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  • Flexible financing from Cisco Capital® can help you implement a Hybrid or Private Cloud Infrastructure, accelerating migration to the latest technologies while conserving cash, with our tailored solution for Cloud Managed Services Providers.


    • Partner assigns a portion of the receivables due from its end-user to Cisco Capital and retains direct relationship with end-user

    • Eligible products include Cisco and 3rd party Hardware, Software, and Services

    • Currently available in US and Canada only


    • Acquire technology needed to deliver Managed Services solutions to customers without incurring upfront cost or debt

    • Asset light approach with potential for off balance sheet treatment

    • Align expenses to revenue for optimized cash flow

    • Potential for asset disposition relief at end of contract

    Contact your local Cisco Capital representative today!


    Monetization of Managed Services Acquire technology needed to deliver managed services solutions with no up front cost!

    This information is for illustrative purposes only and does not constitute an offer to finance. Any agreement or transaction is subject to, among other things, credit approval of the Partner and End User and equipment approval and the satisfaction of all documentation, including the Master Monetization of Managed Service Assignment Agreement and other funding conditions established and required by Cisco Capital. This material does not define all of the terms and conditions that will apply to an assignment transaction between you and Cisco Capital. Partner may only finance under this program by entering into a Master Monetization of Managed Service Assignment Agreement and applicable Assignment Schedule directly with Cisco Systems Capital Corporation (“Cisco Capital”) in a form mutually agreeable and acceptable to Partner and Cisco Capital. Unless and until mutually acceptable definitive Master Monetization of Managed Service Assignment Agreement and applicable Assignment Schedule has been executed by both parties, neither party will be under any legal obligation of any kind with respect to any assignment transaction described in this material. Final Pricing is subject to change, depending on the movement of market rates, and final Cisco Capital approval. This program may not be available in every country.

    Cisco Capital offers leasing and/ or financing directly to qualified customers in select countries. Leasing and/ or financing may be offered by an independent financing provider to you in countries where Cisco Capital does not offer the applicable products and in such other circumstances as determined by Cisco Capital. All products and options are subject to credit approval and execution of standard documentation and availability which may vary by country. Other restrictions may apply. Cisco Capital reserves the right to change or cancel the foregoing at any time without notice.

    © 2014 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco, the Cisco logo, and Cisco Systems are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries. All other trademarks mentioned in this document or website are the property of their respective owners. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company. (1005R) EN_INT_34322_ecoutez_TC_09/14

    Many enterprise customers turn to cloud providers to help them increase cloud capabilities for their businesses. They want the advantages of the cloud without the associated infrastructure, management, and technical issues. Agility, security, and performance are their primary concerns, as well as gaining the flexibility to deploy their choice of workloads to the cloud. The Internet of Everything (IoE) — bringing together people, processes, data, and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before — is also creating an entirely new set of requirements for globally distributed and highly secure clouds. This presents a huge opportunity for Cisco® cloud providers.