MINUTES CROSS CREEK TOWNSHIP BOARD OF SUPERVISORS ... (supervisor), John Chechuck (farmer), George...

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Transcript of MINUTES CROSS CREEK TOWNSHIP BOARD OF SUPERVISORS ... (supervisor), John Chechuck (farmer), George...



    The Cross Creek Township Board of Supervisors met for their reorganization meeting Monday, January 5, 2015 at 7:36 p.m. at the Municipal Building. Present were Supervisors Dean Casciola (DC), Evan Midler (EM) and Gary Stokum (GS), Roadmaster Rob Gagliani (RG) and Township Manager Rachel Warner Blosser (RB) and 12 visitors. The meeting was called to order by Supervisor Casciola. INTRODUCTIONS: NONE APPOINTMENT OF TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN: GS acting as Temporary Chairman, opened the floor for nominations for Officers, upon motion by EM, second by DC and approved unanimously. ELECTION OF OFFICERS:

    Upon motion by EM, seconded by GS and passed, the Officers will remain unchanged. DC was re-appointed Chairman, EM was re-appointed Vice-Chairman. RB was re-appointed Treasurer and Township Manager, upon motion by GS, second by EM and passed and the Treasurer’s Bond was set at $600,000. SET MONTHLY MEETING: Upon motion by GS, seconded by EM and carried, the regular monthly meetings will be held on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building. SELECTION OF THE DEPOSITORY: Upon motion by GS, seconded by EM and carried, the depository will be Washington Financial Bank and PLGIT. PERSONNEL – APPOINTMENTS: Upon motion by GS, second by EM and passed, the following appointments were made: Roadmaster – RG, Equipment Operator – Kenneth McDougan, Alternate Roadmasters – the Supervisors, Township Manager – RB. WAGE – HOURLY RATE: Upon motion by GS, seconded by EM and passed, the wage scale for 2015 will be: Roadmaster - $21.75, Township Manager – $21.50, Full-time Equipment Operator - $18.25, Temporary Equipment Operator (with or without a CDL) - $16.00, Temporary Skilled Laborer - $11.00, and Temporary Clerk - $11.00. The above motion set a biweekly pay period, with payday on the following Wednesday. PERSONNEL MANUAL: NONE APPOINTMENTS: Approved upon motion by GS, second by EM and passed: Independent auditors for 2015 will be Cypher and Cypher. William A. Johnson, Esquire and Gary Sweat were retained as Solicitor. Bankson Engineers was approved as Township. Debra Bardella was approved as the Realty Transfer Tax Collector. Rob Gagliani was named Emergency Management Director, with Evan Midler serving as his assistant. Code Enforcement/Zoning Officer will be William Tohey, with a rate of $700.00/month including required meetings. Re-appointed Auditors, Deb Brown and Georgianne Griffith upon motion by EM, second by GS and passed unanimously.

  • Richard Lehman was appointed Vacancy Board Chairman. Joint Sewer Authority the 5-year term, reappointed J. Dowiak (2019), who will serve

    with D. Yeager (2017) & R. Gagliani (2018). Zoning Hearing Board, which is a 5-year term, reappointed D. Lehman (2019) to serve with R. Garlaus (2017), C. McConn (2016), V. Paris (2015), and Jennifer Scott (2018). The three Supervisors, Township Manager and the Roadmaster will continue to serve on the Cross Creek Valley Regional Planning Commission, which is reorganizing on January 8 at 7:00pm. The Cross Creek Planning Commission which is a 3-year term, reappoints K. Gardner & G. Stokum (2017) to serve with M. Kancel (2016), D. Halmi, P. Midler (2015). R. Blosser was re-appointed to the Washington County Sewage Council. J. Faisant was reappointed to serve on the Joint UCC Appeals Board. Parks & Recreation Board which is a 5-year term, reappoints L. Terensky (2018) to serve with P. Bongiorni (2017), R. Blosser & R. Grubbs (2016) & J. Gagliani & D. Doaks (2015). The 3 supervisors, RG and RB will be our 2015 PSATS State Convention delegates. Reappointed to the Agriculture Security Area Committee were Dean Casciola (supervisor), John Chechuck (farmer), George (Hoss) Godwin, Jr., (farmer), Ray Margaria (farmer) and Corey McConn (citizen). Contracts with Avella VFD, Mount Pleasant VFD and Slovan VFD were approved. Upon motion by EM, second by GS and passed mileage reimbursement will be adopted at the IRS mileage rate. The cell phone stipend policy will remain same with no increase, upon motion by EM, second by GS and passed unanimously. RECOMMENDATIONS TO THE AUDITORS: Supervisors will be paid the wage of Equipment Operator - Temporary $16.00/hour, in the event their services are needed. ADDITIONAL APPOINTMENTS AND MOTIONS: Upon motion by GS, second by EM and approved unanimously, the rezoning request of Justin Lorch for 414, 416, 418 Avella Road will be changed to B-1 Business from R-3 Village. Cedar Grove Park Phase 2 bid was awarded to the lowest bidders upon the Engineers recommendation and upon motion by GS, second by DC and passed. Range Resources, Road Use & Bonding Agreement with Exhibit A listing roads and Exhibit B listing contractors and subcontractors, and videotaped roadway was approved following a brief discussion, upon motion by GS, second by EM and passed unanimously. PUBLIC COMMENT: NONE ADJOURNMENT: Upon motion by EM, seconded by GS and passed the meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m. Rachel Warner Blosser Township Manager


