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Marcelina Moreno IDIA 213 AIU- LONDON FALL 2010

CONTENTSTHE BUILDING CENTRESquire and Partners Artotel in Hoxton Woods and Bagot 10 Trinity Square RIBA


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Within this section youll find a review of my visit to

building centre.


While I was there I took an interest in

two different architectural firms,

and Woods and Bagot. Both firms are currently involved with projects that are working to further the development of London the Artotel in Hoxton and 10 Trinity them to be most useful to my studies.

Squire and Partners

Square. I also had the opportunity to visit RIBA and found

The Building Centre was developed to be an invaluable source of information for all areas of building. It is operated from a trust, which is educational charity focused on the built environment. Perhaps the most valuable resource for me is the Information Centre located within. It provides access to 4000 plus product catalogues and brochures as well as access to a variety of current trade journals. In person is the best option as there are consultants on hand to help source products and information. They use a system called SPECIFINDER to access this info. But you can also access WWW. SPECIFINDER.COM which is free to use, but does require a registration. The other and least cost effective option is to call 09065 161 136 however, calls are charged at 1.50 per minute to cover postage and research costs.The Building Centre Store Street London WC1E 7BT T: +44 (0) 207 692 4000 Opening Hours The Building Centre Monday to Friday: 9.30 am - 6.00 pm Saturday: 10.00 am - 5.00 pm* *Information Centre closes at 2.00 pm on Saturdays Bookshop Monday to Friday: 9.30 am - 6.00 pm Saturday: 11.00 am - 5.00 pm The Building Centre is closed on Sundays, Bank Holidays, Easter Saturday and for the Christmas period from 24th December to the first working weekday of January.

Personally I found the 1:1500 scale model of London to be one of the most interesting parts of the whole building centre. It is always interesting to be able to view the city as a whole and see how the river is an integral part of the city. I especially liked being able to see how the city is laid out. All too often I forget how close things actually are, the model was very helpful in this, in addition to being interesting to look at.

There are several galleries within the building centre. The main gallery is currently home to the 2010 Sustainability Awards. As well as the Eco Zone, which features information about the development of the Royal Docks.

There is also an adjacent gallery that features the current and proposed work of a variety of architectural firms in the London area. The projects range from the planned Olympic areas to hotel construction.

On the ground floor there is also an extensive bookstore. The employees are knowledgeable and most helpful. Additionally they are willing to special order books that are not currently in stock.

Downstairs there is a product gallery, which features many items from manufacturers of contemporary, innovative and eco friendly products.

Squire and Partners77 Wicklow Street London WC1X 9JY T: 0207278555 Email: Squire and Partners have a variety of projects including office, residential, master planning, refurbishment, hotel, public. As well as having an International Division, which is best known for their work in central London including Berkley Homes in Potters Field and 100 Wigmore Street Based on the belief that discussion and collaboration result in the best design solutions. Here is an excerpt from their introduction brochure our approach to design assumes that every site has its own history, character and needs. Studying and interpreting this information forms the basis of everything we do. We recognize and celebrate the richness and variety of the world around us, and enjoy the way it helps to shape out architecture. As a result of the above they produce work that is refined, crafted and purpose made. This has also resulted in being nominated for the 2010 Brick Link to Project award for their work on Berwick Street. As well as their work at 40 Portman Square garnered a nomination for a Natural Stone Award

Recently they were commissioned to build the flagship Artotel in Hoxton for the international contemporary hotel family. The firm has drawn on the local history of the building site has dictated the external design of the building. As a compliment to the brick surrounding the building will be clad in bronze colored anodised aluminium, which is perforated with rectangles in a variety of sizes. The drum is horizontally separated into sections, with subtle slices cutting through the building skin providing openings, which highlight views of the local and wider area.

Woods BagotOxford House 76 Oxford Street London W1D 1BS

T: 02076376880 Email: info@woodsbagot.comWoods Bagot are a global architectural firm with offices all over the world. They cover a variety of fields, but their primary focus including office and hotel work. They operate based on the following 5 core values; include, enable, care, engage and intrepid In 2009 they were nominated by the British Council for Offices (BCO) Corporate Workplace and won for their design for Evershed LLP, headquarter offices. Their work is based on the belief that discussion and collaboration result in the best design solutions. In their own words At Woods Bagot we draw on our experience and research base to create unique design responses in the areas of architecture, consulting, interior design and urban design services. As a result of the above they provide authentic designs, which easily solve the needs of each project such as The Grosvenor House building and The Hilton at Trafalgar Square

They were recently commissioned to design and build 10 Trinity Square in London. The former Port of London Authority, which is overlooking the Tower of London and the River Thames. The firm seems the ideal choice as they also specialize in the restoration and re-use of Londons historic building and they have been involved in a number of historic building conversions to hotel use They are taking a modern approach to the original rotunda design ,which was badly damaged during World War II, and will be replaced with a central rotunda with a glazed dome. The new rotunda will also provide a central and architectural focus. The hourglass form will also allow for the use of natural light. The use of glazing will allow for light to be radiated up and outwards from the central dome and provide natural light to the hotel rooms

The Royal Institute of British Architects champions better buildings, communities and the environment through architecture and our members. They do this by providing the building standards, they also provide training, support and recognition for their members. By doing this it allows for RIBA members to be constantly at the peak of their profession. RIBA also works closely with the British Government, in an effort to improve the overall design quality of public buildings, new homes and new communities.

RIBA also has the hold on one of the largest and most important collections of architectural drawings. Their collection also contains some of the most extensive photographs and archives in the world. The Library is open to member as well as non members who can use the study and teaching rooms.

66 Portland Place London W1B 1AD Tel: 020 7580 5533 Bookshop Monday - Friday 9.30am-5.30pm Saturday 10am-5pm RIBA British Architectural Library Tel: 090 6302 0400 Monday closed Tuesday 10am - 5pm Wednesday 10am - 5pm Thursday closed Friday 10am - 5pm Saturday 10am - 1.30pm Sunday closed RIBA Architecture Study Rooms Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm Saturday - Monday closed

Underground Journeys: Charles Holdens designs for London Transport 26 January 2011 1:15 PM - 2:00 PM I was excited to learn that RIBA is hosting this exhibit at the V&A. This look at Charles Holdens classic designs for the London seems like an interesting way to view something I use on a daily basis. Its interesting to think that at the time this was a modern take on the classic tube station. Compared todays modern station the classic designs of Holden. Im looking forward to the many other RIBA sponsored events that will take place in London this coming year.

Palladio and His Legacy: A Transatlantic Journey September 2, 2010 - January 30, 2011 One of the current features at RIBA is a tribute to Andrea Palladio, whose work has been a major influence in the history of British architecture. Palladio