Mrs. Evelyn M. DePalma Director of Procurement

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Keeping the War Fighter Informed. Mrs. Evelyn M. DePalma Director of Procurement Chief, Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization (DITCO) 18 October 2007. Agenda. DISA Strategy DISA’s Procurement Directorate Net-Centric Warfare Tenets Net-Centric Warfare Support - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Mrs. Evelyn M. DePalma Director of Procurement

Slide 118 October 2007
Procure Global Net-Centric Capabilities and Support Customers Through Innovative Contracting.
“We are the link that ties the requirement to the capability, through the industry partner.”
~Evelyn DePalma
Procurement Directorate/
DITCO Mission
Director’s Guiding Principles
We will Adopt Service capabilities and services and make them Joint
We will Buy commercially managed services
We will only Create if there is no other opportunity
Get some capability out there NOW, …then refine
and continuous information exchange
Extending enterprise services
to the edge
pay the warfighters
manage transportation
NCES enables information sharing by connecting people/systems who have information* with people/ systems who need information
For people who have information, NCES provides global information advertising and delivery services
For people who need information, NCES provides global services to find and receive information
* Information – data and services (web services)
NCES enabling Warfighting, Intelligence, and Business Systems
Joint Capabilities
User Access
Service Security
NCES Benefits:
Increase user access to accurate and relevant information that is automatically updated from a small set of authoritative sources and systems entry points
Decreased planning cycle times
Accurate and relevant information retrieval from local and enterprise sources
Rapid response to information queries supporting shared situational awareness
Rapid exchange of information in support of shared situational awareness
Global visibility on combat support information
Substantial time and effort required to identify, aggregate, and coordinate information and deliver operational plans
Information collected from separate sources with individual user access requirements
Heavy reliance on platform centric operational C4 systems that are not connected or cannot share information
Manual collection and synchronization of information from numerous sources is difficult
Time consuming and repeated sequential series of coordination events
Inadequate shared information visibility from legacy systems
Multiple competing authoritative information sources, many of which may be unknown to the user
Plans published to a limited number of users that are known to the planners. Does not consider unanticipated user need for information.
Plans briefed sequentially to individual or limited audiences during the development and approval process
Implement DoD Data Strategy per Directive 8320.2
Is an information resource and associated POC discoverable by most users?
Is it connected to the network(s), and are tools readily available to use it?
Can it be intelligibly used? Are the semantics well documented?
Can it be easily combined or compared with other information or mediated?
Is the source, accuracy and currency of the resource available to users?
Is the resource answering user needs? Are robust, direct user feedback mechanisms in place to guide development?
NCES enables the DoD Net-Centric Data Strategy
To date, the most used services are:
(1) DoD Metadata Registry
(2) Service Discovery
(3) Content Discovery
We feel a sense of urgency in getting the right