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The stories you are about to read are true stories. They are from people like you who grew up in towns and neighborhoods like yours and did some of the things that you do. At some point in their lives, each of these people became believers in Jesus Christ.

Transcript of Missionary Stories HUNGARY

  • Stories from

    HungaryKiskoros Budapest Elek


    attila Jako

    Beatrix Klinger

    Erika Szido


  • Grace Publications6025 Moravia Park Drive

    BaLTiMore, MD 21206

    Printed in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.a.

    Copyright 2011

    Grace Publications is a ministry of

    Greater Grace World outreach, inc.


  • InTrODuCTIOn

    These pages contain what we consider to

    be good news from afar. The words are written to

    take your imagination to nations, to places, and to

    homes so that you would understand more about

    the reality of what God is doing in His world. Think

    about the people as they tell you about the days of

    their youth. We believe their stories will stir you to

    pray and that the maps and sketches will give you

    a sense of where they are from and of what their

    countries are like.

    The stories you are about to read are true stories.

    They are from people like you who grew up in towns

    and neighborhoods like yours and did some of the

    things that you do. at some point in their lives, each

    of these people became believers in Jesus Christ.

    each of them recognized their need for His saving

    grace and entered into real spiritual relationship

    with Him. also, each of these people came to be a

    part of the ministry of Greater Grace World outreach,

    a church devoted to preaching the Gospel and to

    the mission of making disciples of Christ in every


  • our prayer is that these series of books on these

    amazing people will help you to see the wonderful

    work of God. Through the reading of these stories,

    you may find yourself wanting to meet people like

    these people and to go to new places and be part of

    the great adventures of missionary life.

    Special thanks to those involved in producing

    this publication: Melissa Quickel, for her interviews

    and transcriptions; Daniel Dunbar, for putting these

    into story form; karen Janssen, for the drawings of

    the people and the places; Sue May, for the layout

    and design; and for Bruce May, for the printing and


    Steve andrulonis

    Editor in Chief

    Grace Publications

  • Hungary





    Kiskoros attila Jako

    Budapest Beatrix Klinger

    Elek Erika Szido

  • attilas Home TownKiskoros, Hungary


  • 7Kiskoros, Hungary

    attila Jako

    Growing up in kiskoros, Hungary, attila Jako was an ordinary Hungarian boy. He went to school and he had fun playing soccer and riding

    bicycles with his many friends. He took some guitar

    lessons, liked being a little lazy, and got into trouble

    at school every once in a while. He was like other

    7-year-old boys, but teachers and other adults

    treated him differently. in daycare, teachers slapped

    him, and in school, teachers ridiculed and hurt

    him. Why? He did not know. He was not the best-

    behaved boy, but not so bad that he deserved what

    these people did to him.

    What attila did not understand was that he was

  • 8mistreated because of his mothers job. attilas

    mother worked for the Communist Party, which

    ruled the country of Hungary. Many of the Hungarian

    people did not like the Communist government

    and so did not like the people who worked for it.

    Because attilas mother worked for the Communists,

    he celebrated the Communist holidays, and his

    teachers did not accept him or treat him like the

    other students.

    even though his family did not go to any church,

    11-year-old attila chose to not use Gods name as

  • 9a swear word and began praying the Lords prayer

    every night before he went to sleep. He knew very

    little about God, but he decided that, even though

    it was acceptable and cool to use Gods name as a

    curse word, he would not. He knew this was strange,

    but he did it anyway.

    When he was older, attila spent some time in the

    military. one day he overheard a Christian soldier

    speaking to another soldier about the Gospel.

    although the other soldier was not interested in

    hearing about Jesus, attila was, so he asked the

    Christian soldier, Can you tell me? The Christian

    soldier said that Jesus loved attila so much that he

    died for him so that attila could have eternal life.

    No one else loves me like that, thought attila, so

    if this is true, i really want it. He became a believer.

