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Our Digital Transformation Story

Alex McClureSr. Product Manager Platform & APIs

Good afternoon everyone,Its good to be here at an API conference People who care!Lead MINDBODYs Platform & APIs strategyWere on this digital transformation journey ourselves, and wanted to share our story2

MINDBODY is the worlds leading provider of business management software for the wellness and beauty industry.

For MINDBODY, the one thing that weve always valued the most has been our relationships with our customers. That is such an integral part of our story because one of the keys to our growth has ben in adding adding so many new features to our core software in order to make our subscribers successful, one business at a time.


MINDBODY HQ in San Luis Obispo, CA4 hours south of San Francisco

Who is MINDBODY?Were a software company in San Luis ObispoIts an amazing city about 4 hours south of here.


Our genesis had a humble mission:

Improve the Wellness of the World,by leveraging technology

While we arent sending rockets to mars, investing self driving cars, or creating the worlds next big cloud,

we are doing something just as difficult influencing human behavior.


A story that begins before mobile before the Cloud before SaaS


App Builder1 Subscribers Database at a Time

Like many of you, our story doesnt begin in the clouds. It didnt begin on mobile. Didnt even begin on the web.

round circular things that most people only refer to as coasters or free frisbees these days. We were founded out of our CEOs garage back in 2001.

Then transitioned to make our software available online through a web browserIntegrated payments solution

About 5 years ago introduced APIs that allowed our subscribers to access their dataThat ended up being pretty useful for mobile apps that we were beginning to create7

all 3rd party logos and brands are trademarks of their respective ownersAPIs powering Fitness Mobile Apps

Some really, really neat use cases began popping up.All of a sudden there were entire companies getting started, all based on our APIs, filling in our product gaps. Here is a picture of a few examples of Fitness Mobile Apps in action.

Entirely branded mobile applications for our joint customers. 8

Video 1: Fitness Mobile Apps

Previously recorded demonstration of Fitness Mobile Apps in action. 9

Zenrez: Flexible FitnessEmma: CRM & Marketing ToolsClassPass: Complete Workout VarietyPerkville: Loyalty & Rewards Programs

As our evolution continued, we now have an online marketplace of solutions.

These solutions have been built by our partners and ISVs in our ecosystem.

Examples include Emma, who has built a really powerful CRM & Marketing platform. ClassPass: Who offers a terrific way for people to get fit at a variety of businesses.Then there is Zenrez, who allows you to look for great deals at fitness studios in your area.And loyalty rewards programs by companies like Perkville. 10

A History of Evolving AssetsOnline AvailabilityIntegrated PaymentsSoftwareCustomized Experiences

As our story evolved, so did our realization of what our greatest assets are.

We were one of the first online Software as a Service companies in the wellness industry. We made it really, really easy to get started online.

One of the first to offer an integrated payments solution. Our asset then? Integration with everything you need to run a business.

Even building a commonly used SaaS solution, used by tens of thousands of subscribersISVs can have one consistent set of APIs that they write towards and reach all of those businessesTo engage with our consumers Our Asset was the ability for developers to learn 1 Software as a Service system, and then reach a network of thousands of subscribers.

But over time we began asking... What is our most important asset?Did you hear it? I just mentioned it


Our SaaS powers over 55,000 businesses which serve over 31M consumers.What is our Greatest Asset?

What has been our greatest asset?

Its our SaaS offering, right?12

Our SaaS powers over 55,000 businesses which serve over 31M consumers.The Digital Transformation MomentThe most diverse collection of real time fitness classes, spas, salons and wellness services in the world

What if we challenged that idea?

Do you know what 55,000 businesses in the health and wellness space represents?The most diverse collection of real time fitness classes, spas, salons, and wellness services in the world.

Do you know how many amazing health and wellness applications can get created when we begin thinking about a user base 55,000 businesses and and 31M consumers?


An Incredible Network Effect14

more than 55,000 businessesreach their 31M consumersMINDBODY

MINDBODY builds the software that allows over 55,000 businesses to successfully engage with their consumers14

Public APIs: Were No Longer Capped by our Own Resources15

more than 55,000 businessesany developer, any experienceAPIs

Through APIs

We dont have to create every type of user experience that is our thereOur single greatest asset is not just our software anymoreIt is our network of businesses that use our softwareTheir real time scheduling availabilityTheir dataNow available, to the entire world

APIs to enable ISVs to connect and build for multiple businesses

You know why that is so powerful?!?!

I dont have to be limited by our resources and budget constraints anymoreI dont have to be limited by our own R&D dollars

The platform mentality is to enable the world of developers and businesses with the tools they need to make their own investments, to follow their own passions, and create a win-win for everyone.


The Digital Transformation Moment16

more than 55,000 businessesAPIs

The really neat thing though, is that when you have that kind of thinking APIs end up benefiting your internal teams as well.Frees passionate teams members to work on projects that they reall care about.

One example of that is our MINDBODY App.


Video 2: MINDBODY App17


Growth Moments when Externalizing APIs18



The Developers Experience IS the product. Enabling Hello World in 5 minutes is important!(developers are people, too)

Hello, Dev

This involved lots of cultural shifts internally because we had to begin realizing that our API IS the product.Partners, especially companies with consumer networks of their own, that want to enhance their offerings they expect modern REST APIs.They expect quality.How many developers in this room can attest that standards matter.Response codes matterPerformance and uptime matters.Being able to get started with a Hello World app in 5 minutes or less matters.

You know what? If I were to be honest. This was really really hard for us. There was pain here. This was culture. Sometimes it feels like youre challenging the status quo when you advocate for developer experience, that, at times might be perceived as competition to your core offering. 19

The single most important thing 20

But do you want to know what the single most important thing is?20

Developers Want Easy Access to21

more than 55,000 businessesover 31M consumers

when were building APIs that connect over 55,000 businesses and 31M consumers to 3rd party applications.


Without Having to Become Experts in our Core Software

In our core software

Yes they want to know about it

But not necessarily learn all of the intracicies of what we offer. 22

The (other) single most important thing 23


Internal Developers != External Developers24


Dialogue Between Internal Developers

Hey John, we didnt have time to implement constraints around the number of records you can call, so, make sure you dont go above 10.

25 Yep. You had better put that on the backlog But OK.


Along comes Kevin, an External Developer

I wonder if this endpoint will let me call 1,000,000 records


Internally !!! W.T.-

We would have caught the rest of that sentence except for the poor system went down


Productized APIs start becoming trendy...27



All around the office, developers began wearing API t-shirts. The t-shirts began getting everywhere. Our team decided to hire a technical writer to make sure that all of our APIs were being properly documented. He began wearing API t-shirts!

Then we would start walking around the campus and, we dont even know this guy, but even he is wearing a t-shirt.28


API stickers all over our weight rooms29


Even brock went and got a tatoo on his back saying he loves APIs. 30

31Digital Assets

Demand for APIsThe Worlds Best API Management GatewayA Business Model that WorksAPI Ninja T-Shirts

So lets review

Now we have digital assetsWe have these things Everything is checked off31

APIs are Enabling Digital Transformation32

Now were fully ready for digital transformation

Lets talk about what that looks like going forward32

Corporate Wellness

employers offering rewards based upon actual gym attendance

Were connecting corporate wellness programs with these digital apps33

Integrating the Worlds Leading Fitness Apps

We recently announced a partnership with Under Armour. Exciting because