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  • Written By:Jocelyn Soriano

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  • “The Inspirer and The Defender”

    The INSPIRER was the source of light of all the Kingdom, without whom there can be no warmth nor joy nor hope. Such is the beauty of the Inspirer that whoever casts his eyes upon her gets easily filled with inexplicable happiness, his soul is easily healed.

    It matters not then how hard the fight has been, how painful the blows received from the battle. They are easily forgotten with a single glance.


    The DEFENDER shall offer his life for her, for without her there can be no life.

    All that he does is because of her, and he can do all things for his beloved one.

    No one knows COURAGE other than the Defender. For as much as his love for the Inspirer is, such also is the greatness of his courage and of his strength.


    The Inspirer knows her Defender and she trusts him with her life.

    She can be at peace because she knows she will be protected, that she will be cherished, that she is being watched upon even as she sleeps.

    The Inspirer doesn’t have to worry about anything. It will be provided her even before she asks.

    The Inspirer doesn’t have to be afraid, she knows she is not alone. Even in the darkest valleys of death, she is not alone.

    Such is the Inspirer’s gratitude for her Defender that she will never let her Light die out. No, not even waves upon waves of sorrow can quench her flaming Love.

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  • “The Inspirer's View of Heaven”

    Once, the Visionary came to the Inspirer as he was having a hard time about a certain vision.

    The Visionary asked, “Have you ever wondered what heaven must be like?”

    To this the Inspirer replied, “Yes, when I have not yet known heaven, I wondered of so many things.”

    “And now you know heaven?”


    “I am having a difficult time deciphering my visions, I can’t believe you’d get it so clearly. People have wondered about it for ages, wondering what Paradise is like, what we’d all do when we come to heaven. People ask if there’s anything we’d look forward to. People ask if it wouldn’t be such a boring place to be. I don’t know how you have found your answers so easily.”

    The Inspirer smiled. “It is because the people have been asking the wrong questions.”

    “What’s wrong with these questions?” asked the Visionary.

    “For one thing, the questions presupposes that heaven is bound by time. Heaven is not bound by time. Also, the question presupposes perfection of external states, like the absence of sickness or hunger or pain. Heaven is first and foremost a perfection of the internal, found only in love.”

    “Ah,” and the Visionary was enlightened at last. With love, there is no time, no tomorrows to worry about, no activities to wait for or be bored of. Love exists only in the present moment, and in that present moment, heaven asks no further questions.

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  • “They Walked as Orphans”

    The Inspirer observed her people as they all walked like orphans with no mother or father who loves them and watches over them. It is true that they have now grown into immortality. It is true that they have discovered powers beyond their imaginings. Yet such things have not filled the emptiness they all felt deep within them. Deep within them, each one is longing for something else.

    The Inspirer never fails to remind them of Selah and her motherly love. She reminds them how Selah awaits each one, always ready to embrace each of her lonely children. But they would not come to her. They were always busy with something else.

    The Inspirer also reminds them of Cairos, the ancient King. His strength is also the strength of all who need strength, his courage is also the courage of those who yearn to be brave. Cairos is love and might in one spirit, and whoever knows Cairos shall never be broken of heart for long. But they would not come to Cairos as well. Such is a name they have long forgotten. The Inspirer's people says they have the strength they need, that they need no one. But when you look into their eyes you will see how lost they truly are, how each starves for a God they have forgotten long ago.

    Even her people do not come to her anymore. Each day, there are fewer and fewer people who believe in the Inspirer, and the Inspirer cannot force herself to anyone. She can only watch her people roaming like lost sheeps, walking as orphans with no one to call them their own.

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  • “When the Bandits Wept”

    One day, while the Inspirer was cloaked in disguise as she has hidden her glow and her power, she has met a band of bandits. These bandits knew nothing of love or joy or of everything the Inspirer stands for.

    "Well now, looks like we have an early catch," one of the thieves said.

