Modern Russia. History Overview Descendents of East Slavs Descendents of East Slavs 800s: Kievan Rus...

download Modern Russia. History Overview Descendents of East Slavs Descendents of East Slavs 800s: Kievan Rus = loose union of city states (Princes) 800s: Kievan

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Transcript of Modern Russia. History Overview Descendents of East Slavs Descendents of East Slavs 800s: Kievan Rus...

  • Modern Russia

  • History OverviewDescendents of East Slavs800s: Kievan Rus = loose union of city states (Princes)1200s: Mongol control1400s: Ivan the Great- overthrew Mongols, united Russia, built the Kremlin 1600s: Romanov Czars (dynasty)- trade/ military/ size; gap b/w nobles and serfs 1800s: Rise in nationalism = Russification1900s: Class struggles 1917 revolution Bolsheviks (Lenin) create communist state1921: USSR established 1950(ish): Cold War begins

  • U.S.-Soviet DTENTEWhat does dtente mean?The relaxation of strained relationsWhy did Pres. Nixon push this policy?The fight against communism in Vietnam was a disaster; threat of nuclear warfare.What changes took place b/w the superpowers after the SALT treaties?Making of nuclear arms drastically reduced; observation of each other; space explorationWhy & when did this era end?Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979/1980; Reagan elected (staunch opponent of U.S.S.R.)

  • 1980sWho did the grain embargo most greatly affect & why?Soviets bought most of their grain from the U.S. during Dtente..grain embargo stops tradeAmerican farmers lose money/Soviet people lose major source of food.What was the US response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan?1980 Olympics in Moscow are boycotted to send a message.hurts expected income from Olympics. Dtente endsWhat was Reagans viewpoint on the USSR & what campaigns did he put into place?U.S.S.R. was seen as the Evil Empire; military and arms race picks back up; space race.

  • MIKHAIL GORBACHEVList a minimum of 4 things Gorbachev believed/did differently from former leaders?Urges relationship with West; the fight against Alcoholism; doesnt use military force to keep power; emphasizes greater research and technology.What does perestroika & glasnost mean? How did they weaken the central government.?Restructuring and Openness; introduction of free market and democracy; communist regimes are extinguished.What symbolized the collapse of communism in C & E Europe? How did it affect the USSR?Fall of the Berlin Wall.Soviets lose grip on Eastern Europe, which results in declaration of Independence from many Soviet republics.Gorbachev doesnt use force to keep them.

  • Won Nobel Peace Prize in 1990

  • Boris YeltsinWhat did early company privatization look like in Yeltsins era?Oligarchs bought all of the formerly state-owned businesses at extremely cheap prices.prevented any competition; had close ties to political figures; Russian people hated these groupsDescribe the econ. changes/crisis that took place during his reform years.Most businesses owned by small groups.prices and taxes rise..businesses evade taxes, leading to workers without pay.What was the common public opinion of Yeltsin when he left office?Inept and incompetent-had medical problems and abused alcohol; cared only for the wealthy; corrupt.

  • VLADIMIR PUTINHow did Putin change the impact of the oligarchs/elite?Took apart the companies owned by oligarchs; arrested many of the oligarch members who spoke against/opposed him.List 3 ways Putin threatened democracy in Russia.Censored media (govt. controlled television and newspapers); stopped elections of the President appoints them; opposition threatened (Anna Politkovskaya) What actions/characteristics make Putin popular in public opinion?The economy is greatly improved, his leadership is stable, people treated more fairly than with Yeltsin, only favorable publicity shown.

  • DMITRI MEDVEDEVWhat is significantly different b/w Medvedev and former leaders?No ties to KGB or communist partiesDescribe three positive actions he has done either domestically or internationally.Reforms to judicial system; raising birth rate; helped build gas line in KosovoHow much of a role did Putin play in Medvedevs presidency?Putin was the prime Minister.some people saw Putin as the one running the show..Medvedev was under Putin when he was President..Medvedev said he would not run against Putin if he decided to run for president.

  • Current Social and Economic StandingWhat are the factors attributed to falling life expectancies and BRs?Alcoholism; no more free health care/ vaccinations; poor environment (from USSR); People not having kids because of current standing.Describe the types of business corruption that take place in Russia.Business owners pay mafia protection $; bribes for corrupt govnt officials allow for lots of tax evasion, extortion etc.

  • Chechnya and South OssetiaWhat are 2 ways the conflict in Georgia is related to the conflict in Chechnya?Chechen refugees & rebels fled to Georgia bringing them in to conflict; South Ossetia is trying to break free from Georgia (they fight back) just like Chechnya is trying to break from RussiaCompare the reaxns of Russias public opinion to that of outsiders over the event in Chechnya.World disapproves of Russia aggressiveness; but Russian ppl want strong force b/c of massacresHow is the Chechnya-Russia conflict similar to conflicts in the ME & the former Yugoslavia?Both of religious & ethnic differences; places want freedom, but denied and violence breaks out

  • Beslan School Crisis 2004

  • Russia Response EssayChoose 1 prompt. One page (minimum) due Monday. Remember AP is next year!!Is Russia a working democracy? Provide at least 3 pieces of evidence to support your answer.Do you believe Russia is better today or during the time of the Soviet Union? Provide at least 3 pieces of evidence to support your answer.Which Soviet/Russian leader had the greatest impact on Russia today? Provide at least 3 pieces of evidence to support your answer.