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EMERGING MOBILE TECHNOLOGY INNOVATIONS: TODAY TOMORROW POSSIBILITIES Organiza(on Eec(veness and Strategic Ini(a(ves www.TBRMobile.org Educa4on On Demand and within Your Hands HARNESS TODAYS NEWEST TECHNOLOGIES AND DEVICES FOR TEACHING, LEARNING, AND WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT To Start This Presenta4on Pull Out Your Mobile Device 10 Emerging Educa4onal Technologies and How They Are Being Used Across the Globe hCp://www.opencolleges.edu.au/informed/features/the-ten-emerging-technologies-in- educa(on-and-how-they-are-being-used-across-the-globe/#ixzz33kG7GSR3 The exploding growth of hand-held devices (almost 370 million tablets will be sold by 2016) is transforming higher educa4on in terms of recrui4ng, teaching, learning, communica4on, collabora4on, social interac4on, engagement, produc4vity and the delivery of educa4on. Mobile technology is uniquely posiHoned to conHnue to drive economic, environmental and social change The mobile phone is the single most transforma4ve tool for development, according to Jerey Sachs, Director of the Earth Ins(tute, Columbia University. As one of the most rapidly adopted technologies in history, mobiles are increasingly ubiquitous in todays world. Rela(vely inexpensive and easy to use, mobiles do not have the same barriers to access as other technologies, such as broadband internet, which needs a xed line infrastructure. Mobile Learning Mobile learning is a customized experience based on the device, the features, and the learner. Example: A tradi(onal computer lab will look the same across the world (same monitor, computer, etc.). Unlike mobile devices, where the user dictates the device, the learning environment and experiences. Mobile Technology Prole 90% of American adults have a cell phone 67% of cell owners nd themselves checking their phone for messages, alerts, or calls even when they dont no4ce their phone ringing or vibra4ng. 44% of cell owners have slept with their phone next to their bed because they wanted to make sure they didnt miss any calls, text messages, or other updates during the night. 29% of cell owners describe their cell phone as something they cant imagine living without. hCp://www.pewinternet.org/fact-sheets/mobile-technology-fact-sheet/ Typical Student Classroom Phone Behavior Typical Faculty Professional Development Behavior Nearly 86 percent said they were tex4ng, 68 percent reported they were checking email, 66 percent said they using social networks, 38 percent said they were surng the Web and 8 percent said they were playing a game. hCp://newsroom.unl.edu/releases/2013/10/23/UNL+study+shows+college+students +are+digitally+distracted+in+class ( +) Cell Phones as NoteTaking Tool Gartner: Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies This Hype Cycle examines the status of, and prospects for, various mobile device technologies. It advises device vendors, mobile operators, applica(on providers and others on the maturity of these technologies and their use. Educa4onal Use 5% Flappy Bird # 1 Candy Crush # 2 Angry Birds # 3 Candy Crush Cheat Sheet for Every Level: hCp://youtu.be/UhIOAqZb74Q Nielsen Survey 2013: How Students Prefer To Use Tablets In Schools 71 percent of students who use tablets are interested in accessing textbooks. #AImobilelearn Impact and Transformation of Mobile Devices in Higher Education 1.8 Million FREE Books aBooks eBooks iBooks oBooks uBooks HealthMap: Outbreaks Near Me DermoScreen Cancer Screening App developed at the University of Houston DermoScreen, can detect skin cancer 85 percent of the (me. Thats the same accuracy rate as at the dermatologists oce and is more accurate than a primary care physician's diagnosis, according to engineering technology Professor George Zouridakis, who started working on the project in 2005. *Len is $500 Ac4onable Advice Embrace B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Device) It will speed ability to leverage innova(ons in consumer tech, apps and services, reduce cost and widen IT delivery, ease of use and eciency. Source: Gartner and Forbes (BICSI Presenters Opinion in Italics, 2013) Word Lens Word Lens gives you transla(on on the go: - NO NETWORK required - results appear immediately on your video screen when you need it, anywhere in the world .. iTunes: hCps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/word- lens/id383463868?mt=8 Google Play Store: hCps://play.google.com/store/apps/ details? id=com.questvisual.wordlens&hl=en More than a Phone or for Games: Phones as Educa4onal and Workforce Tool Telescope Microscope Naviga4on Heart Monitor Blood Pressure Workforce Tools Musical Instruments Library Musical Instrument Science Lab iStethoscope Researchers at Oxford University and South Africas University of Cape Town tapped into cellphones exis(ng microphones to develop this mobile stethoscope. The app allows pa(ents to record their own heartbeats, and then forward along the audio to doctors who can track the development of condi(ons, such as tuberculosis pericardi(s. NETRA Hailing