    "Hmmm... doesn't look so rich, though," another commented.

    Just then, the Inspirer held out a golden medallion and showed it to the thieves. "I am the Inspirer," she said. "You cannot steal anything from me."

    The thieves were amazed yet didn't know what to think. They well recognized the medallion but they could not recognize any power from the one claiming to be the Inspirer.

    "If you are the Inspirer, where is your Defender?" one of the thieves asked.

    "My Defender will be here shortly," the Inspirer replied.

    The thieves merely laughed however, for they could not believe the one talking to them. Still, they couldn't discount the fact that she possesses the medallion.

    "Inspirer or not, we are bandits and we're going to do with you as we did with the rest who crossed our path," a thief threatened.

    "What are you going to do?"

    "We are going to hurt you and then steal everything away from you."

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  • "Will you be happy if you do that?" the Inspirer asked.

    "What kind of nonsense is that? Of course we'll be happy!"

    "I am the Inspirer, and even without my Defender, I can very well protect myself. But for now, since you said you're going to derive happiness from what you are about to do, I am going to let you do with me as you pleased."

    And so the Inspirer let them hurt her and humiliate her with their taunts. One by one the thieves made fun of her and made her receive their blows.

    All the while that they were hurting her, the thieves were laughing as though they were finding happiness in what they're doing. Deep within however, they knew how empty they all are, how meaningless their laughter had been. They were miserable, and so they want to drag others into their misery.

    As to the woman they are hurting, they couldn't find misery in her eyes. No matter how much pain they inflict on her, they couldn't see hopelessness, and so they couldn't bear to look in her eyes any further.

    They started to hate her, and soon they also hated themselves. If only they could break the Inspirer's spirit, if only they could hear her beg for mercy.

    And so they hurt her even more, hitting her with their rods 'til she's battered and bruised all over,laying on the ground as she twitches in great pain.

    They couldn't take away the light in her eyes though. And they couldn't stop her the moment she started to sing.

    The song of the Inspirer seem to have lifted a veil from their eyes and they saw their empty hearts. They saw how famished their soul have been, how thirsty with meaning which the Inspirer is now freely giving unto them.

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  • Tears soon fell endlessly from hearts that felt true sorrow for the first time. Sorrow for their emptiness, sorrow for their misery, sorrow for the many sins that they have done, foremost of which is their transgression against the Inspirer herself.

    How could they have hurt her? How could they have laid their hands on her? How could they have striked her so painfully with their rods?

    While the thieves were weeping over their transgressions, the Healer arrived and treated the Inspirer's wounds. The Inspirer was immediately healed, but the thieves continued to weep. They wept for months for it took a long time for their souls to find healing. After which, each vowed to make retribution and all became Defenders of the one Inspirer who woke up their hearts.

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  • “The Inspirer's Voice”

    The Inspirer's voice can uplift any soul. It is like a fresh wind that blows upon the heart and gives it peace.

    Whenever the Inspirer sings, even the angels bow down and listen, for no angel has ever been to the source of the Inspirer's music.

    Some may say that food for the body is the most important thing, but this is not so. The soul needs to be nourished and fed as much as the physical body, and there is no nourishment greater than to hear the song of the Inspirer.

    The Inspirer thus takes care of her voice by taking care of her heart. She doesn't let trivial matters disturb her. She doesn't let anger strain the melodious vibration of her soul.

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  • “The Inspirer Weeps in Secret”

    Some people think that because the Inspirer has her Defender, she hasn't experienced suffering or pain, that she has been so blessed to be exempt from all these things.

    What people do not realize is that for every wound that her Defender suffers, the Inspirer also suffers and feels.

    People do not realize this because they do not know how the Inspirer has claimed the Defender in her heart and thus for her, all things between them are now shared, even each other's tears.

    People do not see how the Inspirer bleeds because she bleeds only in the secret chambers of her heart.

