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  • 1. MMJ Biosystems Philippines, Inc.


  • Engaged in the importation, distribution and trading of hospital, medical and laboratory supplies, equipment and diagnostic reagents
  • Dynamic

3. To provide the scientific and medical communities with quality products and dedicated services M I S S I O N 4. To be a leader in our business area and excel in providing efficient, friendly and personalized service to our customers V I S I O N 5.

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Teamwork
  • Quality service
  • Total customer satisfaction

CORE VALUES 6. Exclusive Distributor of Leading the Way in Cancer Diagnostics 7. IHC Solution Where quality meets productivity 8. IHC Solution EnVision TMFLEX SystemsAntibodies and ControlsVisualization/Detection SystemsAutostainer Link 48PT LinkCoverslipper 9. Artisan Special Stain System ACIS Automated Cellular Imaging System Hybridizer Instrumentfor In Situ Hybridization AutostainerLink48Automated IHC Staining SystemAutomated Platforms 10. REAGENTS H&E IHC FISH/CISH 11.

  • FLEX Primary Antibodies
  • Secondary Antibodies
  • Antibody Cocktails
  • Envision Flex and Flex+ Visualization Systems
  • Envision DuoFlex Systems
  • Control Reagents
  • Blocking reagents, Buffers and Diluents


  • Ecopipette Single Channel Pipettes
  • Camp Aero Comfort, Softline Pipettes
  • Capp Prime Single Channel Pipettes
  • Capp Aero Microbiology Pipettes
  • Capp Aero Comfort Pipettes
  • Capp PCR Pipettes
  • Capp Tri-Volume Pipettes
  • Capp Fixed Volume Pipettes

Distributor of 13.

  • BlueCapp Centrifuge Tubes
  • Capp Aero96 MultiChannel Pipettes
  • Capp Rhythm Mechanical Repeater
  • Capp Harmony Repeating Syringes
  • Capp Aid Pipette Controller
  • Capp Harmony Serological Pipettes
  • Capp Wash Microplate Washer
  • Liquid Master Peristaltic Pump
  • Capp Timer

14. CappAero Comfort CappPrime SingleChannel Pipettes CappAero Multi Capp Ecopipette 15. Capp Rhythm Mechanical Repeaterand Capp Harmony Repeating Syringes CappAid Pipette Controller and Serological PipettesCapp Timer 16. CappTronic TMElectronic Pipettes Capp Pipette Tips 17. The LiquiMaster TM CappWash TMMicroPlate Washer 18.

  • Distributor of
    • Monocular Microscopes
    • Binocular Microscopes
    • Trinocular Microscopes
    • Inverted Microscopes
    • Epi-fluoresence Microscopes
    • Stereo Microscopes
    • Multi Teaching Heads

19. 20. Teaching Microscopes Great for Teaching Applications Where Multiple People can have Simultaneous Viewing of the Same Specimen! We have 2 Heads, 3 Heads, and Even 5 Heads on One Microscope! 21. JAPAN H-19F Table-Top Centrifuge H-36 H-40F H-19F H-36 H-40F Max.Speed 4,000rpm6,000 rpm 15,000rpm Max. RCF 2,600 g 5,070g 16,110 gMax. Capacity 400mL 1,080 mL 3,200 mL Tachometer(Digital) 100rpm ~ 4,000 rpm10rpm ~ 6,000 rpm 10rpm ~ 15,000 rpm Timer Digital 1 - 99min, 1 - 99sec, Hold Operation Digital 1 - 99min, 1 - 99sec, Hold Operation Digital 1 - 999 min,1 - 999 sec Control Microcomputer Microcomputer+Inverter Microcomputer+Inverter No. of Memory Nil 10 memory10 memoryMotor Carbonless high-frequencyCarbonless high-frequencyCarbonless high-frequencyPower-Source AC1 100V 5A 0.5kVAAC1 100V 10A 1.0kVA AC1 100V 10A 50/60Hz Dimensions 364(W)384(D)320(H)mm450(W)540(D)358(H)mm525(W)645(D)407(H)mmWeight 19kg 39kg 66kg 22. Refrigerated Centrifuge Small Size Table-Top Refrigerated Centrifuge High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge Multi-Purpose Floor Refrigerated Centrifuge JAPAN A Wide Range of Rotors and Metallic Bucket or Resin Case 15ml x 26 Angle15ml x 72 Swing96-Well microplate15ml x 24 Resin Case1,000ml x 61.5ml x 24 23. Rotator Shaker Medical Mixers Waterbath Taiwan Oven 24. Table Top Centrifuge Laboratory Incubator Blood Cell Counter Hematocrit Centrifuge Centrifuge rotors 25. Malaysia 26. COLOUR FROSTED SLIDES MICROSCOPE SLIDES COVER GLASS 27. Water Bath Histology Oven Cooling Plate Paraffin Dispenser 28. ITALY Special Stains 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin Pens for Cassettes Paraffin Wax andTissue Cassetes Embedding Molds Mounting Media 29. Plastic/Glass Staining Set Slide Staining Set Chemical Cabinet Slide/Cassette Cabinet Bench-Top Hood 30. Trimming Path 31. Complete Embedding Station 32. Unit 206 CYA Land Bldg. No. 282 EDSA corner P. Celle Street Pasay City 1300 851-0192/851-0193/489-1008 853-3665 [email_address] [email_address] Tel. No. : Telefax: Email: MMJ Biosystems Philippines, Inc. Address : Website: