Modern Art - Photography

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Modern Art - Photography . How to pro in photography. Instructor: Stanley Ziwei Su. What is Professional Picture?. What is Professional Picture?. https:// Art album: https:// (Australia) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Modern Art - Photography

Modern Art - Photography

EnvironmentsLearners: All ages (above 10)Location: 30-50 student lecture hall (need TA)20-30 student big class room20 student (minimum) small class roomnavigatorMaterialDigital cameraLenses


navigatorObjectiveStudents will demonstrate their understanding of:The basic use of a digital cameraPrinciple of cameraThe relationship between ISO, shutter speed, aperture and their affection on pictures.Structure of picturesBasic adjustment (after effects) on Picture.Daily protection of camera(bonus)navigatorOverviewThis lessons goal is to help in developing students abilities in the field of photography.

navigatorCourse 2 (bonus)White balance

Basic adjustmentCourse 1Relationship among ISO, shutter speed and aperture.ISOShutter Speed ApertureConclusionNavigatorDisadvantage of ISO +/-Course 1Relationshipadvantage of ISO +/-Course 1RelationshipLow quality of Image NoiseCourse 1Relationship

Why there?Thus, the higher the ISO is, the more noise the image has. Course 1

RelationshipExample of slow/fast shutter

Course 1RelationshipFast shutter speedslow shutter speed

Course 1Relationship23Fast slow slower

Course 1RelationshipFast shutter art

Course 1Relationship25More arts please click on: 1Relationship

Slow shutter art creative long exposureLarger larger amount of lightDecrease the ISO speed and shorter shutter speed

shorter Depth of field

Smaller Opposite, less amount of lightIncrease the ISO speed and longer the shutter speed

deeper Depth of field Course 1RelationshipDepth of fieldDepth of field is a concept of measurement that represent the range of distance within an image where the focus is acceptably sharp.Course 1Relationship

Course 1Relationship

Course 1Relationship

Course 1Relationship

Shallow depth of fieldDeep depth of field32In photography, the shutter speed and aperture together control the total amount of light that reach to sensor.Course 1RelationshipYou are going to be elite in Photography!!!BEGINAperture is a hole that can adjusted it size on the lensesYesNoShutter speed and aperture together control the total amount of light that reaching the sensor. YesNoDepth of field is only deal with the shutter speed.YesNoImages noise is created because when you are taking photo, somebody talking loudly around you. YesNo white balance setting on the camera

Course 2 (bonus)A graph for light temperature Contract & Sharpness of photoSharpness can be defined as edge contrast, that is, the contrast along edges in a photo. When we increase sharpness, we increase the contrast only along/near edges in the photo while leaving smooth areas of the image alone. Let's take a look at an example with increased sharpness.

Course 2 (bonus)Basic adjustmentRecourse:Google ImageStanley Ziwei Sus Photo art work

Instructor: Stanley Ziwei SuContact: +1(765)637-6088Email: [email protected]: Stanleysoap