from MITs Media Lab, the Near Eye Tool for Refrac(ve Assessment, or NETRA, transforms smartphones into low-cost, portable diagnos(c devices that can detect a host of vision disorders, including nearsightedness and farsightedness. The $2 clip-on eyepiece exploits the increasing resolu(on of smartphone screens to deliver a prescrip(on for the appropriate correc(ve lenses in a few minutes. More than a half-billion people live with undiagnosed eye disorders, 90 percent of whom in the developing world, and NETRA is a promising alterna(ve to the costly diagnos(cs that have dominated the eld for decades. LUCAS Aydogan Ozcan, winner of the 2011 Presiden(al Early Career Award for Scien(sts and Engineers and a PM Breakthrough Award honoree, is turning camera phones into diagnos(c imaging systems. Doing away with costly and fragile microscope lenses, LUCAS, or the Lensless Ultra-wide-eld Cell monitoring Array plaxorm, is based on Shadow imaging system and uses the phones camera sensor to create digital holograms of cell samples that can be quickly be analyzed with custom soyware. The system can help to diagnose malaria by picking up on misshaped red blood cells that are a hallmark of the disease, and it could aid in tracking T-cell levels of HIV pa(ents. MobiUS FDA-approved MobiUS is the rst ultrasound imaging system to work on smartphones. The soyware, made by MobiSante, could be used for a slew of clinical applica(ons, including conrming and tracking pregnancies and assessing kidney disorders. The images and video can be shared over email, or through a standard USB connec(on. Making high quality eye care portable, cost eec4ve and intui4ve; Leveraging mobile phone technology to extend the availability of a full range of ophthalmic diagnos(c tests outside of high income hospital departments to anywhere in the world: hospital wards, GP surgeries, pa(ent homes and were even being tested in the Antarc(c! The Vision To empower general health workers and eye care prac((oners to diagnose eye diseases and provide a means for managing and monitoring the treatment of pa(ents, anywhere in the world. The Problem 285 million people worldwide are visually impaired 39 million of these people are blind 80% of blindness is avoidable 90% of blind people live in low- income countries The Solu4on: Mobile Phones PEEK a smart-phone based system for comprehensive eye examina(ons in even the remotest of se{ngs. It is easy to use, aordable and portable. ReSound Hearing Aid & App Say hello to the world's smartest hearing aid ReSound LiNXTM oers a superior sound experience, se{ng new standards for hearing aid performance. This Made for iPhone hearing aid provides direct sound streaming, personalized to your every need. Sign4Me Evalua(on and Tes(ng of Mobile Blood Unit 2010 iHealth Mobile Products THE ONE-STOP SHOP FOR TRACKING YOUR PERSONAL HEALTH Weight. Blood pressure. Diet. Physical ac(vi(es. Theyre all aspects of your personal health and theyre all interconnected. Biostamp by MC10, via dezeen: Flexible electronic circuits that s(ck directly to the skin like temporary taCoos and monitor the wearer's health. Poten(ally these could be used in healthcare to monitor pa(ents in their normal environment and without tethering them to large machinery. #Biotech #Biostamp Sensordrone Turns Your Smartphone Into A Carbon Monoxide Detector, Non- Contact Thermometer, Gas Leak Detector, Lux Meter, Weather Sta(on, Diagnos(c Tool, Breath Analyzer, & More...Much, Much, More! Providing your employees with smartphones, tablets, business apps and other mobile tools can help them be more connected and more produc(ve anywhere, any(me. The upside for your business can be huge in terms of eciency, responsiveness and revenue growth. Mobile Workers 60 percent of mobile workers checked in using their smartphone with a service like Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places, and Shopkick. 66 percent of mobile workers had checked out (made a purchase or other transac(on) using their smartphone. 87 percent used their smartphone for noHcaHons such as sports scores, Facebook updates, SMS text messages, or other always-on applica(ons. 57 percent had used their smartphone as an e-Hcket or mobile boarding card. 44 percent used their smartphone to scan barcodes and compare prices. iHandy Carpenter The Leia Display System is set to make Holographic Video calls a reality in 2014 3D Screens & Holograms Leap Mo4on Google Glass for Medical Use Google Glass: FighHng Fires By Tracking Sugar In Tears, Contact Lens Oers Hope For Diabe(cs The latest project from Google X is a smart contact lens, a (ny, exible computer capable of monitoring glucose levels in tears. Researchers at Google are hopeful that one day this technology might be used to help diabetes pa(ents beCer control their disease. Wearable Tech? Scentee 1st Odor Device for Mobile Introducing Egg Minder by Quirky HAPIfork Smart Fork 94Finy: Smart Basketball Smart Football Helmet Foam Monitors Impact Smart Fish Finder + Mobile Product Sample System wide Sample / Purchase ADA Compliance TBR IT [security/networking] IMS