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Similago is founded on operation speed practicality, safety, hygiene and precision, its details have been dissolved in a perfect manner and furthermore it is a status symbol.

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  • 1. Digital Re-print - September | October 2011 Milling technology redefined Grain & Feed Milling Technology is published six times a year by Perendale Publishers Ltd of the United Kingdom. All data is published in good faith, based on information received, and while every care is taken to prevent inaccuracies, the publishers accept no liability for any errors or omissions or for the consequences of action taken on the basis of information published. Copyright 2010 Perendale Publishers Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior permission of the copyright owner. Printed by Perendale Publishers Ltd. ISSN: 1466-3872 NEXT PAGE
  • 2. FEATURE FEATURE MILLING TECHNO LOGY by Suzan Sert, Area Sales Specialist, Alapala Machine Industry Trade Inc, Turkey REDEFINED S imilago is founded on operation for which no practical or maximum cleaning no re-calibration for any other product. For control purposes, an isolated door feeding roller section can be accessed by A dispensing hoe is provided at the speed practicality, safety, hygiene could not be ensured in the most rapid Practical use is enhanced through special with double walls (Alapala design) is pro- opening the front door and the automatic back for evenly distributing the product and precision, its details have way until today, this device provides the software solutions, graphics and a touch- vided. This door operates with a weight sliding of the feeding rollers to the front and on the roller surface and a feeding been dissolved in a perfect manner and opportunity to perform rapid cleaning in screen, which asked the question: what else system without a latch and it can be quickly above and allows for easy cleaning. system, equipped with specially profiled furthermore it is a status symbol. a maximum way. It uses either a vacuum would a wheat kernel, a miller, the com- mounted/dismounted without any bolted spreader cylinder and manually adjusted cleaner or by wiping out up to the dismount- panys boss or the end consumer wish for? connection. Product intake and product trap-door for setting the spreading The disassembling of a roll set and assem- able inlet compartment via its window. Note: Its power, durability, simplicity for being For maximum hygiene, all surfaces are feeding system thickness of the product, is provided bling of another roll set is performed within this compartment can be opened forwards easily comprehended by anyone adds to smooth to prevent dust catching and even A transparent polycarbonate glass is pro- at the front. In single- and double-deck 20 minutes; the roll set is applied to a simple and upwards automatically and is easily its aesthetic, additional performances and the remotest parts are designed to allow vided, which can be easily dismantled from models of Similago the same frame is vehicle by being lifted via a mechanism used cleaned by opening the cover on the top additional efficiencies which are proven addi- easy access and quick cleaning. outside, for cleaning without the need to used for 250mm and 300mm diameter without performing any other process, thus tional advantages. Especially the inaccessible chamber in dismantle the intake pipe or any other part. rollers. the compartment is dismounted easily from underneath from the feeding roll and from Similago: Functional parts the main rolls. The carrier frame is a desk type. TheApart from conventional User will not look into the machine from bearings and rollers are directly mountedfeeding systems, for which no behind a glass cover anymore and must not onto the frame. It is machined with CNC as a open a glass cover for cleaning the external whole with precision parallelism and is madepractical or maximum cleaning surface. of high strength special quality carbon steel in This is a standard structure that can be a welded structure.could not be ensured in the applied to standard chassis on single-deck It has a sturdy construction and provides and double-deck models. Moreover, on high efficiency, high performance, effectivemost rapid way until today the same body, a montage of 250mm and and efficient operation that is reliable and 300mm rolls can be implemented. long servicing, precision and strong in struc- Especially setting and positioning preci- ture, complete sealing and requires little sion of roll spaces and the position repeat maintenance. on every machine without utilising any other precision have achieved values that could not In the hygienic milling chamber, the rollers external lifting mechanism; furthermore, in be accomplished before and this provides an differentially driven by special profiled belt the assembling stage, all these details are opportunity of top setting automation on the and pulley group - with tensioning pulley realised with practical solutions without the same structure. carry out the milling operation. use of any special tool. However, although a feeding automation The overheating of the rollers is controlled Hygienic conditions have been ensured product level control is performed with by means of the air circulation delivered by to all internal surfaces at an utmost degree. several different methods, this has been dis- the aerodynamic structure and the chamber Apart from conventional feeding systems, solved with a user-friendly system requiring is free of dust-catching corners and details. 24 | September - october 2011 Grain &feed millinG technoloGy Grain &feed millinG technoloGy September - october 2011 | 25
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