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Here is the review of most popular & trendy products of MyBorosil. You can find different types of Microwave Cooking Utensils, Kitchen Appliances, Cookware Sets & many more Useful Household Products.

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  • CLASSIC MUGS The Classic Mug is inspired by Borosils iconic Vision Glass. We heard our vision glass was being used to drink tea, so we went ahead and put a handle on it and voila! Created the Classic Mug! Use the Classic Mug as a beer mug put it in the freezer or frig to chill it and enjoy cold! BOROSIL
  • MIXING BOWL SETS Your favorite Mixing Bowls available in different combinations and sizes, so you can find a set that best suits your needs! BOROSIL
  • GOURMET COOK & STORE WITH LID Borosils Gourmet Cook & Store is for you - put it in the microwave, oven or flame straight from the freezer of fridge, without fear of it cracking. Use it to freeze purees and chutneys, or to store food and leftovers in the fridge, and then pop it into the microwave or on the flame whenever youre ready to use it! BOROSIL
  • EASY GRIP ROUND CAKE DISH Borosil brings to you Indias first glass cake dish the glass helps you see if the cake is baking evenly, and also looks beautiful when serving because you can see every layer of the dessert! Use the round cake dish to make puddings or cakes with cream and fruit layers! BOROSIL
  • AKHAND DIYA (BRASS) Ideal for creating a calm, meditative atmosphere in your puja room, Borosils Akhand Diyas are a great choice for gifting or personal use. BOROSIL
  • DEEP ROUND CASSEROLE Deep Round Casseroles are perfect for larger servings, or for preparations that require depth for example pulaos, biryanis, layered baked dishes etc. The depth of the casserole allows you to see the all the layers of the food, making your already tasty cooking look even tastier! Use the lid of your casserole as a dish for serving parathas! BOROSIL
  • 3 IN 1 ROUND DISH SET Borosils new range of 3 in 1s are the ultimate in convenience - they can go straight from the fridge to the microwave and back to the fridge. Unlike other lids, the 3 in 1 lids are specially designed to be used in the microwave they rise with steam build up, which allows the steam to escape and avoids the dangerous build up of pressure. BOROSIL
  • CARAFE WITH STRAINER IN LID Use the carafes with strainer in lid to store milk in the fridge the lid protects the milk from anything falling into it, and whenever the milk needs to be reheated, it can be placed directly on the flame, hot plate or in the microwave and served straight on the breakfast table! BOROSIL
  • ESSENTIAL COMBINATION SET The Essential Combination Set contains the 3 items without which your microwave is incomplete a square dish, mixing bowl and EasyGrip Casserole. The perfect buy for updating your Microwavables collection, the Essential Combination Set comes in two sizes. BOROSIL
  • VISION GLASS 305 ML Borosil's iconic Vision Glass 305 ml Can move straight from the fridge to the microwave & flame. Uncluttered design, extremely lightweight, incomparable thinness and clarity with elegant design. It Will retain crystal clarity even over repeated usage; will not turn milky unlike other soda lime tumblers. BOROSIL
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