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Muldashev expedition to Crete

Transcript of Muldashev Articles - Crete

  • The ghost land. They still live in Minotaur labyrinth translated from the article publicized at on June 4, 2008

    According to ancient legends there was a labyrinth on the Crete Island and it was a habitation for bull-man, which name was Minotaur. This monsters used to eat young girls and guys, which were brought to him for eating each 9 years. Tesey hero entered the labyrinth, found Minotaur and killed him in a battle and finally found his way back using thread of Ariadne. For many years there were lots of attempts to find this Labyrinth but all failed. The russian scientists expedition lead by Ernest Muldashev entered the Minotaur den.1 What did they find there? Professor Muldashev answered on this and many other questions.

    The whole story began from a weird cemetery, which was shown to us by locals on Crete

    Island. We saw there hundreds or, perhaps, even thousands graves. But these graves werent convenient. Each of them had a structure of an underground chamber, which was connected with the surface with an expanding stone fissure, which looked like a mouthpiece. That chamber size varied, up to 15x15x15 feet, each chamber had a stone door. That mouthpiece like fissure was about 60 feet length and 30 feet deep. Right after we entered that fissure we felt dizziness and weakness, which became stronger inside the chambers. The digital cams revealed orbs, which attacked us, by escalating negative feelings. Our computer and other equipment didnt work inside those chambers. But we didnt find any bones or skeletons. So were it graves or something else?The weird constructions more looked like giant sarcophaguses, which we saw in Baalbek in Lebanon. A word sarcophagus comes from Greek flash eater. According to ancient legends a body of a human being or animal, which was placed into a sarcophagus using adjurations has been decay during 40 days and becomes a bodiless energetic ball, i.e. Its been dematerialized. And there is more, talented engineer Yuriy Vasilev considers a mouthpiece like stone fissure as kind of a mouthpiece antenna, which is capable to gather radio waves with a specific frequency, perhaps its function was to correct a dematerialization process. But what was the purpose to put so much of sarcophagus in one place?

    translated by Artyom Diogtev on Wednesday, October 7, 2009

    1 Yeah, its a speculation but if nothing else it may trigger a number of studies if only historians will try to put their dogma aside and try to think about the whole thing, about this myth seriously. Remember there was a time when Troy was considered to be a myth and nothing else.

  • Well, right from the beginning we thought it was done on purpose. Plus you can place lots of human and not only human bodies at the same time. The rede2 arose after weve found that the chambers and mouthpieces of a different sarcophaguses have connected with straight tunnels ~1 feet diameter, it matched the size of orbs which we saw on our digital cam shots. And so we made a conclusion that the whole system of sarcophaguses was connected and its purpose, perhaps, was to transport energetic clots while bodies dematerialization process took place. But to where? In the Labyrinth? Our intuition suggested us that the rede was close.

    translated by Artyom Diogtev on Wednesday, October 7, 2009

    2 I would rather said guess but certainly not rede, I dont think there are enough evidence to make conclusions.

  • The Labyrinth Mutants Using service of a local warlock the group of Russian scientists found the enter to the legendary Minotaur Labyrinth on the Crete Island. When we went out of the last hall with columns we decided to take a short rest on a lawn. Everybody felt bad. Amir Sharipov asked my permission to check the opposite mount ridge side. After a few minutes he called us as hed found a pass underground.

    The stone corridor lead us to the opposite side of the ridge with a slightest incline. We went around 600 feet, the digital cams didnt reveal the orbs

    presence. Bu suddenly in a place where the corridor made a sharp turn I felt dizziness and nausea. Radik Galiaxmetov screamed that an orb had hung above my head. I tried to overbear dizziness and holding the wall, looked after the turn and saw that the corridor made another turn in a few meters. Plus to this I saw some kind of a hole in the floor, but I cant be sure about it as I really felt dizziness at that moment. I saw something red at that hole but the fact that I felt bad didnt allow me to realize that. We freaked out and went back.After your expeditions to the Eater Island you told us about you saw something red in one of artificial caves you found there.Yeah, thats how it happened. The locals on the Easter Island have a bird-man cult, they consider that bird-man as a dungeons builder and he had red eyes. Peoples of Altay and Mongolia do warship Bird-man.We cant eliminate an assumption that here, on the Crete Island, the Labyrinth and other underground passes were built by legendary bird-men

    Did everybody went out of the Labyrinth alive and healthy?

    Yes. And when were leaving the place Aleksei Saveliev saw a strange triangular sign. Later on, when we got to Athens, in Parthenon we saw exactly the same sign.According to the GPS measurements the distance between these two triangulars is exactly 333 km. But this number is a half of a mystical number 666, which somehow correlates with the Earth geometry, which literally full of 6, the distance between Kailash mount3 and Stonehenge monument is 6666 km, the distance between Cheops Pyramid and The North Pole is again 6666 km and so forth.

    translated by Artyom Diogtev on Wednesday, October 7, 2009



  • The labyrinth has multiple levels and its unknown how deep it goes underground. Certainly this kind of building goes beyond the current technological level. Perhaps the Labyrinth was built by some kind of underground civilization.Ancient Greek legends tell us that the Labyrinth was built for the bullman, Minotaur.I think its fair to say that quite often legends are wiser then science.

    translated by Artyom Diogtev on Wednesday, October 7, 2009