Common Cartridge Standards Cost & Resources Mobiliza4on Examina4on 30 Days Campus Evalua(ons Faculty & Sta Testers Pilot Studies Surveys & Observa(ons Curriculum /Program Alignment Student Outcomes Mobiliza4on Outcomes Program Alignment Student Outcomes Reten(on Impact Workforce Applica(on Employment Opportuni(es Educa(onal Pricing System Wide Purchase Annual Evalua(ons Mobiliza4on Demonstra4on Vendor Showcase Product Demonstra(on Faculty & Student Usability Vendor Use References Vendor IT & IMS Demos TBR Educa4onal & Workforce Mobile App Resource Bank Mobile App Resource Center www.TBRMobile.org 50,000+ APPs Apps for Educa4on Teaching Na(ve Apps Learning Web Browser Apps Across All Devices ADA Device Accessibility Features Na(ve Apps www.MERLOT.org Learning Objects Faculty / Peer Reviews Apps Lesson Scholarship Online Training Higher Educa4on Mobiliza4on LEARNING and Workforce ON DEMAND and IN YOUR HAND www.TBRMobile.org [email protected] edu [email protected] Associate Vice Chancellor Tennessee Board of Regents Office of Mobilization Emerging Technologies www.TBRMobile.org Robbie K. Melton, Ph.D. Tennessee Board of Regents A Mobilized System of Higher Education Utilizing Mobile Devices and Apps for Increasing Enrollments, Retention, Graduate Rates and for Improving Teaching, Learning, and the Workforce. *Presentation, Powerpoint, Apps listed on www.tbrmobile.org under PD/Train Menus Tab Everything is Amazing and No One is Happy with Technology InClass APP ONCLOUD Microsoy Oce Suite WORD / PowerPoint / EXCEL (Apple & Android) Virtual Fire Fox App Accessing Flash and Java on iPad Quad Browser App iPad Allows up to four (4) windows on your iPad at one (me. NearPod Teaching Tool: www.nearpod.com Apps Showcase PresentaHon FlipBoard (free magazine) FlightBoard (traveling) Educrea(ons (interac(ve whiteboard) iTunes U. (podcasts) Futaba CG (collabra(ve games for kids) Albert HD (Interac(on for Elementary - Middle) Ac(on Movie SoundNote (taking notes at mee(ngs) S(llShot (crea(ng s(ll short from videos) Home Search Sephora (Health * Beauty) SignUp (sign-in sheet) Touch Cats (virtual pets) PetWorld (virtual pet shop) What if Everything Had Legs (interac(ve book) Strings (augmented reality) Zappar (augmented reality) Visual Body Circulatory Sounds Right Let's Create! PoCery (Lite & HD) Verbally (communica(on board) PuppetPal (communica(on) iCookbook (voice ac(va(on) Accuradio (music) Symphony Pro (composing music) Toca Boca Band Khan Academy Tap to Talk Art Authority Phonemic Chart ClearTune Video Time Machine Skee-Ball HD Timeline Maker Toy Story I (free) Pictello (create book with photos) AroundMe (places around you) Sounds Right Say It Mail It (note taking tool) InClass (free note taking tool for students) LeafsnapHD AddiHonal Free App Resources Apple App LiveBinder Resource: Tennessee PreK-20 iPads APPs according to Subjects and Grade Levels hCp://www.livebinders.com/ play/play/58780 MERLOT Mobile App Peer Reviews: www.MERLOT.org App Assessment by Tony Vincent Use of app is relevant to the purpose and student needs Help or tutorial is available in the app Content is appropriate for the student Informa(on is error-free, factual, and reliable Content can be exported, copied, or printed Apps se{ngs and/or content can be customized Customized content can be transferred to other devices History is kept of student use of the app sharing App provides useful feedback App Assessment by Tony Vincent Design of app is func(onal and visually s(mula(ng Student can exit app at any (me without losing progress Works with accessibility op(ons like VoiceOver and Speak Selec(on App is free of charge No in-app purchases are necessary for intended use of app App loads quickly and does not crash App contains no adver(sing App has been updated in the last 6 months App promotes crea(vity and imagina(on App provides opportuni(es to use higher order thinking skills App promotes collabora(on and idea Top Ten Apps for Administrators Word Lens Quad Browser InClass SoundNote Sign & Send iBooks Google Translate Flipboard HealthMap Virtual Fire Fox CloudOn Speak to Text KOBO Myscript Calculator The Elements TI-nSpire (Texas Inst) Top Apps for Teaching NearPod Ask3 Video Time Machine Explain Everything Educrea(ons 12-n-Calulators WorldBook SplitNote PuppetPals Science (NGSS) Common Core Discovr Sign4Me The Elements Field Trip Behavior Breakthrough Frog Dissec(on Top 11 Higher Educa4on Back To College Apps Eighty-ve percent of college students bringing some type of mobile device (smart phones, tablets, etc.) to campus. Here are the top eleven FREE mobile apps to assist students and faculty with teaching and learning ac(vi(es. (Some of the apps have been around and some are new to higher educa(on.) hCp://wcet.wiche.edu/learn/mobile-app Social Sciences iSSRN Search over 260,000 research papers in the Social Science Research Network electronic library Disciplines :educa(on; humani(es & social sciences; law OECD Factbook Provides a global overview of todays major economic, social and environmental indicators. Organized around 12 themes