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  • 1. msafina Photo presentation

2. Welcome to msafina home!We put our slogan Life | Style | Design because wewant to supply you with products for your living,products which enhance your style and there isdesign in every object. We want you to enjoy everyday, touch it, feel it and surround yourself with nicestuff which make you happy and inspired 3. Our companymanufactures, markets andsells medium-and-high-quality living products forthe home. The style issimple, pure and naturaland the materialsthoroughly finished tomatch the inherent quality,giving the products aunique contemporary look. 4. Each product ispartially crafted byhand in innovativeshapes and with arich variety ofdecorations. Withmajor materials ofbamboo, rattan,water hyacinth,banana leaves,seagrass, fern,wood, horn,ceramic, coco-twigand a mixture ofthese materials, ourproducts will addnatural themes toyour home. 5. Five key product dimensions: (1) Room furnishings | (2) Decorative accents |(3) Tabletop & Giftware | (4) Lighting | (5) Outdoor DcorZooming in, you will find our product universeincluding of, but not limited to: kitchenware (saladbowls, salad servers, trays, platters, choppingboards) | bath dcor (waste baskets, hampers,soap dishes, tissue covers, toothbrush holders,and other bath dcor) | decorative storage(baskets, nesting/stacking boxes, trunks, chests,waste baskets, other decorative storage) | furniture(sofas, chairs, armchairs, tables, stools) | hometextiles (pillows, table runners, basket liners, pillowcovers, towels / hand towels) | wall dcor (mirrors,wall panels, other wall dcor) | frames (wallframes, table/desk frames, other frames) | baraccessories (ice buckets, wine racks, wineholders) | vases | lighting (lamp, lamp bases, lampshades) | planters / garden and so on. 6. MSAFINA brings you sensations, emotions,awareness, evolution and a desire of using thesmall objects in your home with beautifulexpressions.We produce our products with great care for thepeople and environment. We hope you areinspired by our products presented here andproducts that you will know more when you are intouch with us, through inspiration from life, livingand the natural materials.Relax and enjoy the good spirit, all is handmadeand it comes from our hearts. msafina home 7. Home dcor collectionPhotos 8. Mirrors decorated with spun bamboo tilesColors upon requestEach tile is coiled with bamboo fibersto have individual pieces 3.25 x 3.25(8 x 8cm), then these bamboo tilesare carefully attached to the mirrorframe, making it a beautiful piece. Youcan find this mirror no where exceptfrom us. All made by hand.Full frame mirror size: 31.5 x 47.25(80cm x 120cm) 9. Spun bamboo mirrorColors upon requestBamboo coiled by handto make mirror framewith natural texture ofrough bamboo 10. Mirror framesmade ofpressedbambooYou may be familiar with bambooflooring, bamboo chopping boardswhich are made of compressedbamboo. This kind of bamboo islike hardwood, and we use it tomake mirror frames. Also made ofbamboo, but they have a differentnice look 11. Mother of pearl lacquer mirrors 12. Mother of pearl lacquer mirrors 13. Mother of pearl lacquer mirrors 14. Mother of pearl lacquer mirrorsHexagon-shaped mother of pearl piece inlay 15. Mother of pearl lacquer mirror diam. 50cm x 1.8cm Front Back 16. Mother of pearl lacquer mirrors 17. Lacquered mirrors with mother-of-pearls inlayWow! Nicemirrors in thebathroom. Theyare decoratedwith 2 x 2 (5cmx 5cm) pieces ofwhite mother-of-pearls, whileusually objectsare inlaid withsmaller sizes ofmother-of-pearls 18. Lacquered mirrorsfrom designs to samples These are really decorative mirrors with lacquer finishes, highlighted by mother- of-pearl inlay 19. Lacquered mirrors with gilded gold leafThese are decorative mirrorswith lacquer finishes,highlighted by some eggshellsinlay and gold leaf gilding.Although lacquered productsare often considered as oldfashioned, we transform themto simple items withcontemporary design 20. Gold leaf lacquer Diamond mirrors 21. Gold leaf lacquer The Sun mirror 22. Gold leaf lacquer mirrors 23. Gold leaf lacquer mirrors 24. Gold leaf lacquer mirrorsTexture in close-up 25. Gold leaf lacquer mirrorsTexture in close-up 26. Gold leaf lacquer mirrors 27. Lacquered mirrors with eggshells inlay 28. Lacquer oval mirror with stand Table mirrorFrame and standdetachable, so its convenient for packaging 29. Round and Oval rattan mirrorsWow! Nicemirrors in thebathroom. Theyare decoratedwith 2 x 2 (5cmx 5cm) pieces ofwhite mother-of-pearls, whileusually objectsare inlaid withsmaller sizes ofmother-of-pearls 30. Rectangular and Square rattan mirrors 31. Water hyacinth mirrorsVery simple products made ofwater hyacinth 32. Wall decor Lacquer Wall dcor with silver leaf circles and mirrors. Can have other options like 3 cirlces (2 assorts), 6 cirlces, 9 circles (2 assorts) 33. Wall decor Lacquer wall dcor with gold leaf patterns and small mirrors 34. Wall decor Lacquer wall dcor with detachable pieces 35. Lacquer photoframes anddecorative items Gold leaf, silver leaf lacquer photo frames and other decorative items (concepts) 36. Lacquer photoframes anddecorative items Lacquer photo frames and other decorative items (concepts) 37. Photo frames Lacquer with eggshell inlay is too popular and ordinary, but its the basic type of finishes. There are a variety of eggshell inlay styles so we can transform them from ordinary to extraordinary objects 38. Photo framesWhite mother-of-pearls are carefullyselected to makes these photo frames,giving them a fresh and young look 39. Photo frames Rattan weave is mostly use for making basketries, but here we can use rattan to make photo frames, giving it a natural look 40. Photo framesBeside being used to make mirror frames,pressed bamboo is also used to make photoframes, giving you a natural touch and feel 41. VasesLacquer vases 42. VasesLacquer vases 43. VasesLacquer vases 44. VasesLacquer vases 45. VasesLacquer vaseswith handdrawn patterns 46. Vases Mother of pearl lacquer vasesEggshell lacquer vases 47. VasesMother of pearl lacquer vases 48. VasesCeramic vases 49. VasesCeramic vases 50. VasesCeramic vases 51. VasesSpun bamboo vases 52. VasesPressed woven bamboo vasesRattan vasesCarved copper vases Carved stone vases Water hyacinth vases 53. Other decor Water hyacinth star-shaped wall decorLacquer Mother of pearl lacquercorner tabletable andstoolRattanRattan cornerstool shelf 54. Other decor Lacquer corner table and stool setSilver leaflacquer tableMother ofpearllacquer sideBamboo teatable /light holders corner table 55. Other decorDecorative balls 56. msafinaOffice: 6/F, 292 Tay Son, Dong Da, Hanoi, VietnamShowroom: 4/F, 256 Ba Trieu, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi, Vietnam Tel: 84 4 6680 6698 | Fax: 84 4 3978 5405 | Email: Tax Code: 0103699485