Movie Spot Great movies on the spot

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MOVIE SPOT GREAT MOVIES ON THE SPOT Salini Kokatam Vasavi Bolaram Ashwini Shamirpet Kishore Reddy

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Movie Spot Great movies on the spot. Salini Kokatam Vasavi Bolaram Ashwini Shamirpet Kishore Reddy. Business requirements. The system should allow new user to register, create their profile and buy membership online. Allow customers to rent DVD’s and games - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Movie Spot Great movies on the spot

Movie Spot Great movies on the spot

Movie Spot

Great movies on the spot

Salini KokatamVasavi BolaramAshwini ShamirpetKishore ReddyBusiness requirementsThe system should allow new user to register, create their profile and buy membership online. Allow customers to rent DVDs and games Allow customers to renew their membership.The system should be based on central database system and should be accessed from any computer via internet.

Business RequirementsThe website should include facilities like searching the online catalog, creating and maintaining customer information,placing rental orders The system will enforce rules for processing the data and the principles by which the organization operates.Rental history is stored & maintained to get information about customers.Employees should be able to edit customer Information, add daily reports and update Inventory.

Context Diagram



Level1 DFD(Rental Request)External Entity: CustomerProcesses: Search & Request Customer & Employee Processing Validation ShippingData Store : D1 Customer Data D3 Rental History D2 Product Details

Level1 DFD(Rental Request)CustomerMovie Name ResponseD2 Product DetailsMovie NameMovie InformationD1 Customer Data D 3 Rental History D2 Product Details2.2 ValidationRequestMessage2.3 Shipping RequestResponseProduct IDProduct & User IDProduct & User ID Register/RenewD 3 Rental History Customer DetailsCustomer Info1.0 Customer/Employee Processing2.1 Search& RequestCustomerShipping Address ResponseLevel 2 DFD (Validation)External Entity: CustomerProcesses: Accept User Request Not Member/Membership Expired Rental Limit Validation Data Store : D1 Customer Data D3 Rental History

Level 2 DFD (Validation)RequestD1 Customer Data Customer InfoD 3 Rental History Customer Details2.2 . 1 Accept User Request Message MessageRequest DetailsCustomer Info Register/RenewRenew/create2.2 . 2 Not a member /Membership Expired2.2 .3Rental Limit ValidationProduct & User ID2.3 Shipping 1.0 Customer/Employee ProcessingLevel1 DFD(Return Movie)External Entity: CustomerProcesses: Return Movie Rental Charging Add Product ReviewData Store : D2 Product Details D3 Rental History D4 Product Reviews

D3 Rental HistoryProduct ReturnD2 Product DetailsConfirmation Customer, Product DetailsReq Product ReviewReviewD3 Rental HistoryProduct ID , Cust ID Number of DaysChargePaymentD4 Product ReviewsProduct Details & ReviewResponse Update InventoryResponseCustomer InfoProduct InfoResponseCustomerLevel1 DFD(Return Movie)3.1 Return Movie Rental3.2Charging3.3 Add Product ReviewCustomerSYSTEM COMPONENTSCUSTOMEREMPLOYEE1.0Customer/Employee Processing4.0Rental History3.0Return Movie5.0Update InventoryExternal EntityExternal EntityProcessesDatabaseD4 Product ReviewD6 Daily ReportsD3 Rental HistoryD5 Employee DataD2 Product DetailsD1 Customer Data2.0

Request Movie6.0

In store TransactionsStructure Chart

Entity Tables & AttributesEntity: Customerscust_IDcust_usernamecust_passwordcust_lnamecust_fnamecust_streetcust_citycust_zipcust_emailcust_phonecust_creditcard_numcust_membexp_date

Entity: Prod_Reviewcust_IDprod_IDprod_review

Entity: Rental _Historycust_IDprod_IDrent_datereturn_date

Entity: Employeeemp_IDemp_usernameemp_passwordemp_fnameemp_lnameemp_sexemp_dobemp_streetemp_cityemp_stateemp_zipemp_phoneemp_sal

Entity: Productsprod_IDprod_titleprod_langprod_costprod_year_relprod_rating

Entity: Daily_Reportsemp_ID prod_IDcust_IDcheckout_datereturn_date15ER Diagram

Physical DesignCustomer (cust_ID, cust_username, cust_password, cust_lname, cust_fname, cust_street, cust_city, cust_zip, cust_email, cust_phone, cust_creditcard_num, cust_membexp_date)Products (prod_ID, prod_title, prod_lang, prod_cost, prod_year_rel, prod_rating)

Prod_Review (cust_ID, prod_ID, prod_review)Online_Transactions (cust_ID, prod_ID, rent_date, return_date)Employee (emp_ID, emp_username, emp_password, emp_fname, emp_lname, emp_sex, emp_dob, emp_street, emp_city, emp_state,emp_zip, emp_phone, emp_sal)Instore_Transactions(emp_ID, prod_ID, cust_ID, checkout_date, return_date)Implementation in MS Access

Customer Form