such as popula(on an Disciplines: educa(on; health sciences; humani(es & social sciences; law World Bank DataFinder Access data on global development indicators from The World Bank Group: economy, environment, gender, health, popula(on, infrastructure etc Disciplines: educa(on; health sciences; humani(es & social sciences; law Gale: Access My College Library Ayer a one-(me log-in using the library's password, the mobile app will give you free, unlimited access to Gale online resources. Disciplines: arts; educa(on; health sciences; humani(es & social sciences; science & engineering www.MERLOT.org Learning Objects Faculty / Peer Reviews Apps Lesson Scholarship Online Training Science/Technology/Engineering/Math Medical & Allied Health The Na(onal Science Founda(ons (NSF) Science360 for iPad provides easy access to engaging science and engineering images and video from around the globe and a news feed featuring breaking news from NSF-funded ins(tu(ons. Content is either produced by NSF or gathered from scien(sts, colleges and universi(es, and NSF science and engineering centers. hCps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/science360-for-ipad/ id439928181?mt=8 hCps://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/math./id469234810?mt=8 hCps://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/elements-visual-explora(on/ id364147847?mt=8 STEM MobilizaHon Apps 10 Science Apps that Range from KG-College Level Content 1. Chemist, iPad, Android tablet $4.99 This science app is one of the only virtual chemistry labs for tablets to conduct chemistry experiments and explore chemistry reac(ons with dierent lab tools. Try mixing chemicals by pouring them into beakers or test tubes. You can also heat the chemicals with a bunsen burner, or put a piece of cesium into water. The 3D stage enables the parallax eect from dierent angles. Chemist has a built-in database with more than 200 chemical reagents, and addi(onal chemical reagents will be added periodically through the online database CloudLab for more chemical reac(ons. 2. Exoplanet, iPhone/iPad/iPod, Free This science app, developed and maintained by a professional astronomer, is a highly visual and interac(ve catalog of all known exoplanets: Planets orbi(ng stars beyond our own Solar System. It is frequently updated whenever new discoveries are conrmed. An amazing model of the Milky Way lets students explore the universe all the way from the Solar System to the cosmic microwave background. 3. Gene Screen, iPhone/iPad/iPod, Free Gene Screen allows students to learn how recessive gene(c traits and diseases are inherited and how certain diseases are more prevalent in dierent popula(ons. Gene Screen also provides informa(on on some recessive gene(c diseases and gene(c screening programs. Gene Screen was produced by the DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor laboratory, and was developed with support from the Marcus Founda(on in partnership with the Victor Center for the Preven(on of Jewish Gene(c Diseases, Albert Einstein Healthcare Network, Philadelphia, USA. 4. Max & Ruby Science Educa4onal Games, iPhone/iPad/iPod, Free Max & Ruby Science Educa(onal Games will help young children become prepared for school with these science learning games for kids in Preschool and Kindergarten. Children join bunny siblings, Max and Ruby, at the local fair where theyll teach them about physical science through guided narra(on and music, specically the proper(es of liquids and the mo(on of objects. This app also includes a bonus game that allows children to drag and drop objects and characters into scenes from the popular television series, as well as tap them to see a surprise anima(on. 5. MS Life Science Buddy, iPhone/iPad/iPod, Android, $1.99 MS Life Science Buddy is a tool for learning middle school Biology. This app was designed by a teacher who has used all possible mul(media resources in the classroom for teaching regents curriculum. MS Life Science Buddy is not only an app for learning Biology and living environment, but also an app for teachers. Features include: Lessons on mul(ple topics, interac(ve quizzes by topic (with real regents ques(ons), daily Biology and science news updates, Regents exams with key, videos from YouTube, and ash cards by topic. 6. Next Genera4on Science Standards, iPhone/iPad/iPod, Android, Free View the Next Genera(on Science Standards in one convenient app; a great reference for teachers, parents and students to easily read and understand the standards. Quickly nd standards by various topic arrangements or keyword search. The NGSS App is a product of MasteryConnect in partnership with the Na(onal Science Teachers Associa(on. 7. Ocean Science, iPad,$2.99 The Earth has one big water system with many features, and this science app provides a journey deep into the sea. Students can learn the seven essen(al principles of Ocean Science with movies, 360 pictures, anima(ons and mo(on graphics. 