Mock Ups & Annotations

MOCK UPS Levita Gumbs

Transcript of Mock Ups & Annotations


Levita Gumbs

Front Cover Skyline- to show audience posters that will be featured inside. Buzz words- “OMG” and “Amazing” will heighten the audience’s excitement.

Puff- tells the audience prizes they can win, making them want to read the magazine. Bright colours will attract their attention.

Masthead of the magazine, bold letters to attract attention. Hearts reflect to genre of the magazine. The pink heart reflects the feminine target audienceMain image- two models looking at the camera, creating direct address, making it more personal. Costumes are pink to reflect feminine audience.

Sell-lines are interesting, buzz words and direct address attract the audience’s attention.

Extra information will make the audience want to read the magazine. If their favourite celebrity is mentioned, they will want to find out more about them so they will buy the magazine

Masthead- big bold letters to attract the audience. I am sticking to conventions by making the masthead the name of the main models.

Fashion section- a convention of pop magazines. The audience will read it in the hope that they will get a similar style as their favourite popstar.

Pug- this contains information such as the price, date and barcode of the magazine. It is placed in an inconspicuous area, a convetion of pop magazines.

Contents PageTitle- ‘Pop Life’ is in bold. It is in the same font as on the front, creating a link. Ellipses create suspense, and make readers want to read the articles.

Editors letters are a convention of pop music contents pages. They give the magazine a friendlier feel.

This image is of the editor with the main artist. This is a convention of pop music contents page, and also makes the article abiut them more credible.

The articles are separated into categories, making the contents page more professional and organised. This is also a feature of contents pages, and is used in the Top of the Pops contents Pages.

Contents pages often include other images that are related to the articles. Direct address makes the image more personal to the audience.

Double Page Spread Headline- The headline is a pull quote, and will make the audience want to read the article. This is also a convention of pop double page spreads.

Mainimage- relates to the article.

Standfirst- this is a convention of music magazines, and entices the audiences to read the magazine.

A smaller image is a convention and also makes the magazine look more fun an visually interesting.