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  • “Friendship”

    The Inspirer knows her friends. Some of her friends are inspirers, too, some are Defenders, some are Visionaries, while others have not yet discovered their true calling.

    Nevertheless, they remain true to each other and they help one another grow. They do not dwell on useless flatteries, but neither do they withhold the words that affirm and strengthen one another.


    There are times when the Inspirer gets hurt by those whom she trusts. She feels that her friendship had not been valued, that it had been used for some selfish end. Though she immediately resolves to forgive such a person, she knows that healing the grief it caused would take time, much time.

    And more than the grief, the TRUST would take much longer to regain, if it could ever be regained in a lifetime. It isn't only love that builds a friendship, it is trust as well.

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  • “The Inspirer is Vulnerable”

    The Inspirer is not like a defender who can close his heart for a long time. The Inspirer often remains vulnerable and open, ever ready to listen and share the troubles of another.

    It is by being open that the Inspirer continues to be sensitive. It is by being sensitive that one becomes fully able to understand, not in a mere logical way, but in such a way as to understand another soul, another heart.

    It is not the Inspirer's task to destroy or pursue an enemy. Her primary mission is to build happiness upon another's soul.

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  • “The Inspirer is Seen in Solitude”

    The Inspirer is often seen in solitude but that doesn't mean she has cast the world away. It doesn't mean that she cannot connect with other people.

    In truth, the Inspirer connects better and deeper with other hearts, and it is such a connection that overwhelms her.

    It is for this reason that she seeks out solitude so that she can renew her strength and so that she can assimilate and heal the many hearts that have entered her own.

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  • “The Inspirer Sees What Others Can't See”

    The Inspirer often sees things other people cannot see.

    Where other people see some clouds, she sees a portal to heaven. Where other people see flowers, she sees innocent little faces looking back at God.

    Other people might see a tree, but the Inspirer sees strength, fortitude, endurance. Other people see rain, but the Inspirer sees renewal, hope, dancing freely in the streets.

    The Inspire has no special eyes, her eyes are just like other people's eyes. It is the eyes within that see, it is these eyes that the Inspirer desires to awaken in others.

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  • “The Inspirer Wears a Mask”

    The Inspirer sometimes wears a mask that her true nature may be hidden from those who have no ability to appreciate it. She knows that each soul has her own journey and her own phase of growth.

    She wouldn't force her wisdom to those who are not yet ready to receive it. It would only be a waste of time and energy and an encroachment upon the freedom of others to choose their own path.

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  • “The Inspirer Has Dark Moods”

    The Inspirer sometimes enters into a dark mood which most people cannot understand. During such times, she must find consolation alone and not expect anybody else to uplift her. Why? Because people can only uplift those whose darkness they can fathom, whose pain they have suffered before.

    In order to uplift another, we must go down where the other is suffering and find healing for both of them, the one helping, and the one being helped. The Inspirer can do this with many, but rare are those who can do this for the Inspirer.

    The person who is not afraid of pain has already conquered it. It is this person alone who is fit to heal another.

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  • “The Inspirer and the Visionary”

    One day, the Visionary visits the Inspirer with news of gloom and misfortune.

    “I see darkness looming ahead, quickly casting a shadow upon the earth. I see plague and hunger. I see chaos and fear spreading everywhere. Go forth somewhere safe and befitting the Light that you carry. It will not be safe for you here anymore,” thus says the Visionary.

    But the Inspirer speaks in return, “It is when its darkest that people need Light the most. If I go, there will be a greater hunger, one that would cause unbearable famine for the soul.”

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  • “The Inspirer Lives in Two Worlds”

    The Inspirer lives in two different worlds at the same time. It is she alone who can transcend heaven, bringing glimpses of an unseen Paradise to people thirsting for joy and beauty here on earth.

    It is not an easy thing to live in both worlds. One is often tempted to leave earth in favor of heaven. The temptation is strongest at times when it is darkest and clouds seem to obscure the Light coming from above.

