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Mountain Bike Riding Lysterfield Park

Lysterfield Park provides 23.8 kilometres of exciting and environmentally sustainable mountain bike trails. This includes the State Mountain Bike Course which hosted the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games cross country mountain bike competition. The park provides trails for all abilities, including a skills park to help new users learn and practice new skills. For those looking for more of a challenge, there are 7.9 kilometres of very difficult black diamond trails and 1.4 kilometres of extremely difficult double black diamond trails.

Parks Victoria

Phone 13 1963



Plan your ride with this information about the park facilities, trail types, levels of difficulty and distance. As you explore the trails, look out for the signs and grading symbols to guide your journey.

Lysterfield Park is easily accessible by car, with the main entrance off Horswood Road, Lysterfield. Facilities include parking, toilets, picnic tables and barbeques. There is also a 24 hour carpark at the trailhead on Horswood Road. Please observe the rules of the trail and enjoy your ride!

Rules of the trail

These guidelines are in place to help you and other park users stay safe and keep the park in good condition for the future:

Plan your ride and wear appropriate safety gear including helmets.

Obey trail signage and note one-way trails.

Ride only on formed trails designated for cycling.

Do not take short cuts or make new trails.

Respect the rights of other park users.

Please follow the Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) Mountain Bike Code of Conduct, found on

Control your bike and ride tracks suited to your ability.

Do not disturb plants or animals.

Trails can be closed due to extreme weather events. Observe closure signs and check for updates.

Clean your bike; dont spread weeds or plant diseases.

Group activities

Organised groups of more than twenty people require an Event Permit. This requires approximately 6 weeks advanced notice. For further information on group activities please contact Park Victoria on 13 1963.

Caring for the park

Help us look after your park by following these guidelines:

Please take rubbish away with you for recycling & disposal.

All native plants & animals are protected by law, please do not disturb them in any way.

Firearms are prohibited.

Dogs, cats and other pets are not permitted.

Wood and solid fuel barbecues are not permitted.

No barbecues may be used on a day of Total Fire Ban.

Leave the park as you find it.

Snakes live in this park and sometimes sunbake on the paths. Do not approach.

Get involved

Help make the trails better. Get involved in trail working bees with the Lysterfield District Trail Riders. Check or .

Be Prepared and Stay Safe

Lysterfield Park is in a high fire risk area in the Central fire district. Bushfire safety is a personal responsibility. Anyone entering parks and forests during the bushfire season needs to stay aware of forecast weather conditions. Check the Fire Danger Rating and for days of Total Fire Ban at or call 1800 226 226. Fires (including campfires and solid fuel heat compounds) are not permitted in Lysterfield Park. On Code Red Fire Danger Rating days this park will be closed for public safety. Closure signs may be erected but do not expect an official warning.

Green `Emergency Marker signs are located throughout the Park in the case of emergency. If you require emergency assistance phone 000 for Police, Fire or Ambulance Services and quote the emergency marker code.

For more information visit Parks Victoria online at or phone 13 1963.

Trail difficulty rating

Easy - Suitable for beginner riders, with firm and stable surfaces and avoidable obstacles.

More difficult - Suitable for riders with some off-road experience. Variety of terrain, including obstacles and some steep sections.

Very difficult - Suitable for experienced riders. Challenging terrain and frequent obstacles.

Extremely difficult - Only suitable for highly experienced riders with excellent skills. Large unavoidable obstacles, steep descents or climbs.

Mountain bike trails

Lake Circuit Trail 6.4km

Wide gravel tracks with moderate gradients and no obstacles. Easy riding with lake and forest views. A great introduction to the park for all ages and abilities.

Lower Buckle Trail 2.4km

Long fast single track with sections of twisting trail and fast flowing descent through eucalyptus forest. Technical log obstacles and jumps (with bypasses) will challenge the more experienced rider.

Upper Buckle Trail 0.7km

Short twisting single track, linking Middle Trail to Buckle Trail in the northernmost area of the park. Moderate climb or descent, with a few obstacles.

Middle Trail 1.9km

Long twisting single track weaving through forest with a couple of steep (switchback) climbs and a tight technical twisting section north of Lamberts Track with some obstacles.

Redgum Trail 1.2km

Section of single track that links east-west across the park.

Hug Trail 1.5km

Long fast twisting single track, best ridden on descent from Glen Track, with some jumps and obstacles, then weaves through open forest along contours towards the Blair Witch trails.

Lower Blair Witch Trail 0.6km

Short fast twisting technical trail through dense Spotted Gum forest. Narrow single track, moderate climb or descent with a few obstacles and hazards.

Upper Blair Witch Trail 2.0km

Fast flowing and twisting technical trail through dense Spotted Gum forest. Narrow single track, moderate climb or descent with a few obstacles or hazards.

Granite Link Trail 0.2km

Short, steep tight technical rocky descent from the Grante Rock Garden to Wallaby Track, with no room for error and three fast berms at the base.

State MTB Course 6.4km

This is the Commonwealth Games Mountain Bike Course and challenges the experienced rider with tight single track, technical rocky sections, high speed descents with inclined berms, timber boardwalks and steep hill climbs. Varied terrain from narrow, single track to open fast trails. To be ridden anti-clockwise.

Follow Me Trail 1.2km

Fast twisting technical trail with many obstacles, drops and jumps. Recommended for advanced riders only as this is our most dangerous trail. One way trail, to be ridden downhill.

Snipe Trail 0.7km

Short fast-flowing all-weather trail with berms and jumps connecting Upper Blair Witch with the Skills Park.

Trail Mix Trail 1.0km

Easy flowing track located behind the main picnic area, suitable for beginners and families. Flat, reasonably straight and located near the car park.

Jump Park

This area has been purpose built to introduce people to mountain biking. It consists of a pump track with dirt jumps.

Aneurysm Trail 1.5km

Fast flowing one way track with jumps. Many drops and man-made obstacles. Highly recommended for advanced and experienced riders only.

Buckle Down Trail 0.3km

Short trail linking Follow Me Trail with Buckle Trail. Many Berms and some small optional b lines.

Dog Pound 0.6km

One way, short fast flowing descent linking Upper Buckle with Middle Trail. Many fast corners and exposed tree roots.

Humping Hound 1.7km

A one way flowing trail with a windy, gradual incline linking Middle Trail back to Upper Buckle Trail. Many technical corners and switchback turns.

Skills Park

The Skills Park has been developed by Parks Victoria and the Lysterfield District Trail Riders to provide mountain bikers with an opportunity to develop new skills. It contains many technical trail features including jumps, berms and drops designed to challenge novice to intermediate riders.