    Do you remember how attila took guitar lessons

    when he was a boy? Well, attila and a friend started

    playing rock and roll music when he was 14, and now

    he was a rock musician with long hair and earrings

    and a nicknameThe Dope Manbecause of his

    drug problem. attila believed that God truly loved

    him, but when he went to churches, the people did

    not accept him as he was. Fortunately, he met a

    friend who told him about a church in Budapest and

    she gave him a taped message preached by a pastor

  • 10

    named Tom Schaller. What he heard on the tape

    touched him so much that he went to a conference

    and met Pastor Schaller.

    Pastor Schaller asked attila, Would you like to

    go to Bible college?

    attila thought, if i go there i will have to take

    out my earrings, dress normally, and cut my hair, so

    he asked, Can i come as i am?

    Pastor Schaller said, of course! God loves you

    just the way you are, and attila knew right then and

    there that he had found his place.

    God transformed attilas life. His nickname

    changed from The Dope Man to The Bishop. He

    stopped singing songs like Highway to Hell and

    began to sing songs about heaven. He went from the

    boy that the teachers rejected to become a teacher

    at Greater Grace international School, because God

    and some Greater Grace believers accepted him just

    as he was. Therefore, accept each other the same

    way that Christ accepted you, (romans 15:7).



    Beatrixs Home TownBudapest, Hungary

  • 13


    Beatrix Klinger

    Have you ever missed out on going somewhere fun because you got sick? Have you ever had to sit and watch everyone else

    play because you got hurt? if so, you were probably

    disappointed and maybe a little angry too, but you

    eventually got better and you could go somewhere

    or play another time. But what would it be like if you

    never felt better or your injury never healed? How

    would that feel? imagine that you could see, but

    then you couldnt any more. Thats what happened

    to Beatrix kilnger. When she was just a baby in

    Budapest, Hungary, the doctors found tumors on

    both of her eyes, and when she was 31/2 years old,

  • 14

    she lost her sight.

    Blindness did not stop Beatrix from doing the

    things she enjoyed. She made handcrafts. She got

    a special drawing board that allowed her to feel the

    lines she was drawing. She played with her friends

    and went to camp for holidays where there was a

    lake to swim in and a nearby town to visit. Beatrixs

    mother hired a tutor to teach her how to read and

    write in both english and Hungarian. at school

    she heard about the Bible, even though Hungary

    was a Communist country and teachers were not

    supposed to speak about religious things. in secret,

    some of the teachers told students about the Bible

    and taught them a few verses and rhymes.

  • 15

    Beatrixs family moved to vienna, austria. She

    went to the Catholic church with her family, but

    they did not like it much, so they decided instead to

    stay home and pray and read the Bible on their own.

    Beatrix believed that God existed, but she could not

    understand how he could create the entire world

    in just three days. She was being taught about

    evolution in school and that did not agree with what

    the Bible said. She decided that she needed to know

    more about God.

    one summer when Beatrix was 14, she went

    with her family to Budapest. She met some american

    missionaries who were teaching people english

    from the Bible, and so she took lessons and learned

    more english and more about the Bible. She wanted

    to find a church where people spoke english, but

    she couldnt, and she began to lose interest in

    church. in her teenage years, she drifted away from

    God into trouble. Trouble helped Beatrix realize that

    she needed to turn back to God and the faith the

    american missionaries had shown her.

    Back in vienna, Beatrix found work with a

    company that dealt with visually impaired and

    blind people. The company participated in many

    exhibitions and conferences, and one time Beatrix

    was asked if she would be willing to have a

  • 16

    Hungarian lady who was attending the conference

    stay with her in her apartment. Beatrix said yes and

    spent a day with the lady at the conference, going

    from exhibit to exhibit, translating from German into

    Hungarian so the lady could understand.

    By the end of the day, Beatrix was exhausted.

    When the lady went home with Beatrix, she asked

    Beatrix if she would like to talk for about five minutes

    or so. They ended up talk