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  • Mr. Elio Parisi - Headmaster

    My name is Elio Parisi. I am the Headmaster of the Liceo Scientifico E. Medi (Scientific High Secondary School), located in Barcellona P. G. (Sicily). I am married and I have two marvelous children. I like travelling, playing sport, in particular running and football, and singing. Another of my favourite activities is using the computer and internet, working, enjoying myself and keeping in touch with my friends.

  • Mrs. Rina Trapani - teacher

    My name is Rina Trapani. I am a teacher of Italian, Latin, history and geography. I like working in international educational projects, I have been working in Comenius projects for about 10 years. I think it is very important comparing teaching methods among different European countries, both for personal enrichment and for a better integration among European schools.

  • Mrs. Mirella Anversa - teacher

    My names Mirella Anversa and Im a teacher of English. I have been teaching in this school for two years and Im very happy to be involved in this European project. I can speak English and French and I like travelling and meeting people from all over the world.

  • Mrs. Stefania Scredi - Teacher

    My names Stefania Scredi and Im the coordinator of the Comenius project. I have been teaching English in this school since 1994 and I have been coordinating European projects for about 12 years. I can speak English and German and I like travelling and using the I.C.T. very much.