Mirror Mirror on the wall ... or floor, or cupboard

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International Interior Designer, best-selling Author and public speaker Bronnie Masefau shares her thoughts on the many uses of mirrors in your home decor mix.

Transcript of Mirror Mirror on the wall ... or floor, or cupboard

  • Mirror Mirror on the wall or floor, or cupboard
  • Like the addition of colour within a space, mirrors when positioned well can change the shape and focus of a room.
  • There are the practical mirrors in our bathrooms, bedrooms or entries, however a mirrored surface has so many more uses.
  • One of the qualities of a mirrored wall, object or framed piece can be to bounce light into a dark space. If you place it slightly off to the left or right it will reflect a greater amount of light into the space, instead of straight back out the window.
  • Working on a small apartment block required every trick from the bag to make these spaces livable and lovable. Each consisted of an entry, small bathroom, 3m kitchen that opened into the main living area and 2 bedrooms off to the sideyes, these were compact spaces.
  • Through the use of colour and mirrors we were able to visually impact these spaces to add light and the feeling of height and drama.
  • As you entered the bathroom the entire wall was covered in a frameless mirror, floor to ceiling. Source: divasndesign.com
  • In the main area we mirrored the large sliding door to the main bedroom. This created the illusion that the living area drifted off into another living room, all while bouncing more light into the compact space. Source: gomodern.co.uk
  • Then to finish it off as you exited the main living area we positioned a mirror on the wall to the entry area, which again widened the opening before exiting through the delightfully coloured room with the beautiful pendant. Source: houzz.com
  • Yes mirrors, when used thoughtfully can add drama, light and the feeling of space to any room.
  • Mirrors can be installed behind shelving, into door panels or as kitchen splash backs.
  • Framed mirrors can be rested on the floor, hung as a pair either side of a fireplace, grouped as a gallery wall, hung above a bed or sofa.
  • Now, if you have completed your dcor and forgotten to incorporate the humble, yet dynamic mirror no worries, just add a mirrored vessel or coffee/side table to again see the fabulous effects of introducing a mirrored surface to your decor mix.
  • www.bronniemasefau.com.au Bronnie Masefau is a working mum, the wife of a preacher, business owner and best selling author. Her design portfolio includes projects both locally, throughout Australia, as well as internationally. Bronnie identifies as more of a homemaker rather than an interior designer. Bronnie is an enthusiastic and eternally optimistic designer, reflecting the need to embrace family life at every opportunity. Home should be a sanctuary, she says, where business and family can intertwine seamlessly. As a mother of three, enjoying the family and the benefits of running a design business without stress is vital to Bronnie. The joy of coming home to a relaxing loving environment is what we all yearn for, and what Bronnie promotes through her design and inspirational advice the entire family gathering around the kitchen table, to discuss the days events as the meal is prepared. Bronnie Masefaus philosophy focuses on the ability to create a backdrop for such events. Its this enthusiasm that has led her to produce the beautiful books Australian Vintage Living, putting the heart back into home, Australian Vintage Living, making anywhere home and her most recent book Inspiring Through Creative Design with pages full of inspiring images and practical advice on how you can turn your house into a home that is embraced by all. Find out more about Bronnie by visiting her website. Bronnie Masefau 2014 . This presentation was prepared by Miracle Worker virtual assistant solutions www.miracleworker.com.au