8. Science Mobile, iPhone/iPad/iPod, Android, Free [Full ar(cles require a subscrip(on] The Science Mobile app lets users read summaries, and abstracts (subscribers can access full-text ar(cles from Science, Science Transla 9. Shout Science! iPad, Free This science app is a comic storybook app for young readers (ages 7-11) about scien(sts and scien(c discovery by ScoC Dubois. Shout Science! consists of three narra(ve biographies that take place during the Scien(c Revolu(on in Europe. This app was designed exclusively for the iPad and combines ver(cal scrolling panels with ambient anima(on, interac(on, and sound to enhance reading comprehension. Each story also includes a supplemental page of reference images and (melines. 10. VideoScience, iPhone/iPad, Free This science app provides a growing library of over 80 hands-on science lessons for home and the classroom. These short videos demonstrate inexpensive and easy to recreate experiments that are designed to inspire and excite kids of all ages. VideoScience is hosted by Dan Menelly, a Science Teacher at the UN Interna(onal School and a 2010 Einstein Fellow with the Na(onal Science Founda(on in the Oce of Cyberinfrastructure. VideoScience is presented by Science House and the Science House Founda(on. By Meris Stansbury, Associate Editor @eSN_Meris Natural Science Mobiliza4on Model Walters State Community College hCp://library.ws.edu/mnaturalscience *Lis(ng of Teaching and Learning Mobile Apps, Applica(ons, Devices, Strategies, and Resources *Video Clips, Feedback, and Impact regarding the use of mobile devices in the Natural Sciences Khan Academy hCps://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/khan-academy/ id469863705?mt=8 www.MERLOT.org Higher Educa(on Faculty Peer Reviewed Mobile Apps and Learning Objects - Websites for Crea(ng Web Based Bookmark Apps for all Devices Mathema(cs Sta(s(cs Chemistry Physics Engineering Informa(on Technology Humani4es & Social Sciences Presenta4on Demo Apps ROMA (Virtual Rome) Art Authority Access My College Library Symphony Pro iBooks iSSRN Search over 260,000 research papers in the Social Science Research Network electronic library Disciplines :educa(on; humani(es & social sciences; law OECD Factbook Provides a global overview of todays major economic, social and environmental indicators. Organized around 12 themes such as popula(on an Disciplines: educa(on; health sciences; humani(es & social sciences; law World Bank DataFinder Access data on global development indicators from The World Bank Group: economy, environment, gender, health, popula(on, infrastructure etc Disciplines: educa(on; health sciences; humani(es & social sciences; law Teacher Educa4on Presenta4on Demonstra4on Apps for Educa4on Toca Boca Apps Behaviors Breakthrough iKids Play Bop It Dinosaur Zoo Bitsboard Tracer (Handwri(ng) Jenga PuppetPal 1 & 2 Play(me Anna Easy Bake Treats Seuss Band Story Wheel Talking Lab PoCery Pocket Pond Talking Tom Talking Gina Rail Maze Riding Hood Real Racing Toy Story App Mates Toy Story ShreK Kar(ng Bartley BuCon Morris LiveBinder of Apps PreK-12 hup://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=58780 TABS iPad Device Apps iPad Ed Impact Teaching with Apps Learning with APPS ADMIN Apps Oce/Produc(vity Apps Grade Level Apps Subject Areas Special Educa(on Assessments Parent Apps School Board TBR HighEd Pilots Free Apps Games Robbies Apps Library Books www.Livebinder.com hCp://www.livebinders.com/play/play? id=777972&present=true Search For: rkmelton (author) Binder: P-20 Tennessee Subject Area Apps Educa(onal Apps Digital Storytelling Apps for iPad Presenta4on Apps for iPad iPad Apps to Create eBooks Prin4ng Apps for iPad Science iPad Apps Educa(onal Apps Video Apps for your iPad Educa4onal Music Apps for iPad iPad Apps for Reading Disability Math iPad Apps Note Taking Apps for iPad Whiteboard Apps for iPad Mul4ple Intelligence Apps for iPad Educa(onal Apps iPad Apps for Blooms Taxonomy Dic4onary Apps for iPad Audio Recording Apps for iPad iPad Apps for Kids Google Apps for iPad Wiki Apps for iPad Grading Apps for iPad Educa(onal Apps Screen Sharing Apps for iPad Homework Apps for iPad Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Apps for iPad PDF Apps for iPad Apps to Create Digital Porwolios Textbook and Audio Books Apps for iPad Learning Apps for iPad Educa(onal Apps Photo Collage Apps for iPad iPad Apps for Professional Development Wri4ng Apps for iPad iPad Crea4vity Apps Reading Apps for iPad Educa(onal Apps iPad Apps for Research iPad Apps to Help you Stay Organized iPad Annota4ng Apps iPad Skills Students should Have Business Programs 13 Business Apps for Busy Entrepreneurs (Infographic) A recent infographic from Desk.com compiled 13 of these apps that help with nancial management, communica(on, customer support and more hCp://www.entrepreneur.com/ar(cle/226105 Read more: hCp://www.entrepreneur.com/ar(cle/ 226105#ixzz2U6yKIyTF Evernote Evernote (Free) www.evernote.com) Ever feel like the absent-minded professor? Stay on top of tasks with this service that lets you take virtual memos on-demand. Capable of storing text, photos and voice recordings, you can dictate, snap pictures and automa(cally synchronize updates