    But the Inspirer remembers the gleam in the eyes of those who heard of her visions. She cannot think only of her own happiness for there are many travelers who need to be reminded of their destination.

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  • “The Inspirer's Letters”

    The Inspirer writes with burning letters. You cannot read the Inspirer's writings without feeling its warmth. You will feel something within your heart is being lit, enlightened, urged to pass on the Light it has found.

    Many Deities write elegant but useless scripts, scripts easily forgotten once read. They sound profound yet they are empty. They boast of great length yet they all mean the same.

    The Inspirer's letters have life in itself. They speak long after they have been uttered. Generations feed upon each word and the soul is nourished unto eternity.

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  • “The Power of Memories”

    The Inspirer holds the power of memories deep in her heart. She is never alone because she can always enter her memories and relieve each moment as though they were unfolding for the first time. She knows that the magic of one moment is oftentimes so huge it cannot be savored in that moment alone.

    The Inspirer also has the power to make a person remember and retrieve her own memories. People often forget. They complain about the fleeting moment's sorrow and forget about joys they should have treasured for life.

    Save happy memories. They are the ones you will keep wherever you may go. Memories go deeper than mere recall. True memories become the person that you are and remain always to be a part of you.

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  • “The Awakener”

    The Awakener has a far different role from the Inspirer. While the Inspirer fills one's heart with consolation, the Awakener fills it with pain. While the Inspirer fills the heart with joy, the Awakener fills it with sorrow.

    This does not mean however that the Awakener's role is bad, nor is it secondary only to the Inspirer's task. Without the Awakener, the heart would remain numb and closed. No healing or joy can ever enter it and the Inspirer's task cannot even begin.

    There are still so many stubborn hearts that refuse to surrender and to grow. It is the Awakener that shatters their stupor so they can finally awaken and behold the gaze of the Inspirer.

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  • “The Defender's Strength”

    In order for the Defender to defend his beloved, he must be able to harness great power. In order to do this, he must believe himself to be in control, not other people, no matter how strong or how evil they appear to be.

    Nothing can ever happen to him or to his beloved without his permission. His life and his death are in his hands alone.

    To believe that his fate is in the hands of another would be the greatest folly of all, the greatest illusion. The Defender must not adhere to illusions, but recognize them for what they truly are.

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  • “Why People Can't Receive Their Blessings”

    The Inspirer asks, “Why are so many people in gloom today? Why the many down-trodden hearts?”

    The Visionary replies, “It is because people are not able to receive the blessings our good God wishes to bestow upon them.”

    “Why is this so? How could they not receive such blessings being showered everywhere?”

    “Because people do not believe.”

    “What is it that they cannot believe?”

    The Visionary paused. It was as if a certain sadness bit his heart. He knew the answer, but the words are not the words he wishes to speak to such a sensitive soul.

    But the Inspirer persisted, “What is it? I need to know so I'd know where to start.”

    The Visionary finally replied, “The people do not believe in two things. First, they do not believe God's blessings are everywhere and within their reach. Second, they do not believe themselves worthy of such blessings.”

    Tears fell down the Inspirer's eyes. She felt pity for her people and wept. The Inspirer knew however that she must not give up her task. Despite everything said, she knew she must BELIEVE.

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  • “Where is Hope?”

    The Inspirer once roamed the poor alleys of the country. In those dark alleys, she saw beggars, orphans, sick people, lonely people, those who knew no other existence but the darkness in which they trod.

    Seeing their plight and feeling their sufferings as her own, the Inspirer's heart broke within her and she felt like all the world was no more. There is no hope, no relief, no salvation. There is only a blackhole pulling ever inwards, contracting within its vacuum the emptiness that cannot even speak itself.

    The Inspirer felt lost in the abyss, lost with all the hungry souls that cannot be fed. How can they ever find their way? How can even a flicker of life arise from where these people are?

    The Inspirer was without her Defender, yet she must fight the gloom that crept at her soul. She was the only one in there who has ever known warmth, who has ever been acquainted with hope and joy and love.

