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    Everyone knows what the government is doing to students. They are cuttingback on the teachers salaries, increasing the number of students per class andthe teachers working hours, curtailing rights and eliminating educational projectsfor students... Everyone knows what they are doing and everyone moans aboutall these measures, but are a few people are trying to stand up to thisgovernment s policies.

    Apparently, for students a strike is not a day for fighting against governmentcutbacks. It is a good excuse for sleeping in until eleven in the morning andwatching TV all day long while a few committed students shout and protest onbehave of all their schoolmates who do nothing and speak tongue in cheek.They may well think that this is a joke and that at the end of the day everythingwill pan out and nobody will suffer the consequences of these measures.However, these harsh measures are real and we must all stand up and becounted. Everyone must fight for his or her future.

  • 7/29/2019 Moonlight Talk


    The Interview of the month.JOS NGEL: THE HAPPIEST MAN ON THE MOON

    by Teresa Bardaj.Motivation, emotion and getting

    involved in a project are essential.

    Hi, Jos ngel! We are here to ask yousome questions.

    Ok, but I do hope they are not toodifficult.

    How long have you been working as ateacher?I dont exactly know ; lets say about 33

    years. I was 25 when I started my firstinternship and shortly after that I joinedthe staff at this high school.

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    Jos ngelDid you want to become a teacher,when you were a child?

    No, I didnt. Although when I started atuniversity I didnt dislike it. I likedlearning, especially when teachersexplained things clearly and in alogical way. Many of my classmatesused to ask me questions when they

    had doubts.

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    Jos ngelHave you learnt anything from yourstudents? In what way?Yes, I have. I have always learnt frommy colleagues, well, from everybody,

    in fact. When a student gives me aproject which is well-organized, tidyand original, I am really impressedbecause I think that I wouldnt havebeen able to do it so well, so clearlyand so tidily, tan salao y con chispawhen I was their age. Its rather like withthe drama group. I find it veryinteresting to see something beautifultake shape.

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    Jos ngel

    Do you think exams are important?

    I think exams are an important part of any subject. Ifthere werent any exams, pupils would not study, butthe exams are not enough in themselves to make themlearn. The students need motivation, emotion and needto get involved in the learning process.

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    Jos ngel

    What do you reckon students think of you?

    I dont know. I think that they believe that my subject isnot difficult to pass and as regards my personality well,they see me as a caring teacher who is a bit nuts.

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    Jos ngel

    People at the IES Pedro de Luna say that the school is


    . Do you agree?

    I spend a lot of time here and I am very keen on thishigh school because I am very fond of it. Its true that Ishould probably spend less time here, but it is not asacrifice for me, its quite the opposite, in fact.

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    Jos ngel

    Would you change anything in the educational system?

    Yes, I would. It is important to remember that ourlearning is very much related to our interests. It would bebetter to talk more openly about academic issues, but Iknow it is rather difficult to do so.

    Thank you, Jos ngel!

    You are welcome!

  • 7/29/2019 Moonlight Talk


    NATIONAL NEWS by Adriana Val

    The government of Spain are expecting a difficult autumnahead because of unemployment.

    The unemployment rate in Spain has been rising steadily over thelast two months. The mass media say that unemployment has risen to4.705.276 people. There are a large number of families in which bothparents have been unemployed for a long time and so cannot receivemonthly dole anymore.

    Engracia Hidalgo, who is the State Secretary for Employment, saidthat this months figures are better than those of last year.

    Heating in a lot of homes will become a luxury because a lot offamilies and pensioners wont be able to face the increase in taxes and thecuts in pensions as they need the money to buy the very basics.Unemployment among young people, is the highest in the European Unionand is even affecting those with third-level studies. This is the reason why alot of youths have decided to leave Spain and look for a job abroad. Withthe new labour reforms the Spanish government are trying to solve thisproblem but, so far, they have been unsuccessful. The only thing we can dois to wait for some months to see new data and decide if the measures arebeing effective or not.

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    CONOMIC NWS by Ramiro ZambranaThis morning the Spanish Finance Minister, Luis de Guindos, has

    announced that next year the Christmas bonus will be paid to all civilservants.

    Moreover, an additional emolument will be paid in Septemberto all those working in the public service. This is due to the new policy thegovernment have adopted in order to deal with the economic meltdown.Instead of continuing with the measures of austerity and cutbacksrecommended by the European Union, De Guindos has decided to give aradical change to the Spanish economy. His idea is to solve the economicproblems by doing the opposite to what has been done so far withoutsuccess.

