Mobile's next wave ux for emerging markets

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There are 5 billion mobile subscriptions in the developing world. Users in these emerging markets come to mobile technology with a significantly different perspective and needs from those of us who’ve helped shape mobile’s evolution throughout the past 10 years. At our panel, you’ll learn from our first-hand experience being in-country what you can’t from just reading. We’ll share what we learned from five projects designing mobile payments and loyalty apps for consumers and merchants in Latin America, Africa, and the US. We worked with global brands like Coke and Pepsi to small, local merchants and saw how our clients’ first-world experience in mobile differs greatly from their customers in emerging markets. There’s no cookie-cutter way to create a mobile product in emerging mobile markets. Since that user experience is substantially different from the touchscreens most of us use today, we had to rethink the mobile experience by getting to know these users really well.

Transcript of Mobile's next wave ux for emerging markets

  • Mobiles Next Wave: UX for Emerging Markets Peter Sandberg cary-anne olsen
  • There are 5 billion mobile subscriptions in the developing world.
  • These users are changing the way we do mobile.
  • Weve spent the last year researching mobile and designing for emerging markets.
  • Peter UX Director Mobile Wrangler Espresso Junkie cary-anne Mobile UX Designer Bilingual Researcher Taco Addict
  • Weve worked on apps for
  • In these places
  • Well share these lessons learned: Bandwidth and data are unpredictable Merchants are everywhere Literacy varies significantly Crossing the trust threshold Common mobile behaviors
  • Bandwidth and data
  • Merchants are everywhere
  • Merchants are everywhere
  • Literacy In-person research is key
  • Literacy
  • Crossing the trust threshold From bottle caps and cash
  • Crossing the trust threshold To mobile
  • Common mobile behaviors
  • This panel is for branding agencies major corporations startups small business owners entrepreneurs researchers designers
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