    The regular monthly meeting at the Municipal Building on Tuesday, January 20, 2015, was called to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Those present were: Dean Casciola, Chairman (DC), Evan Midler, Vice Chairman (EM), Gary Stokum, Supervisor (GS), Rachel Warner Blosser, Township Manager (RB), Rob Gagliani, Roadmaster (RG), William Tohey (WT) and 2 visitor. INTRODUCTIONS: NONE APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the December 16, 2014 and January 4, 2015 township meetings were approved, upon motion by GS, second by EM, passed unanimously. TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer’s Report was received and filed for audit. SECRETARY’S CORRESPONDENCE:

    • District Magistrate Violations for the month of December was received for $32.52. • The Recorder of Deeds Report for the month of December listed 1 transactions for

    $3,332.00. • Animal Control Services report for December was received. • 2014 Lien Sheet was turned over to Tax Claim Bureau and a copy was received for

    our files from Rachel Warner Blosser, Tax Collector Office. The Township taxes liened were $4,724.54, down from last year’s $6,237.59.

    • HTC’s annual payment of $300 for their utility cabinet on Township property. • DCED finished processing our 2013 Survey, based on their analysis, it does not

    appear that we are experiencing serious financial difficulties. • Swede Construction Company, contractor for the County Park Maintenance Facility,

    sent a letter to K2 Engineering stating they were paying the building permit fee under protest; because they felt the Township had waived the fee. Asking for arbitration meeting at the end of the project. RB responded to the County and K2 providing copies of email and minutes. The fee that was waived was the zoning fee NOT building which covers the cost of inspections.

    • WCSC sent a notice informing the Township of changes in the County Tax Office’s enforcement of the Clean & Green Act with respect to including right-of-ways into the calculation of acreage. This is could cause property acreage reduction and C&G disqualification.

    • Raccoon Creek Region Conservation Plan Executive Summary was received. • PSATS’ 92st Annual Educational Conference and Trade Show will be April 13-16,

    2014 in Hershey and RG & RB can attend. SOLICITOR’S REPORT: NONE ROAD REPORT: RG explained they are keeping up with the roads. The 2004 International dump truck is at Warner’s Welding to repair the cab protector. Upon motion by GS, second by EM and passed unanimously, the purchase of a dumpster from Powers for $1,200 has been approved, this will save $350/month rental fee. JOINT SEWER AUTHORITY: RG brought the ICCJSA request for a contribution for the sewer expansion. Upon motion by EM, second GS and unanimously approved, a contribution of $25,000 is to be made to the Sewer Authority. They are nearly ready to pressure test the system and then complete connection.

  • CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER’S REPORT: Tohey was absent. He must address garbage on Patterson Road on the Cross Creek Side by the Bridge. PARKS & RECREATION: Don King, volunteer on the Parks & Recreation Committee, reported to the Board the tentative schedule of fundraising events, including a Purse Auction in May 9 at the Bullpen. Donations are being accepted and tickets will go on sale for $15.00. If a dinner sponsor can be located, we will do a Murder Mystery Dinner in November. The Committee would like to include “Movie Night in the Park”, once Phase 2 is completed. UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Upon motion by GS, second by EM and passed unanimously (3- 0), Ordinance 1-15 providing for procedures for the issuing of building permits as related to sewage requirement. Upon motion by EM, second by GS and passed unanimously (3-0), Ordinance 2-15 to reaffirm our participation in the PSATS Unemployment Compensation Group Trust. Upon motion by GS, second by EM and passed unanimously (3-0), Ordinance 3-15 to amend the zoning classification of property at 414-416-418 Avella Road from R-3 to B-1 and direct the amendment to the zoning map. The Board reviewed the draft amendments to the Zoning Ordinance for windmills, small solar, and large solar. They agreed no fee for residential a