    Apart from the two new bonuses, the salaries will be raised. WhatDe Guindos has in mind is to increase the Spaniards purchasing powerwhich would lead to the creation of new jobs. Finally, De Guindos hasdeclared that in a few days they will study the possibility of decreasing VATso that businesses and the population at large would be able to buy andsell goods more easily.

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    INTERNATIONAL NEWS by Bosco Gracia Rajoy says that the unemployed will have to leave the country

    This morning, our Prime Minister has declared in an interview that non-workers willhave to leave the country because they give a bad image of Spain. He alsoannounced that immigrants who may be caught trying to enter the country will beshot on the spot by the army. Also, any civil servant that offers to help an illegal

    immigrant will be sentenced to death To celebrate these new reforms which the Popular Party is going to carry

    out in the hope of saving our country, the government organised a paradethis afternoon which was attended by many people here in Madrid. AngelaMerkel has come to Spain to congratulate Rajoy personally and they willmeet tomorrow in Hendaye, in the Basque Country.

    This new reform does not only affect illegal immigrants, but will also affectany non-Catholic Spaniards who will also be shot by the newly-createdspecial anti-terrorist forces.

    These new laws have been happily embraced by the public televisionchannels and Intereconomia and, as no other channel or newspaper hasshown dissatisfaction with these measures, these reforms can be viewed as asuccess.

    Hail Spain, its glorius people and Hail Prime Minister Rajoy!

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    SPORTS SECTION by Javier Roldn Mario Balotelli has been the target of racist comments by Paolo Berlusconi.

    Several inappropiate comments were made by the club's vice-president PaoloBerlusconi.

    The 22-year-old Italian player was transferred to AC Milan on 31 January from

    Manchester City for 19 million and had made a good impression with a brace ofgoals in his first macth. Howerver, Mario Balotelli, who is used to appearing in thenewspaper headlines in his two-year career at Manchester City, has been thesubject of racist comments made by the brother of the former Italian Prime Ministerand AC Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi. The incident took place over the weekend justafter Balotelli's debut for Milan. Paolo Berlusconi stated: "I've finished. OK, we are alloff to see the family's little BLACKIE. He's a crazy guy. All the young ladies are invitedas well - you can even have a chance to meet the Prime Minister."

    Mario Balotelli, who is at centre of this racist controversy, did not like thesecomments. The incident was filmed by local reporters and is being shown on thewebsite of the Italian newspaperLaRepublica.The comments come just a monthafter AC Milan players walked off during a friendly match in protest against racialabuse from the crowd directed at the AC Milan player Boateng. After this match,Silvio Berlusconi praised the players for their behaviour and said there should be azero tolerance policy against racisim.

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    LETTERS TO THE EDITOR by Javier Asn Dear Sir,

    I should very much like to complain about a discotheque at 22 LopezStreet, Zaragoza.I am lodging this complaint about this nightclub which is in the heart of

    the city where families and elderly people live. Because of the incredibly loud music that goes on and on until late in

    the early hours of the morning there is a constant bustle of people outon the street and this area is fast becoming dirty and run down.

    The neighborhood watch association is collecting signatures demandingthat the night club comply with the rules and regulations laid down bythe City Council.

    So, I very much hope that this letter will have an effect and the CityCouncil will take responsibility for the above-mentioned problem.

    Yours sincerely, Javier Asin

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    LETTERS TO THE EDITOR by Javier Asn Dear Sir, I should like to complain about the goings-on in Lopez Street in the

    city of Zaragoza. I am lodging the following complaint regarding this street because

    the pavement is in very bad condition as cars are damaging it andthe suspension of these cars in turn is been damaged. The CityCouncil is obviously to blame.

    The neighborhood watch association is collecting signatures to doup the pavement thus enabling vehicles to circulate properly.

    I do hope that the City Council will take note of my letter andfurthermore take responsibility for the above-mentioned problem.

    Yours sincerely, Javier Asin

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    NEWS IN BRIEF by Alba Pinos The body of a missing student has appeared

    without any signs of violence in Zaragoza.