across your computer, smartphone or electronic tablet. You can also tag notes by loca(on. Read more: hCp://www.entrepreneur.com/ar(cle/ 220065#ixzz2U6xAVVgA Scanner Pro www.readdle.com) Instantly transforms your iPhone into a portable, mul(-page document scanner than can capture electronic copies of invoices, business cards and signed documents. From mee(ng notes to contracts, its high- quality image processing and automa(c edge detec(on readily handle conversions. You can also produce and skim email-ready PDFs on-demand, set up custom page sizes and password-protect your les. Read more: hCp://www.entrepreneur.com/ar(cle/ 220065#ixzz2U6xJeELv MightyMee4ng hCp://app.mightymee(ng.com) Upload presenta(ons and product videos to the cloud, then access them nearly any(me, anywhere with this handy demonstra(on tool. Allowing you to quickly call up clips and slideshows on your smartphone or tablet PC, it makes it easy to showcase sales pitches or market overviews on-demand. Users can also connect mobile devices to a widescreen projector for added impact. Read more: hCp://www.entrepreneur.com/ar(cle/ 220065#ixzz2U6xSR4PB Jump Desktop www.jumpdesktop.com) Oers the op(on to control your desktop remotely, regardless of where business takes you. Armed with an Internet connec(on, you can manipulate les or folders via touchscreen, and ac(vely browse on your home or work computer. Compa(ble with Mac or PC systems, it lets you be produc(ve without having to lug your laptop. Read more: hCp://www.entrepreneur.com/ar(cle/ 220065#ixzz2U6xfy3 Square www.squareup.com) Process credit card payments from anywhere using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with Squares free card-reader accessory. An intui(ve interface and single universal fee (2.75% on each transac(on), with no monthly charges or contracts, makes it easy to use for both individual contractors, freelancers and small businesses. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are all accepted. Read more: hCp://www.entrepreneur.com/ar(cle/ 220065#ixzz2U6xr16ZW Nursing & Allied Health Physicians are widely known as early adopters of smartphones, and that might be partly because they have been a popular subject for researchers conduc(ng surveys about the impact of mobile health in hospitals. A Study last year by Wolters Kluwer Healths LippincoC Williams Wilkins (LLW) of 3,900 nurses indicated in early 2012, 71 percent of nurses were already using smartphones professionally. Enspektos found that physicians were more trus4ng of medical informa4on in their mobile apps than nurses were. That sta(s(c complements another nding from the LLW nurses survey: Of the 71 percent of nurses who already use smartphones, 87 percent also want a printed version of the same content they have in their app. 10 Must-have iPhone Applica4ons for Registered Nurses As a registered nurse, implemen(ng pa(ent care plans for your pa(ents can be stressful, especially if you have to siy through several textbooks and spiral bound assessment books for medical informa(on. It may be even more frustra(ng if you are a nursing student. There is hope if you have an iPhone. Ayer downloading some apps onto your phone, you will be able to obtain all the medical informa(on you need, from lab test interpreta(ons, to accessing your favorite nursing journals-- all in the palm of your hand. Click for Apps: hCp://www.healthecareers.com/ar(cle/10-must-have-iphone-applica(ons- for-registered-nurses/168317 Nursing Central Mobile App (Total Resource Guide) Nursing Central Mobile App (recommended by Nursing Faculty) helps nurses and students nd detailed informa(on on diseases, tests, drugs, and procedures. The moment a ques(on arises you can consult the automa(cally upda(ng database of 5,000 drugs, nd a deni(on in the dic(onary with more than 65,000 entries, interpret hundreds of laboratory and diagnos(c tests, and consult the latest disease informa(on. You can also subscribe to your favorite nursing journals and search the en(re MEDLINE/PubMed database directly from your mobile device. iTunes: hups://itunes.apple.com/us/app/nursing-central/id300420397?mt=8 Google Play: hups://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.unbound.android.ubnc2 T Top Nursing Teaching Apps 10 Must-have iPhone Applica4ons for Registered Nurses Heart Sounds (+ Lung Sounds) by Medical Doctor Apps TOP 25 IPHONE APPS FOR NURSES 20 Mobile Apps for Nurses in 2012 100+ Nursing Mobile Apps Medical Doctor: Reference Tool Lab Values+ Medical Reference Physical Exam Essen(als by Hipposoy, LLC iHealth Mobile Products THE ONE-STOP SHOP FOR TRACKING YOUR PERSONAL HEALTH Weight. Blood pressure. Diet. Physical ac(vi(es. Theyre all aspects of your personal health and theyre all interconnected. www.MERLOT.org Higher Educa(on Faculty Peer Reviewed Mobile Apps and Learning Objects - Websites for Crea(ng Web Based Bookmark Apps for all Devices History Music English Psychology Sociology Communica(on Foreign Languages No Cost Browser Based Apps hCp://youtu.be/Vsf0LDx4TK8 MERLOT is a free and open online community of resources designed