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  • 1.Mollie King
    An Inspirational Dyslexic

2. When you see a picture of Mollie what do you think?
3. Yes she is all of those but she is also dyslexic.
4. 5. How has it affected her?
Fear of Reading Aloud.
Poor Short Term Memory
Gets words/letters in the wrong order.
Visual difficulties (used coloured overlays at school.)
Reading and Revision took her longer than her peers.
Organisation and Time Keeping
6. The importance of the Label of Dyslexia
I didnt know I had it till I was eight, I thought I was just stupid.
7. Peer Understanding
My friend Charlotte, always used to sit next to me in class, and if I struggled reading a difficult word she would help by whispering the words to me.
8. Self-esteem
Like many dyslexics Mollie has a fear of reading aloud in public, as it emphasises her difficulties with reading.
She used to dread being asked to read aloud in front of the class.
She feels under pressure.
9. Positivity
Being dyslexic has made me areally hard worker.
Achieved 3 Grade As at A- Level
10. The Gift of Dyslexia
Im still good at other things such as maths.
Someone once told me that, if youre dyslexic, youre more likely to be creative. I find it a lot easier to express myself through singing and dancing.
11. The Gift of Dyslexia
Mollie has used her dyslexia as an advantage. It has helped her become determined to achieve her dream as a singer.
Many dyslexics like Mollie are very creative people and have talents in art, music or dance.
Mollie hasnt let it hold her back.
12. Determination
Mollie at school had quite a severe form of dyslexia and found school really hard.
Although with determination and the development of coping strategies, her difficulties with reading and writing have improved.
13. Coping Strategies
Im careful to check what I write before I Tweet.
She does a lot of reading to help her reading ability.
Avoids pressurising situations such as reading aloud in public.
Used a coloured sheet at school to help her with the order of words.
14. Proud of Learning Differently
Mollie recently attended 10 Downing Street, to help promote children learning differently and how having dyslexia can be a positive thing.
15. Winner of Dyslexia Action Inspiring Dyslexic Celebrity
16. The award
This year Dyslexia Action are hosting the 10th Annual Awards Ceremony, in aid of the It's ME! Learning Fund, at The Savoy Hotel London. Every year we present an award to a dyslexic celebrity who has provided inspiration through their achievements
Mollie on being nominated:
17. What Can We Learn From Mollie?
Being dyslexic does not mean you are stupid.
Needing Extra- Help is nothing to be ashamed of.
Dyslexia shouldnt hold you back.
If you work hard enough you can achieve your dreams.
18. Mollie Moments
On TV Mollie was asked to spell karaoke. She had a dyslexic moment and started off by saying C,H. She then phonetically sounded out the word.
19. Mollie is proof anything is possible and Dyslexia shouldnt hold you back!
She is an inspiration to anyone who has the condition.