Modern Studies SQA Revision. Employment / Unemployment Regional Unemployment North / South Divide...

download Modern Studies SQA Revision. Employment / Unemployment Regional Unemployment North / South Divide Scotland / England Dundee Unemployment ‘Made in Dundee’

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Transcript of Modern Studies SQA Revision. Employment / Unemployment Regional Unemployment North / South Divide...

  • ModernStudiesSQA Revision

  • Employment / UnemploymentRegional UnemploymentNorth / South DivideScotland / EnglandDundee UnemploymentMade in Dundee videoJute / NCR / One-2-OneTESCO closureWhy Unemployment?EconomicNew TechnologyGovernment PolicyNeed / Equality / IdeologyScotland & Dundee Unemployment /\ up then down

  • Employment / UnemploymentLiving on a Low incomeThe Black FamilyFamily mealsThe HomeClothesEntertainmentHealthSmokingMain NeedsThe basic necessitiesMoneyA JobTraining in job skillsUnemployed with extra problemsThe Elderly - ageismEthnic minorities -racismThe Disabled - prejudiceWomen - sexism

    Job of the DayA School Janitor

  • Employment / UnemploymentGovernment HelpJobseekers AllowanceRegional AssistanceSkillseekersThe New Deal

    Grants to start own business Packasnack, Clan Skates

    The Minimum WageIn DundeeThe Technology ParkThe Dundee PartnershipEU help for Fintry Factories

  • PoliticsVotingWhy vote?Who can Vote?Postal / Proxy votesParty policiesSNPGreen PartyA General ElectionThe candidatesThe Local CampaignThe countThe resultsThe MediaBillboardsNewspapersTVSpin DoctorsParty BroadcastsOpinion PollsCampaigningVisit HousesLeafletsPostersLoudspeaker VansPublic MeetingParty Political BroadcastLocal GovernmentServices [Dundee]- education, most spending- housingFinance-Council TaxLocal Government The PeopleThe Local CouncillorThe Permanent OfficialThe Pressure Group[Save Our School]The ResultsSafe SeatsBritainMarginal SeatsScotlandDundee EastThe MP / MSPWhat the MP / MSP doesWhat the constituents do-A School Closure-The River Cart flooding

    Dundee East MP - Stewart Hosie [SNP]

  • PoliticsProblems-Constituency level-National Level-Women-Ethnic minorities

    Proportional RepresentationList SystemAdditional Member Systemfor / againstGet more women to participatestand as candidatesjoin party / pressure groupscreches / better hours

    Get more Ethnic Minorities to participateStand as candidatesreduce racismshow how system can help themThe Election SystemFirst Past The PostScottish ParliamentHealthEducationHousing etc.Alex Salmond

    Dundee East MSP -Shona Robison [SNP]A Protest GroupSurfers Against SewageHeld meetingsWent on radio and TVProtested outside Parliament[All Peaceful ]

  • The USAImmigrationPush FactorsPull FactorsThe Tortilla Curtain

    The American DreamArnie Schwarzenegger / EminemThe American NightmareEthnic groups

    WhiteBlackHispanicAsianNative AmericansEconomic ProblemsUnemploymentPovertyLow IncomesSocial ProblemsPoor EducationPoor HousingCrime & JusticeIllegal ImmigrantsAmerican PeopleMegan Van DusenSheivon CamionMiguel Duran

    Family and friendsHousingStandard of livingSchoolSocial LifeCapitalism

    PoliticsEconomyWealthThe Media

  • The USAPolitical ParticipationThe ConstitutionThe AmendmentsState GovernmentFederal Government Electing the PresidentElectoral College Votes- California- Wyoming

    Minority RepresentationBlacksHispanicsNative AmericansWomenUSA Politics words to useArnie Schwarzenegger[Governor / California]

    President / George BushStateCongressSenate [Senators]House of Representatives[Representatives]

    Interest GroupsMillion Mom March / NRA

  • EuropeDefence NeedsGood defenceGood armed forces

    Economic NeedsGood trade linksJobsFoodUnited NationsTo help developing countriesTo protect Human RightsTo try and stop wars

    How meet needsFor / AgainstConflict / Cooperation

    West - CapitalismEast - Communism

    Nuclear Attack - Target DundeeActions to stop warsArms EmbargoTrade SanctionsCeasefiresPeacekeeping SoldiersPeace TalksSafe areasMilitary Action

  • NATONATO - examplesWar in BosniaPeace in BosniaRace to join NATOInternational TerrorismUN / NATO / USA / BritainMadrid BombingsIraq / al-Qaeda / Osama Bin Laden

    AfghanistanIraqNATOTo protect its members from being attackedTo help the UN keep peace in the world

    How meet needsFor / Against

  • EUEUTo improve peoples standards of livingTo prevent war in EuropeTo help the UN keep peace in the world

    How meet needsFor / AgainstEU - examplesThe Single MarketThe EuroThe Common Agricultural PolicyAid the Regions

    Help for Fintry factoriesEU water testsEU clean beaches awardsEU money to help build Dundee city by-pass, DCA

  • The Politics of AidDevelopment IndicatorsBirth RateDeath RateInfant Mortality [deaths]Life ExpectancyLiteracy RateProblems of Some African CountriesToo many peopleNot enough peoplePoor HealthLack of EducationWar

    Rich worldPoor WorldDeveloped worldDeveloping world

  • The Politics of AidGood Aid

    Curved Stone LinesA simple water wellWater AidThe Play-Pump [water]Types of AidBilateral AidMultilateral AidVoluntary AidForms of AidEmergency AidMilitary AidDevelopment Aid

  • The Politics of Aid

    UN AgenciesWorld HealthOrganisationFood and Agriculture OrganisationUnited Nations Childrens FundImmunisationCampaignStreet Food. seedsOral Hydration Therapy

  • Good Luckand rememberthe videos.