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  • Modern Store Fixtures one of the best retail store design and custom store fixtures

    manufacturing company in New York and New Jersey (U.S.A). Modern Store Fixture is

    a great place to shop for Clothing Racks, Garment Racks and we offer cheap shipping

    service. Come visit our site and check out all our Store Fixtures.

    About Us

    Welcome to Modern Store Fixtures!

    For over 25 years, Modern Store Fixtures and Design Inc. have been serving hundreds

    of businesses in New York Metropolitan Area by providing quality display fixtures at the

    low price. This is why our customers come back again and again as their business

    grows and open more stores. We are one of the largest suppliers of store fixtures in the

    New York Metropolitan Area. For Stores and Warehouses, show cases and display

    fixtures are very important part of the retail business. Having a modern and clean store

    makes customer feel good about coming to the store. Its your way of saying Welcome

    to our store!!

    We have one of the LARGEST SELECTIONS and LOWEST PRICES for store fixtures in

    the New York and New Jersey area. We offer everything from showcases, wall cases,

    accessories, counter displays, hangers, mannequins, and more. For all your stores

    needs, order on-line or visit our store. We hope to make your business successful.

  • Modern Store Fixtures Inc. is proud and honored to be the supplier of choice for all your

    retail fixtures and store display needs. Our mission has been to utilize our extensive

    experience and capabilities to design store display fixtures that help our customers in

    their respective businesses.

    In order to successfully achieve this mission, we have taken to heart the philosophy of

    "personalized service" Modern Store Fixtures offers an in stock inventory at a quality

    price and top rate service. We offer a wide range of unique and a variety of jewelry

    displays and fixtures not sold in other display fixture stores! We stock a complete line of

    showcases (display cases), display mannequins, garment racks, display tables, slatwall,

    gridwall, grid panels, clothing hangers, jewelry displays, lighting, and numerous other

    retail fixtures and displays. Whether you are opening a new business, renovating an old

    business, or just simply replacing old fixtures, Modern Store Fixtures will ensure that

    you get what you need. So, take a moment, browse through our online catalog and

    shop or call one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members to assist with your

    fixture/display needs. We are here to serve.

    Our Products

  • Rack & Accessories

    Cost Effecting, versatile, inexpensive solution and outstanding display for Your Retail

    Store. We are a leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Store Rack such as Supermarket

    Store Rack, Retail Store Racks and Mall Store Racks from New York & New Jersey.

  • Commonly use these displays

    Clothing Stores - Add baskets, shelves and hangers to display clothes and

    clothing accessories

    Garages - Auto shops and home garages alike can hang tools on these grid


    Department Stores - The mobility of these displays makes it easy to rearrange

    any large merchandising setups.

    Jewelry Display

    Offers the complete solutions for Jewelry Store and Showrooms with its cost-effective

    services and offers its services in New York & New Jersey Metropolitan Area. Buy the

    different range of jewelry display for necklace, bracelet, and earring. More eye-catching

    jewelry displays or product fixtures give an outstanding look to your jewelry store,


    What You Get with Modern Store Fixture

    High quality and cost-effective jewelry display.

    Cost-effective Interior designing & shipping service

  • 100% satisfaction and our products fruitful for your Business

    Increase the jewelry visibility and consumer attraction

    Gridwall Accessories

    Gridwall is an increasingly popular choice among retailers looking forward to conserving

    space. Gridwall can be much more cost efficient, especially when dealing with large

    department and any retail stores.

    What stores commonly use these displays?

    Clothing Stores - baskets, shelves and hangers to display for cloth stores.

    Garages - Auto shops and home garages alike can hang tools on these grid


    Department Stores Metal Displays, grid cubbies, hangrails and other gridwall

    accessories displays makes it easy to rearrange any large merchandising setups.

  • Hangers and Accessories

    Hangers are one of the solo sources for garment hangers and store supplies, with great

    pricing and unbeatable customer service. We provide metal hanger, plastic hanger,

    satin covered hanger, wood hanger and accessories with different shape or size for you.

    Buy with Modern Store Fixture

    Verity of hangers for dress and shirt

    Wide range of cloth protectors such as zippered garment covers, garment


    Home accessories like Stick on Foam pad, Hanger Stacker

    Stalwall & Accessories

    Slatwall is the most common of all store fixtures. It used to organize all merchandise of

    retail store, gift shops, and as well as it is very useful home applicators. The prefect

    outlay of slatwall board and quick installation increased the ability to display more

    products on your Retail Store walls. Ability of easily change the configuration of your

    slatwall using hooks, baskets, and shelving to make more comfortable for you. Slatwall

    is the one better way to displaying clothing. Hook rest in the grooves of the board and

  • allow you to hang t-shirts, shirts and jeans right from the hook. Other clothing items

    can be displayed by using slatwall hangers and acrylic t-shirt displays.

    Mannequins Fixtures & Display

    Basically, mannequins are any form used for displaying fashion merchandise for sale.

    Various mannequin displays be used to advertise the store by capturing the passing

    customer's attention and enticing them to enter and inspect the items for sale. It is not

    the necessary whole mannequin to display, if you required parts such as head, hand,

    and feet for display merchandise and promote goods for jewelry, safety wear, shoes,

    hats, glasses and the like.

  • What are the Retail Store Fixture and Showcase Display?

    Retail Store Fixture and Showcase are the modern appliances for the Retail store or

    showroom. Help arranges any merchandise in attractive way and also grabbed

    customer interest in your business. They are very useful if you want to display

    merchandise while presenting in an appealing manner.

    Business Benefits with Modern Store Fixture

    Boost your earnings: - A stylish way to design your interior and arrange your

    merchandise will increase the perceived value of your products and draw the

    potential customers towards your business.

    Attention is everything: - An attention-grabbing retail store fixture grows sales by

    gathering the attention of customers and attracting them to keep engages with

    store products. You cannot convert sales if your product can't compete against

    the mass and get noticed.

    Raise Your Brand Value: - Graceful custom retail displays will draw attention

    towards your featured products and successfully create a market brand name.

    Informative banners and signs are not only helpful way to get shopper attention,

    but also communicate your featured message about your product or company to



    If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us via email or phone at

    anytime. We will be glad to help you!


    Modern Store Fixtures & Designs, Inc.

    158 W. 29th Street, New York, NY 10001

    Tel. (212) 594-1212

    Fax. (212) 594-6454



    Modern Store Fixtures & Designs, Inc.

    417 Route 17N, Carlstadt NJ 07072

    Tel. (201) 635-1111

    Fax: (201) 804-5555


    Store Hours:

    NY (Main Store): Monday - Friday: 9:00am to 6:00pm Saturday: 9:00am to 4:00pm

    NJ: Monday-Friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm Saturday: 9:00am to 4:00pm