    She paused and steadied her breath. She prayed. And when she looked up at last upon the heavens, there she found her answer. For there, there shone the brightest stars she has ever seen!

    All is not lost after all. Even in the darkness, there is a light to guide the way.

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  • “A Poem From the Inspirer”

    There was once a troubled fellow who came to ask the Inspirer for help.

    “I don't know what I'm going to do with my life. Please help me,” the troubled fellow asked.

    To this the Inspirer responded by writing something in a piece of parchment. After writing for some time, the troubled fellow was finally given the Inspirer's answers as he received the parchment. To his surprise however, he saw that he merely received a poem.

    “What is this? I sought for answers and all you gave me was a poem! I want a step by step guide on what to do. Can't you see how lost I am?”

    After a short pause, the Inspirer answered, ”Had I given you what you asked, you wouldn't have followed it anyway. You don't need a manual. Deep within your heart, you know what you should do. There is a little voice there that needs only be awakened. The poem I gave you is not for instructions, but for awakening.”

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  • “The Inspirer Asked for Bread”

    The Inspirer doesn't need much bread. She needs but a few to live by and she always has enough. She believes in God's providence. There is no need to hoard just to be secure she wouldn't lack for anything for the days to come.

    But the Inspirer also sees the suffering of her countrymen. She sees their lack not only in bread but in spiritual food.

    The Inspirer thus prays for more bread for her people. She asks for bread not only that they may be fed, but also that they might believe.

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  • “The Inspirer's Weapon”

    The Inspirer's first and foremost weapon is her heart.

    Some people might think it to be a weakness, even a liability instead of a strength. But the Inspirer knows that a gift only becomes a weakness when it isn't used as it should be used.

    Using one's heart is no easy thing, but demands such strength as to wield it and direct its powers where they should be directed. Discipline. Courage. Humility. These are the things one must possess in order to handle an immense power.

    The Inspirer is no warrior, but she possesses the greatest weapon of all.

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  • “The Defender's Anger”

    After defeating a great number of enemies, the Defender came to the Inspirer feeling beaten and lost.

    “I am not fit to be your Defender. I am evil as I often let myself succumb to anger. Today, I have defeated a hundred men in my rage, yet I have almost killed an innocent mother and her child,” the Defender confessed.

    The Inspirer's eyes were kind and full of understanding as she replied, “You are not evil. You are a fighter, a warrior of righteousness, and it is but natural for you to feel anger towards unrighteous deeds. Anger is not evil. It merely guides you and alerts you against injustices that defy your conscience. It also gives you strength to fight that injustice, to have the needed courage for the moment and not be afraid.”

    “Be alert of two things about anger however. Do not let it remain longer than necessary because it will consume you. Secondly, do not let it encroach upon your freedom such that you already do things you do no wish to do.”

    “Be more powerful than your anger. Use your weapons wisely and do not be used by them.”

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  • “One Broken Heart to Heal”

    The Visionary had another troubling vision. In his dream he saw multitudes of people suffering from a terrible sickness. They cry night and day and plead for help.

    Immediately, the Visionary went to the Inspirer and alerted her of his visions. To his surprise however, the Inspirer continued to attend to a woman kneeling at her feet.

    “Can't this wait?” the Visionary snapped. “We have a lot of things to do.”

    “But can't you see? This woman's heart had just been broken!” the Inspirer exclaimed.

    “That's just one heart!” the Visionary protested. “More people will suffer if we do not hurry.”

    “That is where you are wrong,” the Inspirer replied. “All evil starts when we begin to ignore one heart. The moment you become comfortable watching a single soul die, you'd have set yourself numb to all other sufferings around you. Before long, you wouldn't even care if a whole multitude becomes stricken with death as multitudes of people consist only of individual souls. I am not here to save many. I am here to save all by saving one broken soul, one God-given soul at a time.”

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