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The New Face of Learning Management Systems. Mobile Chalkboard:. Definition of Mobile Learning. Mobile learning is the usage of mobile devices ( Cell Phones, PDAs, Laptops) in the systematic delivery of curriculum and instruction Graphics. Focus of Mobile Learning:. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mobile Chalkboard:The New Face of Learning Management Systems

1Definition of Mobile Learning Mobile learning is the usage of mobile devices ( Cell Phones, PDAs, Laptops) in the systematic delivery of curriculum and instruction


Define Mobile Learning in a general sense.2Focus of Mobile Learning:

Focus on which device will be presented3Introductions:Chalk Media Group

Chalk Media Group, Subsidiary of Research in Motion, established 1997 Mobile Communications Software CompanySpecialization: Enterprise Technology Platforms & Video ProductionProven Ten-Year track record with assisting organizations in effective communications with its employees, business partners, & customers

4Stage 1: Need for Innovation Chalk Media recognizes (2006) industry need for mobile communications that offered:

SecurityTrackabilityRich Multimedia Pushcart Effective Inner-Connectivity within Organization Real-Time Adaptability

5Stage 2: Research: Mobile Deployment Content Central focus of Chalk Solution is to drive business efficiencies and improve productivity through interactive and effective mobile communications through high-impact messaging

Chalk mobile off the shelf library separately service Blackberry Smart Phones

Lead project developers: Steven WachliJody GliddenMichael LaBlanc

6Stage 3: Development of Mobile ChalkboardTarget Audience:Large/Medium Enterprises which deploying Blackberry devices to its workforce

Target Market:Fortune /Global 500 CompaniesIn diverse industries :TelecommunicationsProfessional ServicesMedia GovernmentFinancial Services

7Stage 3:Deployment of MobileChalkboard8Stage 4: Commercialization of Mobile Chalkboard

Business Model/Strategy(Recurring Business Model: Active Sales Cycle)

Increase software license by less than 1% of Blackberry users for profitabilityAnticipate greater demand for license subscriptionsProgressive strategy of obtaining reseller contracts within Fortune/Global 500 Market Marketing Strategy allows minimal downturn through diffusion into diverse markets

9Demonstration of Mobile Chalkboard

Mobile ChalkboardExperience

10Mobile Chalkboard: Benefits of mLearning Solutions for EducationFacilitation of curriculum and instruction: anytime.Lends itself to the Constructivist Approach to LearningImproves Retention of Knowledge/Student EngagementInstant communication outside of classFeedback through wireless channels

11Mobile Chalkboard: Current Applications for mLearningCourse slides with audio voiceover Videos (or audio podcasts) of professors or subject matter experts Productivity-enhancing information (ex. study tips, reminders, best practices) Mobile quizzes feedback surveys Faculty updates

12Mobile Chalkboard: Is this right for your Learning Community?Point s to Consider:

Institution objectives & budget?Target Audience? Creating or using existing content?Presence of existing library to draw content?Integration & tracking needs?Who will be responsible for End User Support?Success criteria?Market Strategies for mlearning platform?