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  • MindTouch Deki The smart and fast wiki

    The new standard in business wikis

    The wiki-savvy business is the business with an edge, letting employees easily access and share information from one central repository anywhere, anytime.

    MindTouch Deki is a business wiki that gives your business that edgefast. MindTouch Deki enables you to create, edit, share, store and search documents, emails, images and files through an internal web site. It is a flexible product that can be used as a dedicated collaboration tool, or as an enhanced intranet or file server.

    Fully featured

    MindTouch Deki is brimming with features that business wiki users demand:

    WYSIWYG rich-text editing

    Built-in indexing and searching of all pages and attachments

    Automatic versioning control and notification of all pages

    Multi-level user permissions down to page level

    Hierarchical pages

    Outlook Connectorconverts emails and attachments into wiki pages in one click

    Compatible with Microsoft Office

    Customizable watch lists and RSS feeds

    One-click links to other documents and files

    XML database that ensures your data integrates with other applications

    Free to try

    Download MindTouch Deki for up to five users for free and see for yourself how easy it is to install and use. (The free version does not include support, updates and fixes, or certain features such as Outlook Connector.) When youre ready for more, simply purchase licenses for the rest of your company.

    Install and use in 15 minutes!

    MindTouch Deki installs in 15 minutes and requires no IT involvement or support. Simply download, install and use. Thats it. This is possible because MindTouch Deki is the only commercial wiki deployed as a virtual appliance. It is a fully pre-installed and pre-configured application and operating system that runs on any Windows or Linux machine. It runs atop VMplayer, the free virtualization player. Imagine setting up a corporate application without any operating system, installation or configuration hassles. You can have it anytime you want.


    Saves time and reduce hassles of collaboration

    Work is easier by keeping updated

    Disseminating knowledge is easier

    Increase collaboration efficiency

    Increase knowledge reuse

  • MindTouch Deki The smart and fast wiki

    MindTouch Deki is ideally suited for critical collaborative applications in R&D, product design, engineering, customer service, sales and marketing across industries, including:

    Pharmaceutical Financial services Manufacturing Medical and healthcare Oil and gas Consulting firms Design and marketing agencies