Mission Santa Barbara

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Mission Santa Barbara Haylee Lewis

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Mission Santa Barbara

Haylee Lewis

Mission SystemMissionPuebloRanchoPresidioWere set up for religious purposesA pueblo is a Spanish name for villageRanchos were often used large numbers of livestock. Presidio is a Spanish word for fort The men farmed and cared for the animals Built pueblos on farmland near presidios Ranchos are large areas of land where crops are grown, and livestock are raised Presidios also became centers for trade the women cooked and sewed and gardened and made candles and soap People living in pueblos grew food for soldiers and for trade Overtime ranchos replaced missions as the center of the areas economyMission LifeThe missions were set up mostly for religious purposes. The Spanish government wanted the number of catholic missions in California to grow. This was because California was an important part of Spains land in north america,which was called New Spain.

The men farmed and cared for the animals and the women cooked and sewed and gardened and made candles and soap. The children went to church to become a chrishtain.

Problems At The MissionsThe Indians problems were that they were not free to leave the mission and they were forced to give up there way of life and they had to work as hard as they can and they had to learn Spanish and they had to follow catholicism.they fought the mission by killing a lot of mission sliders and they also burnt down San Diego and the resistance was violent.

Mission Santa Barbara

It was built in 1786Its number ten in mission order The mission is close to the city of Santa BarbaraIt is about 210 miles away from San DiegoFerimin Lasuen found the mission The mission is known as queen of all missions

Fun FactsMission Santa Barbara is one of California's most beautiful relics from the 18th century. Although it still functions as a church, its mostly bustling with sightseers.

While the inside of Mission Santa Barbara looks very much like it did in the 1800s.

The mission is named after Saint Barbara Christian matyr who was beheaded by her father for following her faith.