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A brief description about company and it future potential . for more information check.

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  • 1. WelcomeToMSME CredibleExport India Ltd.

2. About MSME Credible:MSME Credible Export India Limited is an Indian export company withglobal presence and diversified business portfolio in multiple productslike Locks & Hardware, Leather Products, Indian handicrafts, personalcare & hygiene, Tools & hardware, Consumer goods & agro products.Being an export oriented company and wide network in India foroutsourcing of right MSME products combined with years of expertisekeeps us many steps ahead from all other exporters in the country.Over the years we have developed an excellent MSME product basketfor exporting and simultaneously developing sophisticatedinfrastructure facilities for Sourcing and Shipping. Apart from ourstrong sourcing networks, we are always making innovative changes inour system which can keeps us ahead our competitors. 3. The Vision at MSME Credible Export India Ltd. is the realization ofpeoples dreams. It is our mission to see a healthy, vibrant andinteractive society where each and every individual can experiencegrowth and enrich every aspect of their life. The aim is to provideopportunities to millions to earn substantial income throughMSME Credibles unique concept and thereby realize ones dreams.MSME Credible Export India Limited is the export leader in this segmentwith its wide range products of Locks & Hardware, Leather Products andHandicrafts that further includes thousands of brands in it. MSME Credibleis committed to providing quality products which consistently offer valuein terms of price and quality, and which are safe for their intended use.Products will be accurately and properly labeled, advertised andcommunicated. 4. MSME Credible believes in vigorous yet fair competition and supportsthe development of appropriate competition laws. MSME Credible and itsrepresentatives conduct their operations in accordance with theprinciples of fair competition and all applicable regulations.We have also established ourselves on world wide web, which hascertainly increased the boundaries and efficiency of our entire system.Web presence is a natural objective in reaching the appropriate potentialbuyers. MSME Credible nicely uses this technology to inform &communicate with its buyers and also to get timely feedbacks.Our business strategy will revolve around the need to provide qualityproducts to our target buyers by fully satisfying their needs. This shall beundertaken through the implementation of high quality control standards 5. and true commitments, as well as the recruitment of the professionalprocurement employees for acquiring good quality end-products to caterfor various kinds of buyers. We shall position ourselves as a qualityexporter that strives to provide fulfillment, satisfactory, reliability and agood image.Our objectives revolve around the following guiding principles: Provision of a great work environment, treating each other with respectand dignity.Apply high quality standards of excellence to all business processes. Develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all of the time. Contribute positively to our communities and our environment.To continuously formalize and measure cross-functional workingcommunication as to ensure that the various departments workharmoniously towards attainment of company objectives.To instill a culture of continuous improvement in beating standards ofcustomer satisfaction and efficiency.Fully commit to supporting growth and development in the economy. 6. MSME Credible Export India Limited is committed towards an opengovernance system whereby its activities are managed and undertakenethically, transparently, and in the interests of all concernedmanufacturers and buyers.This shall be undertaken through implementation of the followingcompany values:o We need to conduct our business ethically and transparently, respectingall applicable laws.o We intend to be a responsible corporate citizen fulfilling our obligationsas an integral member of society. Hence our business decision shall giveappropriate weight and consideration to social and environmental impact.o We intend to provide products of uncompromising quality to meet theneeds of our buyers.We are always customer focused and will deliver what the customer needsin terms of value, quality and satisfaction. 7. We do what is right, do it well and win. We will strive for excellence inwhatever we do. We will constantly pursue newer and better processes,products, services and management practices.MSME Credible defines Corporate Governance as a systemic process bywhich companies are directed and controlled to enhance their wealthgenerating capacity. Since large corporations employ vast quantum ofsocietal resources, we believe that the governance process should ensurethat these companies are managed in a manner that meets stakeholdersaspirations and societal expectations.MSME Credibles Corporate Governance initiative is based on two coreprinciples. These are: Management must have the executive freedom to drive the enterpriseforward without undue restraints; and 8. This freedom of management should be exercised within a frameworkof effective accountability.MSME Credible believes that any meaningful policy on CorporateGovernance must provide empowerment to the executive management ofthe Company, and simultaneously create a mechanism of checks andbalances which ensures that the decision making powers vested in theexecutive management is not only not misused, but is used with care andresponsibility to meet stakeholder aspirations and societal expectations.MSME Credible believes that transparency means explaining Companyspolicies and actions to those to whom it has responsibilities. Thereforetransparency must lead to maximum appropriate disclosures withoutjeopardising the Companys strategic interests. Internally, transparencymeans openness in Companys relationship with its employees, as well asthe conduct of its business in a manner that will bear scrutiny. We believetransparency enhances accountability. 9. MSME Credible believes that empowerment is a process of actualizing thepotential of its employees. Empowerment unleashes creativity andinnovation throughout the organization by truly vesting decision-makingpowers at the most appropriate levels in the organizational hierarchy.MSME Credible also believes that the Board of Directors are accountableto the shareholders, and the management is accountable to the Board ofDirectors. We believe that empowerment, combined with accountability,provides an impetus to performance and improves effectiveness, therebyenhancing shareholder value.MSME Credible believes that control is a necessary concomitant of its coreprinciple of governance that the freedom of management should beexercised within a framework of appropriate checks and balances. Controlshould prevent misuse of power, facilitate timely management response tochange, and ensure that business risks are pre emptive and effectivelymanaged. 10. We do believe that corporations like itself have a responsibility to setexemplary standards of ethical behaviour, both internally within theorganization, as well as in their external relationships. We believe thatunethical behaviour corrupts organizational culture and underminesstakeholder value.The Corporate Governance Policy is the apex level instrument guidingconduct of the affairs of the Company and clearly delegate the roles,responsibilities and authorities of the key entities in the governancestructure of the Company. This Code forms an integral part of theCompanysGovernance Policy. The directors, senior management and employeesmust adhere to the Corporate Governance Policy of the Company. 11. In dealing with each other, directors, senior management and employeesshall uphold the values which are at the core of our HR Philosophy - trust,teamwork, mutuality and collaboration, meritocracy, objectivity, selfrespect and human dignity. Indeed, these values form the basis of our HRmanagement systems and processes. In selection and recruitment, whilemeritocracy will be a prime criterion, managers will scrupulouslyconsider all factors that go towards securing the interests of the Company.Our co. will focus on meritocracy, equity and upholding of Companyvalues in all people processes including performance managementsystems, appraisals, remuneration and rewards.It is the Companys policy to comply fully with all applicable laws andregulations. Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance is theresponsibility of the management of the Business. The Company cannotaccept practices which are unlawful or may be damaging to its reputation. 12. Divisional Management Committees must satisfy themselves that soundand adequate arrangements exist to ensure that they comply with thelegal and regulatory requirements impacting each business and identifyand respond to developments in the regulatory environment in which theyoperate. In the event the implication of any law is not clear, the CompanysLegal Department shall be consulted for advice.All directors, senior management and employees shall ensure that in theirdealings with suppliers and customers, the Companys interests are nevercompromised. Accepting gifts and presents of more than a nominal value,gratuity payments and other payments from suppliers or customers willbe viewed as serious breach of discipline as this could lead tocompromising the Companys interests. 13. The Company believes that commitment to sustainable development is akey component of responsible corporate citizenship and thereforedeserves to be accorded the highest priority.Accordingly, the Company is committed to Best Practices inenvironmental matters arising out of its business activities and expectseach business to fully demonstrate this commitment.In addition to complying with applicable laws and regulations,Businesses must establish procedures for assessing the environmentaleffects of their present and future activ