Modesty Sports Internship Report

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Internship Report on Modesty SPORTS

Transcript of Modesty Sports Internship Report






Internship program for 4th semester


Modesty sports



Internship ReportModesty sportsSialkot

Dedications:-I want to dedicate my work to my honorable parents and respectable teachers, whose prayers and efforts make me able to do this task. I dedicated my work to my family and my parents. Acknowledgement:- All the praise is for Allah, the most merciful and beneficent, who blessed me with the knowledge, gave me the courage and allowed me to accomplish this difficult task.

I am much thankful to the Allah who gives me patience and power to complete my internship and he gave me opportunity to learn much through my University.

I am heartedly thankful to my all teachers for giving me enough knowledge to be able to carry myself efficiently during my internship.

I would like to be thankful to our Course instructor who helped me to complete this project. I am also much thankful for my respectable teachers as well because, they provided me opportunity to have such nice experience.My period of internship in this organization was about six weeks and it was a very good experience. I would like to thanks Mr.Muhammad Jamil(General Manager sports Industry) Sialkot, who helped me a lot in internship and I gained much more than otherwise I would.

I am also especially thankful to Miss.Abeera Tahir (Office Assistant and Inventory Operator) for her valuable guidance throughout the Internship period.

Executive Summery

Modesty sports Industry (Pvt) Ltd needs no introduction in Pakistan because of its famous brands in sports goods and garments. Modesty group is situated in Sialkot. The Modesty factory is producing the famous brands in sports goods and garments, these may include football,basket ball,rugby ball,hand ball,soccer,jokgu,futsal,volley ball.

The departments which I have visited for my internship are main departments of this setup. This report covers their structure, working, functions, strategies and connection with other departments for the completion of their day to day activities. The Modesty group is involved in some other kinds of business but our focus remains to sports goods as it may exceed our scope otherwise. The organization holds good name into local market but it is also emerging in the Gulf market. Their Slogan is seen on different documents as The innovative edge. They have captured the most of the countries some of them may include England,Germany,Japan,Korea,France. It is to be note that they are exporting the goods with the name of their clients. Table of contents:-


1. Report introduction and internee work 101.1. Purpose 101.2. Scope 111.3. Objective 112. Overview of the organization 122.1. Brief history 132.2. Nature of the organization 13 2.3. Product lines 142.4. Brand portfolio 142.5. Strategies of branding 142.6. Main clients 142.7. Competitors 152.8. Brief introduction of the branch where I did internship 163. Organizational structure 173.1. Organizational hierarchy chart 18

3.1.1 Number of employees 183.1.2. Main offices 193.1.3Introduction of all departments 19

3.1.4. Marketing departments 193.1.5. Production planning and development department 193.2.1 Costing department 203.2.2 Purchase department 203.2.3 Production department 213.2.4 Finished goods godown 22

3.2.5 Accounts 24

3.3. IT department 243.3.1. Engineering departments 243.3.2. Drawing office 253.3.3.Sales department 25 PART TWO

4.Training programme 26

4.1. Description of task assigned to me 274.2. Description of project assigned to me 274.3. Structure of the MIS department 284.4. Department hierarchy 284.5. Major responsibilities of MIS department 294.6. About the department 314.7. Development 314.7. 1.Supporting other department 324.7.2. Web development 324.7.3. Structure of cromojet department 344.7.4. Structure of back coating department 35 PART THREE

5. Critical analysis 385.1. Comparison and evaluation of vision and mission statement 385.2. Comparison of theoretical concepts with current practices in various department 405.3. SWOT analysis 415.3.1. Strengths 415.3.2. Weakness 425.3.3. Opportunities 42 5.3.4Threats 435.4. Internal factor evaluation 435.4.1. External factor evaluation 445. TOWS method 476. Competitive profile matrix 506.1. Critical success factor