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Ogilvy Labs Trend report from MWC 2014

Transcript of Mobile World Congress - Ogilvy Labs Report

  • Mobile World Congress 24-27th February MWC2014 Mobile World Congress Ogivy Labs Report By William Harvey @WilliamEdHarvey In our modern world, a number of Tech. innovations have had dramatic impact on our culture. Print, Television and the internet of course, but relatively recently, something has had the most fundamental effect on our world.... Mobile The mobile phone is the modern day Swiss Army knife for content capture and consumption, and has changed how we interact with one another. It has now become an extension of ourselves. Our dependency on it has affected the way we navigate our daily lives! And without it, we feel lost, like missing a limb. Over the past 3 years we at Ogilvy Labs have covered general innovation and technology events such as Consumer Electronics Show, South By South West, Digital e and 3D Printshow. We felt this year that it was also crucial to focus on this key space and how it is developing by visiting Mobile World Congress.( MWC) MWC is held in Barcelona every March and brings together the best and brightest in the mobile space to discuss, share and create the 1 roadmap for the mobile world over the next 12 months. As part of the continuing partnership with 'ogilvydo', we wanted to cover various announcements, handset developments, emerging technologies and exhibitors showcased at MWC. This was our rst visit to the show, and it offered a selection of insights and trends we feel Ogilvy and our clients should be aware of in this increasingly important sector for audience engagement. Some stats about MWC: 85,000 Attendees 1,800 Exhibitors 8 Average connected devices in the home 200+ Countries represented IoT - Most talked about subject theme @WilliamEdHarvey
  • Mobile World Congress 24-27th February Trends From the floor The Winners will be who owns the Architecture of the Ecosystem in the home, It has to have simplicity and ease of use across our personal connected devices Aordable Smartphones This year saw announcements from both Nokia and Firefox that they would be releasing affordable smartphones around $25-$35 price to tap the emerging markets. These devices could mean a huge surge in the adoption of smartphones in countries such as India, Africa and Brazil. The devices have very basic functions but will open a whole new market to internet on the go, social media and streaming services. John Chambers - CEO Cisco 1.7 trillion by 2020 new revenue due to IOT devices Every business will eventually need to become a IOT Connecting the Connected With multiple connected devices in our lives from a range of different manufacturers and providers we all wonder how we connect our devices so they work more seamleessly for us? IFTTT (If This Then That) is a interesting look into to what's possible in this space. It allows you to connect services, apps and devices to communicate with each other without the need of a human input. An example: when an email is received from set individual, Phillips connected 'hues' light bulbs will ash a particular colour. Or a new connection on Linkedin means contact details are added via my google drive and address book automatically. Buisness of IOT IoT (Internet of Things) is a growing space, as more and more devices in our lives have internet connections and are becoming Smart. This opens up entirely new possibilities for businesses that embrace this changing space, and embeds it into its impressions opens up and unlocks teams of connected experiences, real time automation of existing services and predictive business. Jahangir Mohammed - CEO Jasper Wireless In the US, 70,000 ights are cancelled each year due to maintenance. GE is connecting planes to monitor so that it can predict the need for maintenance, automatically arranging a service engineer to come and meet troubled planes in the terminal. Google, iOS from Apple and Windows phone from Microsoft. According to recent market gures from Gartner: Android has 78% share of the smartphone market compared to Apple's 16% and Windows with 3.2. With Nokia now embracing Android this could mean a interesting move in Nokia Goes Android the market for mobile operating Nokia used MWC this year to announce systems. a number of big products and service developments. A biggie was that the NFC (revised) recently Microsoft-acquired company, In an past trend report from CES, we would be releasing handsets powered by spoke about NFC ( Near Field rival Google mobile operating system Communication) and this year Android. 