    After a 35-day search, the corpse of a missingstudent has been found near the dam in Pina deEbro. The lifeless body of Florencio Ayingono Eworohas been sent to the IMLA (the City Morgue) wherethe autopsy will be carried out. The body was foundin deep undergrowth with no apparent signs of


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    FILM REVIEW by Carlos Puente Genre: Western, drama Directed and written by: Quentin Tarantino Starring : Jamie Foxx, Christophe Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio,

    Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson The action takes place in the USA at the beginning of the 19thcentury, and deals with the adventures of Dr. King Schultz, aGerman hunter and Django, a slave. The film relates theadventures of both of them as they try to free Djangos wifewho works on a cotton plantation owned by a dangerous mancalled Calvin Candie. This role is played brilliantly by LeonardoDiCaprio.

    This film also analyzes the society of the time divided into blackslaves and their white owners. In addition, the film not onlypointedly criticizes slavery and racism but manages to mix thistogether with adventure and the kind of violence whichcharacterizes all of Tarantinos films.
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    Shakira and Piqu are


    The newly-born baby of the

    Colombian singer Shakira and the footballstar Gerard Piqu is to be called MilanPiqu Mebarak. He was born on the 22ndJanuary and weighted almost 3 kilos. Bothmother and son are doing well. Piqu

    celebrated the birth of his son in the verybest fashion by scoring a goal which heduly dedicated to the baby.

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    Angelina Jolie might be pregnant with her seventh child.

    There are increasingly strong rumours that claimthat Brangelina may be expecting a new baby.


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    Who is she?All this began with the publication of a

    provocative column in the Italian newspaper La Stampawhich claimed that "Spain has two queens: the official

    one, 73-year-old Sofia, married to King Juan Carlos since1962 and the provocative, blonde, 46-year-old,aristocratic divorcee, princess Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein who has been the Spanish kings dear friendfor years. Even the former director of the Spanish dailyABChas recently stated that "the close and intimate friendshipbetween Juan Carlos and Corinna is no longer a rumourbut a cast-iron certainty.

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    High School Gossip (HSG)

    Adriana has recently broken up with Loras. But nowit is said that Adriana is going out with another boy fromthe same high school!!! Her closest friends haveconfirmed that her new beau is in 4A ... Uyuyuyy!,d.Yms&psig=AFQjCNETzL46-INsesvagNh1VpeRs9noVw&ust=1360085002824514
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    COMIC STRIP BY Marcos Boj

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    CROSSWORDS Down 1. Beatle fan 3. Lucky's owner 4. Juggler

    6. Perennial trees 8. Ballet dancer 12. Labrador 13. Wool dealer Across 2. Irish 5. French 6. The best-known ones In Zaragoza are made of stone and iron 7. Really from a village 9. Cariena wine-lover 10. Socram back to front 11. Sportsman 14. Muffin

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    Forecast for Spain by Magdalena Mainar

    It will rain in many parts of the northand in Majorca, but it will be sunny in

    some southern cities such as Malaga,Seville and Jaen. It will also be cloudyin some areas such as Plasencia,Badajoz, Valencia and Cartagena.The temperatures will not be very high,so it will be a bit cold or even freezing

    in some places such as Zaragoza.

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    OBITUARIES by Sal Lanero ERNESTO GONZALEZ 12/3/35 - 25/1/12 Passed away in Alabama BIG MAT 11/6/899/11/12

    Passed away in Los Angeles after a short illness MICHAEL WEMSLEY 2/12/7917/2/13 Died in Dublin in tragic circumstances WILLIAM BET 19/3/864/1/13 Died in Manchester after a long illness BRADLE HAMPTON 12/7/9025/12/13 Died suddenly in Paris. All his Liverpudlian friends mourn his loss JOHN SMITH 6/10/8423/1/13 Died in London in a road accident


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    SMALL ADS by Giovanna Otin

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    Editorial by Isabel Hebrero

    The interview of the month: Jos ngel: The Happiest Man on the Moon by TeresaBardaj

    National News by Adriana Val

    Economic News by Ramiro ZambranaInternational News by Bosco Gracia

    Sports News by Javier Roldn

    Letters to the Editor by Javier Asn

    News-in-Brief by Alba Pinos

    Film Review Django by Carlos Puente

    Gossip and Celebrities by Ana Guerrero

    Cartoon Strip and Crosswords by Marcos BojWeather Forescast by Magdalena Mainar

    Obituaries by Sal Lanero

    Small ads by Giovanna Otn