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Use data to increase your open rate, click-through-rate, and engagement in email marketing.

Transcript of Moneyball for email marketing

  • 1. Moneyball for email marketing: Using data to improve your sends True University Elizabeth Yin June 17, 2014
  • 2. Who am I? Elizabeth Yin Co-founder LaunchBit BSEE Stanford Product team at Google
  • 3. Today's talk is on How to Improve Your Open rate Click-through-rate
  • 4. Open Rate
  • 5. Letter from a YC founder Hey guys, We're a little concerned about some the stats on our open rates, how often people complain or unsubscribe, etc. So we'd love to talk to someone with about their experiences and maybe review our campaign performance stats with us. Thanks! [Founder]
  • 6. A pretty good open rate is ~20% (Histogram of thousands of publishers analyzed)
  • 7. But open rates decline... Hi Jennifer, I have a question. Our open rate keeps going down and I have no clue whats going on there. From your experience, could you tell me what seems to be the problem? Its getting worse and worse. Wed like to stop this as soon as possible. Could you give us your advice on this? Thank you, [Name of email marketer]
  • 8. In fact, you need to look at cohorts...
  • 9. What does average open rate really mean? People open on average every 2-3 sends You can increase your open rate...
  • 10. 2 good ideas and 1 bad idea to improve your open rate
  • 11. Test subject lines - usually a BAD IDEA Unless you are running transactional emails Unless you have a 100k+ list
  • 12. Off-hour such as 8:37 Before/after holidays When you know subscribers open Send at a different time
  • 13. Change up your subject lines Reduce number of characters Special characters Ask a question Be vague Use different diction
  • 14. Click-through-rate
  • 15. 66k campaigns 300M emails
  • 16. Most people click on the first or second link (< 5 links) Call to action should be the first or second link
  • 17. But did most have only 1 link? # of Campaigns w/ just 1 link # of Campaigns w/ just 2 links # of clicks on link position 1 131,914 72,003 # of clicks on link position 2 --- 163,419
  • 18. Doing the math... 203k clicks on link position #1 for emails with just one or two links 1.5M clicks on link position #1 for all emails => 13% 163k clicks on link position #2 for emails with just two links 2M clicks on link position #2 for all emails => 8% Only a small percentage of clicks are attributed to emails with just one or two emails
  • 19. People click "evenly" on 5+ link emails Having too many links reduces your call to action
  • 20. Reduce your links
  • 21. Digest layouts teach people to click: strong impact on click-through-rate Digest: 44.2% click-through-rate vs. Non-digest: 17.8% click-through-rate
  • 22. Non-black fonts have a significant impact on click-through-rate Non-black font: 36.4% click-through- rate vs. Black font: 18.9% click-through-rate
  • 23. One-column newsletters have a low impact on click-through-rate One column: 27.7% click-through-rate vs. Multi-column: 17.5% click-through-rate
  • 24. Get more stats & case studies..for free!
  • 25. Thank you! Questions? Email me: elizabeth [at] launchbit [dot] com Follow me at @launchbit