3 handsets were launched that therewas alotof talk about its use in run a modied OS system that is a cross mobile payment by companies such as Visa, MasterCard and Amex. Right between Android App store and now,infrastructure and security systems Microsoft's cloud solution. to support NFC payments are still in This marks a signicant cross early stages of development as it is only between two of the big competing available on limited handsets. mobile operating systems. Within the We believe as soon as Apple adopts the Mobile operating system market there technology, it will springboard the are 3 big players : Android from function, Watch this space! demos included facial recognition functionality allowing you to then attach digital animations andreminders live to that persons face. Looking back at that As part of the Mobile innovation 2024 : The future panel, Labs long -time partner person, it would remember and the digital content would still be attached and founder of Blippar Ambarish Mitra This is a true innovation in the space took to the stage to showcase a surprise of GG and what it could mean for the world's rst. future of wearable Tech. To be able to For the rst time publicly Blippar look at a physical, printed magazine and showcased true Augmented Reality on Google Glass. They demonstrated the rst then receive up to the minute information on what you are looking at via targeted ever use of their AR cloud solution that promotions on Ads for clothing, holidays would allow GG users to look at a real object, magazine article or even a person's and services all well after the media has face and overlay real time digital content: gone to print could open up massive promotional possibilities images, video or animation. One of the Blippar for Glass World first AR Blipper Showcases words First Ambarish Mitra took center sage at MWC to showcase world rst Cloud based Augmented Reality for Google Glass 2 @WilliamEdHarvey
  • Mobile World Congress 24-27th February Mobile Video Bite-size content One of the most noticeable and biggest themes across a number of the sessions of the 4-day event was the growing topic of mobile video and more specically the power of short-form video content. Consumers expectations mean they now demand shorter, bite-size content on the go. A number of services and social platforms have spun out of this. Here's a short collection of some of the most exciting and up and coming players in this space, and who's using them well. Vine Vine is a social media sharing app that allows users to create short looping videos up to 7 seconds across various social media sites. After being bought by Twitter in late 2012 it has shot to success and had a number of successful commercial uses over the last few years: Oreo Cookies, Columbia Records, Gap, and even Dunkin Donuts. The last company became the rst enterprise to use a sing vine as an entire television advert! Snapchat Snapchat is a phone app that allows users to take photos, videos and create animations or drawings that can be sent out to a controlled list of contacts. You are able to set how long the recipient is able to view the snap up to max of 10 seconds, After that, the message disappears and is deleted from the recipients device. Over the past 12 months it has exploded into mainstream media with a recent report saying 77% of US college students use it daily. However, there has been some controversy around the service and it's lack of security features. It is still proving to be a strong new social platform for brands to jump on the bandwagon. Most noticeable has been Taco Bell, Audi and most recently HBOs promotion of 'Girls' and Channel 4's 'Hollyoaks', all offering between episodes additional content. By 2017 2/3s of mobile data will be Video 50% of content created by 2020 will be created for On Demand over Linear broadcast mediums Ove Anebygd - VP Media Solutions Ericsson Instagram Instagram is a photo sharing and social networking site that allows users to capture content in a square format and apply a number of lters, to modify images which has became a signature for the service. In 2012 Facebook bought Instagram (at the time it was a team of 7 with 120 million active users) for 1 $1bn. In June 2013 video capability of up to 15 seconds was added, with some seeing it as an attempt to battle with Twitters Vine's growing success. The demographic of Instagram is slightly older than Vine and Snapchat, and has therefore had great success with more premium clothing brands embracing the medium such as Burberry, Nike and Go pro! all allowing them direct channels to consumer's devices. Webbitz Webbitz is a up and coming company from MWC. Its technology allows automatic transformation of text based web content such as articles and blog posts into beautiful short video summaries. It has a clean and minimalistic feel to it and caters to this growing trend of quick consumption of media on the go by turning readers into viewers. The company has come out of the rapidly expanding Start up revolution happening in Israel - the fastest growing start up market in the world! It has huge potential for brands to create more engaging rich video content from their existing online presence. Billion Tweets Twitter announced that thee average tweets are now at 1 Billion every