Elizabeth Tudor

was born to His Majesty King Henry VIII

and Queen Anne Boleyn

in Greenwich Palace at 10:24 am on the seventh

day of September in the year 1533 A.D.

In Witness Whereof the Royal Kingdom of 

England has caused this certificate to be signed

By His Majesty the King of England and its Royal Seal to

be hereunto affixed.

King Henry VIII

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Please click on linkto access a digitalrendition of Anne’s

Diary Entry:


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Health and Safety Code 11362.5


This certifies that Her Majesty Anne Boleyn is a patient under my medical care

and supervision for the treatment of miscarriage in the second trimester .

I have discussed the medical benefits and risks of lying in with the patient as a

treatment for these medical conditions. I recommend lying in for my patient.

If my patient chooses to use lying in as a treatment, I will continue to monitor

his/her medical condition and to provide advice on his/her progress.

I understand that I may be contacted to verify the information in this letter. My

patient authorizes me to discuss their medical condition and the contents of this

letter, for verification purposes only. I am a physician licensed to practice medicine

in the kingdom of England.

 _____________________________ Patient’s Signature

 _____________________________ March / 3 / 1536

Physician’s Signature Date

Dr. May Dupp 7031990

Physician’s Name (print) Physician License No.

1022 Imaginary Lane




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 _____________________________  ANY CITIZEN OF ENGLANDFOUND TO BE INVOLVED IN






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Text Conversation Between Lady Rochford

and King Henry VIII

 Jane: I need 2 talk to u! Jane: R u there?

Henry: I’m with Jane Seymour now. I’ll talk 2 u later.

 Jane: It’s important. It can help u 2 be together.

Henry: Fine. Go ahead. Make it fast.

 Jane: Ur wife has been cheating on u.

Henry: What? With who?

 Jane: It’s 2 terrible to say…

Henry: If u don’t tell me, I’ll charge u with treason.

 Jane: Fine. With my husband.

Henry: George is her bro!

 Jane: Yes.Henry: How do u kno?

 Jane: I just do. Why do u think she lost the baby? U kno what

happens when a baby is conceived by incest.

 Jane: Hello?

Henry: BRB

 Jane: I’m not gonna get in trouble for this am I? George is my

husband but I came 2 u with the truth.

Henry: I told Jane I would see her l8r. I need to handle this.

No u will not get in trouble.

 Jane:Are u sure?

Henry: Yes. Thnx for telling me.

 Jane: What r u gonna do?

Henry: U’ll see.

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“The Lady in the Tower”

A Haiku

She waits, and she prays

Head bare where a crown once laid.

Death watches, close now.

 Anne Boleyn in the Tower

By: Edouard Cibot 

8/2/2019 Multi Genre Take 100000 21/23

 Death Certificate 

This document officially certifies that

Anne Boleyn

died at 2:45 p.m. on the 19th

day of 

May in the year 1536 A.D.

Sex: Female Year of Birth: 1500

Cause of Death: Beheading

Recorded: September 23, 1500

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End Notes

1.  Letter from Thomas Boleyn to Anne Boleyn:

In the letter, Thomas mentions a marriage scandal between

Anne and Henry Percy, who was the heir of the Earl of 

 Northumberland. Henry Percy had been previously engaged, when he

and Anne Boleyn became betrothed in secret. To this day, it is

unknown whether they were in fact marriage in secret, and if so,

whether or not they consummated the marriage. Anne was soon after 

sent to France to be a lady-in-waiting to the French Queen.

In addition, there is mention of Mary being the King’s mistress.

While there is research that claims Anne’s sister was the mother of 

two of the King’s children, there is no evidence to back this claim.

2.  Elizabeth I’s Birth Certificate:

I named Elizabeth I as a “Tudor” on her birth certificate.

I simply did so as a clarification. Elizabeth I was not formally entitled

a Tudor until she became Queen.

3.  Anne’s Diary Entry:

The contents of Anne’s diary entry were created based on

research of Anne’s fall from the King’s graces. No such diary entries

were recovered, but there is a proposed letter from Anne to Henrywhile she spent time in the Tower of London; however, there isn’t full

evidence that the letter was indeed truly written by her.

4.  Text Messages between Lady Rochford and King Henry VIII:

Lady Rochford was Jane Boleyn, and she was married to

Anne’s brother, George. Many sources state that she is the one who

charged Anne and George with incest although the claim was never 

 proven, and incest was thought to be a possible reason for her 

miscarriage at the time.

Henry mentions he is with Jane Seymour, who became Queen

for a short time after Anne’s execution.

5.  Form Entries:

All form entries were created based on real examples, but each

one was modified to fit this project.

8/2/2019 Multi Genre Take 100000 23/23


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