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This is a combination of the mise en scene lectures. It may be a bit different from the class version but it contains the same information.

Transcript of Mise en scene Lectures One and Two

  • 1. Mise en Scne

2. Journal Question 3 Why is it important to watch films made outside of the U.S.? 3. Mise en Scne Arrangement of materials and subjects in front of the camera -placing on the stage in French 4. Elements of Style (Mise en scene) Serves to shape the narrative Shows what the audience needs to see or hear to understand the scene 5. Including: set design, costumes, the blocking of actors, performance, lighting, camera movement, composition 6. THE FRAME 7. Aspect Ratio: Width and height of image 8. Aspect Ratio: Width and height of image 9. filmmakers compose the image to fit the frame The composition is restricted by the aspect ratio of the film 10. Each shot choice a director makes results in mise-en- scene that creates a unique effect Bernard F. Dick 11. The frame Certain areas can be exploited for symbolic meaning 12. Center of the frame: reserved for important visual elements 13. Top of the frame: power, authority, control 14. Bottom of the frame: vulnerability and powerlessness 15. Edges of the frame: darkness can suggest fearfulness and the unknown 16. Composition and Design The eye can detect 7 or 8 major elements of composition simultaneously The mise en scne guides the eye through the composition The dominant is the area that immediately attracts attention 17. What is the dominant is in this composition? 18. Composition and Design After taking in the dominant the eyes moves to the subsidiary contrasts 19. What are the subsidiary contrasts? 20. Balanced Composition: places the most important elements in the center of the frame 21. Placement of people in frame - near center of frame is a comfortable place Closer 22. Gattica Edges of frame can create tension 23. Designs composed of even numbers can appear stable and balanced The Royal Tenenbaums 24. Designs with odd numbers can appear off balance Rosemarys Baby 25. Design lines can be vertical The Shining 26. Design lines can be horizontal The Graduate 27. Design lines can be diagonal The Big Combo 28. Territorial Space 5 basic positions each sends a different message 29. Full frontal: facing the camera is the most intimate We Need to Talk About Kevin 30. Addressing the camera: the viewer becomes a confidant Ferris Buellers Day Off 31. Quarter Turn: a favored position with a high degree of intimacy Volver 32. Profile: looking off camera left or right The Killer Inside Me 33. Minority Report Profile: more mysterious and less accessible 34. Three-quarter turn: more anonymous and anti-social, Black Swan 35. Back to camera: alienation and mystery Madadayo 36. Composition in Depth 37. Composition in Depth FOREGROUNDMIDDLE GROUND BACKGROUND 38. The distance from the near to the farthest that objects are in focus 39. DEPTH OF FIELD 40. DEPTH OF FIELD 41. D E E P S H A L L O W 42. Deep Depth of Field Citizen Kane 43. Shallow Depth of Field 44. FOREGROUND The Color Purple Where important subjects are often placed 45. MIDDLE GROUND - often where the actors are placed The Town 46. BACKGROUND Lost in Translation 47. BACKGROUND - the location - info about character - sometimes background is a character Lost in Translation 48. Proxemic Patterns The relationships of organisms within a given space The distance between the subject and the camera 49. Intimate: skin contact to 18 (XCU CU) City of God 50. Intimacy between viewer and subject Breakfast at Tiffanys 51. Or an invasion Of personal space 52. With strangers with distance is intrusive 53. Personal: 18 to 4 ft (MCU MS) Reserved for Friends and family The Duchess 54. Social Distances: 4 ft to 12 ft (LS) 55. Long Shot (LS) Rebecca 56. Public distances: 12ft to 25ft (XLS) Tends to be formal and detached 57. Extreme Long Shot 58. Lighting as an element of mise en scene Available or natural lighting is often used in realist films for a neutral presentation High-key lighting is often used in musicals, comedies, romantic comedies to present an bright or glossy finish 59. Low-key lighting in color and black and white is used to create high contrast and use light and dark symbolically. 60. Low-key example from Closer 61. Available/natural light example Sherrybaby 62. High-key example Singin in the Rain 63. Color can be used to create a dominant, symbolically and to set up a contrast 64. What is the dominant color in this composition? 65. How is used symbolically here and to what effect? 66. Use of contrasting color or foil to draw the eye to an area of the frame What is the dominant color and what is the foil of contrasting color? 67. Lens have a profound effect of the image Wide angle create a deep depth of field and allows for multiple elements of mise en scene Telephoto creates a shallow depth of field and shows a limited amount of information 68. 50 MM creates a neutral composition and just like eye level angle and available lighting is often a realist tendency 69. Film stock can be fast or slow Fast film stock works in low light conditions Is highly sensitive to light Can produce a grainy image 70. Fast film stock example for Barry Lyndon 71. Slow film stock requires more illumination than fast stock Capable of capturing colors precisely and vividly 72. Slow film stock example 73. Density of the composition Texture of the image STARK MODERATE HIGHLY DETAILED 74. Moderate: The eye can easily take in the elements without being overwhelmed 75. Highly detailed: The image is packed with visual information and texture 76. OPEN AND CLOSED COMPOSITIONS 77. OPEN FORM part of subject is cut off 78. Similar to theater: everything is included 79. What your thesis sentence should do 80. What your thesis sentence should do Make a clear and specific statement 81. What your thesis sentence should do Make a clear and specific statement Indicate the direction of your thoughts 82. What your thesis sentence should do Make a clear and specific statement Indicate the direction of your thoughts Provide structure 83. What your thesis sentence should do Make a clear and specific statement Indicate the direction of your thoughts Provide structure Be supported by the body of your paper 84. Mise-en-scene is French for placing the stage and refers to the arrangement of materials in front of the camera (Kendall). Remember if you are using my definitions make sure to give me credit by putting my last name in parenthesis at the end of the sentence. This applies to anything that is not your original idea! If you take concepts from the text be sure to source the author in the same way. 85. Action in the film Present Tense!!!! Example: Benjamin Braddock is a young man with an uncertain future. 86. Avoid using pronouns Heres an example of what NOT to include in your response paper You can tell that the protagonist is an anti-hero. We can see this by Joes behavior. 87. The Graduate (put film titles in italics) Type the entire question out at the top of the page Save your document as a .doc or .docx if you are having trouble with Word please visit the ASC for help.