Millinery Craft Projects Guide

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A guide that will show you how to quickly and easily make some great headwear with 3 great millinery craft ideas.

Transcript of Millinery Craft Projects Guide

  • Millinery Craft Projects Guide
  • Millinery Craft Projects Guide Three Great Handmade Millinery Crafts You Can Make Making your own millinery crafts can be a fun way to experiment with materials, exercise your creativity and make something unique. In this guide, we will show you some quick and easily millinery crafts that you can make your at home. All you need are a few materials, which you can order online via our website. On a rainy afternoon you can have hours of fun putting together these great crafts. Here are three great millinery craft ideas that you can make quickly and easily: Attach a Comb Supplies: Comb Fascinator Base Thread in a Matching Colour Needle
  • Millinery Craft Projects Guide 1. Start by double threading the thread through the needle and securing it with a knot. 2. Decide which angle and position you would like to use for your fascinator base.
  • Millinery Craft Projects Guide 3. Start your stitching on the far left side, on the last tooth of the comb. Stich back and forth in order to secure the comb safely to the fascinator base. Make stiches in the opposite direction, as shown in the photo, to create a backwards letter L shape.
  • Millinery Craft Projects Guide 4. Secure the thread and tie it off. 5. Repeat the same process that you just completed, in mirror image on the right side of the comb. You can also use a glue gun to attach a strip of petersham over the top of your comb to cover all of the stiches.
  • Millinery Craft Projects Guide Attach a Veil Supplies: Fascinator base meter of veiling A Needle Matching thread 1. Start by double threading the needle and securing the thread together with a knot.
  • Millinery Craft Projects Guide 2. Decide the length of the veil you desire, which will allow you to determine how much veiling you will need to cut. 3. Gather the veiling in the centre and stitch it together to secure. Or, use the raw edge if it is shortened. 4. Once you have gathered all of the veiling together, you can centre it on the headpiece and choose the right angle. When it looks right, stitch it onto the base.
  • Millinery Craft Projects Guide 5. Gather the veiling from the right side and attach it to the base on the right side. 6. Repeat the same with the left side, gathering the veiling together and attaching it.
  • Millinery Craft Projects Guide Make sure that the ripples and gathers in the veiling curve away from you face. This ensures that it will not be too close and it will not irritate your skin or your eyelashes.
  • Millinery Craft Projects Guide Steampunk Top Hat Millinery Supplies: A Needle A Top Hat Base Matching Thread A Total of One Metre of Trimming Steampunk Accessories Peacock Feathers A Hairband Chain
  • Millinery Craft Projects Guide 1. Double-thread the thread through the needle and secure it together with a knot. 2. Attach the trim around the base of the hat. Secure the trim at the area where you will be added your accessories. 3. Stitch together three peacock feathers onto the hat, in any arrangement that you would like.
  • Millinery Craft Projects Guide 4. Choose some steampunk accessories and sew them together where you would like them to be placed. 5. Attach the hair band to the top hat. Check out our demo on hairband attachment for some tips.
  • Millinery Craft Projects Guide Dont use even arrangements of feathers they end up looking too symmetrical. Always check the way that the hat looks in the mirror or on a mannequin head along each step of the way. Have Fun Making Millinery Crafts! These are just three fun and creative millinery craft ideas that you can make yourself. All of the materials can be found at your local craft shop or online for an affordable price. By making your own millinery crafts you'll ensure that you end up with a unique headpiece that will really stand out at your special occasion. Click the link below to visit our online shop, where all materials used are available to purchase. Vibes and Scribes Arts and Crafts Supplies Specialists