primarily for faculty, sta and students of higher educa(on from around the world to share their learning materials and pedagogy. MERLOT is a leading edge, user-centered, collec(on of peer reviewed higher educa(on, online learning materials, catalogued by registered members and a set of faculty development support services. MERLOT's strategic goal is to improve the eec(veness of teaching and learning by increasing the quan(ty and quality of peer reviewed online learning materials that can be easily incorporated into faculty designed courses. Higher Educa4on Faculty Peer Reviewed Mobile Apps and Learning Objects and Websites for Crea(ng Web Based Bookmark Apps for all Devices www.MERLOT.org Top 11 Higher Educa4on Back To College Apps Fall classes will start with over eighty-ve percent of college students bringing some type of mobile device (smart phones, tablets, etc.) to campus. Here are the top eleven FREE mobile apps to assist students and faculty with teaching and learning ac(vi(es. (Some of the apps have been around and some are new to higher educa(on.) hCp://wcet.wiche.edu/learn/mobile-app Benets of Content Caching: Access Your Mobile App Without an Internet Connec4on AppBurst focuses on building mobile apps that alleviate the burden of having a stable internet connec4on. Our mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices all store a signicant amount content on a users device for oine use -- a feature known as mobile app content caching. A mobile applica(ons data can therefore be accessed without an internet connec(on, enabling users to enjoy 24/7 access to content. hCp://www.appburst.com/iphone-apps Common Core App View the Common Core State Standards in one convenient FREE app! A great reference for students, parents, and teachers to easily read and understand the core standards. Quickly nd standards by subject, grade, and subject category (domain/cluster). This app includes Math standards K-12 and Language Arts standards K-12. Math standards include both tradi(onal and integrated pathways (as outlined in Appendix A of the common core) and synthesizes Language Arts standards with the Corresponding College and Career Readiness Standards (CCR's). Quad Browser 4 Open Windows at One Time The perfect way to display four documents or web sites at once. Individual reload 4mers to refresh online auc4on pages, sports or news headlines... Truly free Books Books Should Be Free (truly free) Another site that oers public domain audio books (meaning books whose authors have been dead for, in most cases, at least 75 years). Most of its (tles are drawn from Project Gutenberg and LibriVox. Audio books here, as the site's name indicates, are completely free and can be downloaded either as a podcast or as an MP3. Titles are oered in mul(ple languages. Podiobooks (truly free) One of the few sites that oers truly free audio books by modern authors. While you won't nd the major names here, Podiobooks is packed full of free audio books by authors in more than two dozen genres (including public domain classics). The books are supported by listener dona(ons, with 75% of dona(ons going to authors. Op(ons including listening on the site, downloading MP3s, or subscribing via podcast to each new chapter as it is released. NeuroNews hCps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/neuro-news/id543301272 NeuroNews is your one-stop source for news, views, comment and controversy in the neurointervenHonal world. The NeuroNews app has exclusive content with live updates from key neuro conferences such as ABCWIN, ESMINT, ACINR, LINNC, European Stroke Conference, WFITN, EFNS and INS. Features: - Latest news - Live conference coverage - Product news - Opinion - Proles - Events - Videos SJH Pulse Mobile App The SJH Pulse Mobile App is a resource for healthcare news in over 30 medical industries, as well as regional news rela(ng to Saint Joseph's Health and various links to external applica(ons and websites. Physicians and others associated with the medical industry will now be able to access relevant, engaging content on the go via the AppBurst-developed mobile app. hCps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/st.-joseph-health-pulse/ id530591096?mt=8 Interven(onal News App Users of the mobile applica(on can enjoy easy access to various ar(cles and videos related to intervenHonal news in the medical industry. A database of news ar(cles, live conference coverage, opinion pieces and proles are all included in the app and can be shared via email, Facebook, or TwiCer. A directory of relavent worldwide events is also available, as well as a plethora of industry-specic videos showcasing new procedures and technology. hCps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/interven(onal-news/ id502938385?mt=8 Cardiovascular News App The applica(on provides users with a comprehensive and con(nually updated cardiovascular news source. From industry news and live conference coverage to opinion ar(cles and related events around the world, the app is an invaluable tool for anyone involved or interested in cardiovascular