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An Android app to control your forgotten, misplaced or stolen mobile.

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  • 1. Mobile Locator & Remote control- AnAndroid App to remotely control your forgotten,misplaced or lost mobile.

2. Features. App alerts for Low battery. SIM change. Unlock failed. Remotely you can, Locate. Lock. Contacts. Call logs. SMS messages. Ring (Siren) aloud. Wipe (factory reset). Call forward. 3. Setting up the App. Step 1: App passcode.The App is protected with apasscode so that only you canchange the settings. 4. Setting up the App. Step 2: Command passcode.The App requires commandpasscode so that it repliesonly to those text messages(commands) which contain thecommand passcode.Share this command passcodewith only who you trust most. 5. Setting up the App. Step 3: Admin mode.Activate Device administrationfor this App so that it can alertyou when someone is trying tounlock your mobile and failed for5 times consecutively. Or if youwant to lock your mobile whenyou misplaced it. Or wipe(factory rest) all your personaldata from the mobile when youcannot find it by any means. 6. Setting up the App. Step 4: Emergency contacts.Provide at least one mobile numberor/and email address.App informs to these contacts With your mobiles GPS position,When the battery level in yourmobile is critically low. With new SIM information whenthe SIM is changed in your mobile. When someone tries to unlockyour mobile and failed for 5unsuccessful attempts. 7. How to use the App ?Once the App is installed in your mobile.Simply send a text message (SMS) from any mobile phone containingthe command and command passcode to your Android mobile. The Appreplies back appropriately.Command format 1:command Command format 2:command email:If email address is provided in text message, the App triesits best to reply by an email to save messaging costs. 8. Example 1: Locate your mobileTo Locate your mobile.Send the following text message fromany mobile to your Android mobile. TheApp replies with the GPS information.Locate Assume 1234 to be your commandpasscodeLocate 1234OrLocate 1234 9. Example 1: App response to LocateSample response to Locate command from the App.LocateJan 1, 1:00 PMLat:40.6894692 Lng:-74.0448351Accuracy:81m/265ftSpeed:0.00 kmph/0.00 mphClick on the link below to see the location on themap.,-74.044835(Lat:40.6894692 Lng:-74.0448351 Accuracy:81m/265ft Speed:0.00kmph/0.00 mph)What to do with co-ordinates (Lat & Lng) ?If you have a stand-alone GPS in your car, you may enter theseco-ordinates to get the route. 10. Example 2: Query for Calls logWhen you forget your mobile at home(or at a known place) and want tocheck who has called you, then sendthe following remote command fromany mobile to your Android mobile toget list of recent Calls from yourmobiles call logAssume 1234 as your commandpasscode.Calls 1234OrCalls 1234 11. Example 2: App response to CallsSample response to Calls command from the App.1)Name: AmmaPhone number: +9111234567890Last call at: Feb 15, 01:20 AM(Outgoing)2) Name: NaanaPhone number: +912345678901Last call at: Feb 15, 01:20 AM(Outgoing)3) Phone number: +1800123456Last call at: Feb 15, 12:44 AM(Missed)4) Phone number: 987-6543Last call at: Dec 19, 11:23 AM(Incoming) 12. Example 3: Setup CallForwardingWhen you forget your mobile at home(or at a known place) and do not want tomiss any incoming call(s), then setup callforward of all incoming calls to anotherphone number (for example, to youroffice number).Assume 1234 as your commandpasscode.ActivateCallForward 1234 +11234567890orActivateCallForward +11234567890i.e. With the above command allincoming calls to your mobile will beforwarded to +11234567890. 13. Example 3: App response to CallForwardingSample response to ActiveCallForward command from the App.Successfully setup the call forwarding to +11234567890.Please call to your mobile and check if the calls areforwarded to the correct number. 14. Example 4: Make your mobile RingMake your mobile Ring at maximumvolume when you know that yourmobile is nearby.Assume 1234 as your commandpasscode.Ring 1234The App makes your mobile ringwith a traditional landlineringtone with maximum volumefor about 30 seconds and changefrom silent mode to ring mode. 15. Example 5: Query ContactsWhen you dont have your mobile withyou and want to get phone numbers ofyour friends, then simply sendContacts command with yourfriend(s) name to your mobile. The Appreplies with phone numbers.Assume 1234 as your commandpasscode.Contacts 1234 KrishnaThe App replies with all thephone numbers of your friend(s)with names containing Krishna. 16. Example 5: App response to ContactsSample response to Contacts command from the App.Krishna(M)1-123-456-7890(H)1-234-567-8901(W)1-345-678-9012 17. Example 6: Lock your mobileWhen you misplaced or lost yourmobile and want to lock it then sendthe Lock remote command to yourmobile.Assume 1234 as your commandpasscode.Lock Lock 1234 I lost my mobile.Please call me at +1123456789 18. Example 6: App response to LockIf device administration was enabled inyour mobile, the App Locks your mobilewith this App passcode, otherwise theApp simulates the Lock functionality. 19. Example 7: Unlock failed alert.When someone tries to unlock your Android mobile and failedfor 5 unsuccessful attempts in a row. The App alerts thesame to the contacts provided in Emergency contacts.Sample alert:This Android mobile (+1123456789) has been tried tounlock for 5 unsuccessful attempts.You may send "LOCATE" remote command to this mobileto find out where it is. 20. Example 8: SIM change alert.When the App detects a SIM change, it alerts with the new SIMinformation to the contacts provided in Emergency contacts. Youmay call to the new phone number and check if your mobile iswith right person.Sample alert:SIM card changed in your phone.Mobile number:1123456789IMSI:310410000000000IMEI:351869999999999Operator:AT&TCountry: usYour mobiles GPS position/location will be sent shortly. 21. How to Uninstall the App ?For any reason if you want touninstall this App, then Launch the App with Apppasscode. Go to Settings. Select Uninstall option atthe bottom. 22. For more information. Please visit for moreinformation about the App. Please visit the website for the list of supported remotecommands and their usage. 23. Thank you !