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Mind map & Mood board Emily Monsey

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  • 1. Mind map & Mood board Emily Monsey

2. Conveying fear with use of Scanography Inspirational&exampleimages 3. Multiple exposures - Fear Inspirational&exampleimages 4. Final mix of ideas mood board 5. I have been looking at both Scanography and multiple exposure images as I really liked both these styles and felt that they both mixed well with the theme of fear as this is the theme I have chosen to do. I had first started looking at Scanography photography and found that this style of photography conveyed fear really well as the scanner creates a scary looking image and the models expression is then my choice to make, meaning I can control how my images are going to look. I really liked the idea of having my images in black and white as I feel that this just seems to be more appropriate to the theme of fear in my opinion. I also thought that these images sometimes gave quite a ghostly look which I really liked especially when linking it with this particular theme. You can choose whether you want the images in colour or black and white, however I would like to use the black and white for these style of photographs as I feel the colour may not show the theme as well and as effectively. The images I looked at for my moodboard were mostly in black and white as this is something I personally prefer and they also showed fear as some had been made to be amusing and also for other reasons, however I felt that this selection do show a sense of fear and danger which fits perfectly with this theme. The models in the images also used their hands a lot to convey fear as one shows a piece of paper reading help which obviously shows fear in a much more obvious way and others looked as though they were holding on which also helped to show fear. I then started looking at the method of using multiple exposures as I had originally really liked this idea and thought about using it as I personally felt it was really interesting but not too complicated and it was done in a way that you were still able to see what the object was or what the model looked like and it perfectly showed the silhouette with the added interest of overlaying the images. The majority of images were showing nature and different plants and trees which I did like, however I did prefer the images that showed an actual landscape as I personally found these really interesting and more appropriate for the theme I have chosen. I could take images of landscapes in black and white and ensure that they look quite mysterious and dark unlike a lot of these images that were close ups of flowers and trees which does give much brighter connotations which wouldnt fit well with the theme of fear. I also saw that some of the images showed the base picture of the model and then an overlaying image of a skeleton/skull which perfectly fit the shape of the face or only part of the face which was another method I would really like to try as this is really suitable for my theme and I think it makes the images much more interesting. For this mood board I picked all of the images in black and white as this is the style I am personally going to use and find most mysterious and appropriate for the theme. I also picked the majority of photographs with people instead of other things as I think this works best and this is also more suitable for my theme as I would have to get the models facial expression to convey fear which wouldnt be possible if I was using a hand for example. I managed to include all of the images I found most inspirational to me for this project as I really loved the way they looked and felt that these worked really well using the different effects, especially when considering the fear theme as they are very well suited to it and have given me lots of fresh ideas that I can take for my own photographs. I find that a lot of the Scanography images are really suitable for this theme and I can do a lot with them as I can experiment and use props to add drama or interest to the images. I also felt that the multiple exposure idea could mix really well with Scanography and work really well as I can easily show fear through this with use of a model and effects on the images when editing at a later stage. Overall I had really loved both of these styles and I have come to the conclusion that I could potentially use both styles as I could take the main picture using the Scanography method and then overlay that image with another making it a mix of Scanography and multiple exposure. My final slide shows a mixed mood board showing my final plans for my photographs showing what themes and methods I am going to be using. I will be using Scanography and then overlaying that with images of landscapes similar to the ones I have shown as an example on the slide as I think this will blend really well and make a really interesting final photo. I have also included an image of a skull as I think that this could blend really well with the Scanography images, however I would only partly cover the face with this type of image as I would want the Scanography effect to be visible.