news and research. A substan(al amount of related videos are also available and the searchable content can be shared via email, TwiCer, or Facebook hCps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cardiovascular-news/id502940377? mt=8 Voice Control without Internet Unlike most voice applica(ons on the the market which require internet connec(on, this applica(on installs a light- weight speech recognizer on your phone, so it can run locally WITHOUT internet connec(on. You can make your own speech commands to start an app, call a friend or browse a website. Speech commands can be dened by phone(c alphabets, so it literally supports any language. Google Play Store: hCps://play.google.com/store/apps/ detailsid=com.KnJSoyware.VoiceCommander&hl=en Google Maps Google Maps is probably the most well known mapping and naviga(on app out there. Google has updated Google Maps so that it now oers maps oine. This means you can download maps and store them on the device and the naviga(on por(on of Google Maps can access the data even when you don't have data access. Also available on Google Play and the App Store Navfree Navfree Naviga(on app that is free and it can be downloaded and used oine. The company that developed NavFree claims that unlike other satellite naviga(on apps for smartphones, Navfree oers a "fully featured, non-4me limited turn-by-turn naviga4on" app. There are no hidden payments for addi4onal map downloads and you're able to use it forever and download free updates when you need them. Google Play Store: hCps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.navfree.android.OSM.ALL&hl=en iTunes Store: hCps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/navfree-gps-usa-+-street-view/id405922167?mt=8 Medical mobile apps that can be used oine where internet is not available Medical Recorder doctors and medical students may work more eciently without was(ng their (me on papers. All the notes may be recorded on the go and played later. Windows Smart Phones Windows Phone already has a strong presence in Africa with devices from HTC, Samsung, and Nokia. In fact, another part of this broad 4Afrika ini(a(ve is a joint Nokia and Microsoy customer training program in Kenya and Nigeria to help accelerate adop(on of Nokia Lumia 510 and 620 phones. More than 90% of phones sold today in those markets are feature phones, so Microsoy and Nokia are teaming up to provide free in-store training for customers to help them get the most from their new Lumias and manage their new data plans. YouTube Videos YouTube has announced that it will launch a new feature on its mobile apps enabling viewers to watch videos even when they are oine. The new update will be available in November. The feature will let viewers add videos to their devices to store and watch for a short period of (me when they are not connected to the Internet, so your fans ability to enjoy your videos no longer has to be interrupted by something as commonplace as a morning commute, according to YouTubes Creator & Partners blog. Oine Pages Download Websites and View Oine This app allows you to save web pages with all the forma{ng, images, and en(re linked pages, and view them oine without Internet. hCps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ oine-pages-oine-web/ id364859644?mt=8 OperaHng Systems Google's Android opera(ng system is on more than three-quarters of all smart phones that shipped in 2013, with Apple's iOS making up most of the remainder. However, Windows smart phones are beginning to see substan(al growth, with 2013 shipments in the tens of millions. As we previously reported, in 2013, more than 1 billion smart phones were shipped worldwide amoun(ng to a new smart phone for roughly every seven human beings in the world. Walters State Community College Apple Dis(nguished College Program Teaching and Learning with MobilizaHon *Website of teaching and learning (videos, etc.) hbp://library.ws.edu/mnaturalscience Apps Showcase PresentaHon The Elements (Science) iSwiyer (to run FLASH) Quad Browser EyeDecide (Medical) Word Lens (automa(c transla(ons) MyScript (Math Computa(ons) Sign4Me (Sign Language iMuscle (Fitness & Health) Heart Pro III (Medical) The Elements (Science) Prognosis (Problem Based App) Our Choice (interac(ve College Text Book) Quakes iBooks ROMA (virtual history) PetWorld 3D (Character Edca(on) Roambi (Business App) Broswer4two (opening two browsers) DualBrowser (opening two browsers) Pyramids 3D FrogDisserta(on (dissec(ng a frog) Google Translate (two way transla(on/no typing) Bitsboard (Language Development) Toca Boca Hair Salon I & II Health Map (Health & Medical) Skitch (Produc(vity Tool for Wri(ng on iPad) CloudOn (Microsoy Oce: WORD/PPT.Excel) KOBO (1.5 Free million books) WaCspad (100,000 free books) Behavior Breakthrough (Ac(ng Out Behaviors) Access My College Library (Databases, Books) Soundhound (recognizes humming, songs, etc.) Bible.is Real Racing HD 2 Shrek Kar(ng (mul(players) MoneyReader (visually impaired) Dinosaur Zoo (interac(ve book) POMT (zooming into the cells of a hand) Back in Time