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Mobile Milling

Mobile Milling

This special solution we developed to support die-casting foundries activity. Many times during the operation of the machine the die can make indentation of the die casting machine plate surface, makes the surface rugged which effect on the production and the lifetime of the die and the machine.

To repair the plates, especially on the bigger machines takes long time and huge costs. To help the foundries to minimalism the stand by time and the cost were the reason we developed this machines.

With our mobile milling solution we can reduce the repair time 60-70% or more. For example to mill a Bhler H840B machine with normal plates (no hardened or welded) with our technology takes 5-6 days. No need disassembly the machine or transport or wait for availability for somebody capacity. Also one of the main important reason our colleague do the operation at your company, so immediately they done you can start the production.

Our general operation will include the following:

Milling of the fix and moving die-holder plates with on any kind of machine between 400-2000t closing force.

Cleaning of the T-slots.

Adjustment of the chamber holder

Super finishing the surface on both plates

Regarding the technology the 3-5 mm around the tie-bars not able to mill.

Our costumer only need to ensure the following before we can start:Disassembling and assembling the die.

Disassembling and assembling of the die lubricator and ventilation.

Disassembling the fast coupling system of the die.

Chemical and mechanical cleaning of the machine.

Providing crane and fork lift truck during the operation.

Technical parameters:

Precision: 0,1 mm on 1 m.

Depth of the milling: Generally we suggest to mill before the indentation reach the 2 mm, but the machine is able to mill up to 30 mm.

Milling depth step: 0,3 mm

After the milling we recommended to adjust the parallelism and the tie-bar extension.

We can provide you this service with our device made in Swiss.We can adjust the machine geometry (parallelism) or the pressure (extension) on the tie-bars.We guarantee the max. 10% differences on the 4 tie-bars.We will provide you a test report for future references after the operation.