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MILL FIXTURE BASESCast Iron For mounting on a T-slotted machine table, see Sure-Lock Fixture Keys and T Nuts. FEATURES: Perfect start for a small-tomedium-size milling fixture. Top surface is ground flat and parallel to the bottom within .002" TIR. Ready to mount on virtually any milling machine, reducing tooling cost and lead time considerably. Thick, reinforced cast iron construction provides excellent rigidity. MOUNTING: Each base is jig bored for two Sure-Lock Fixture Keys. Slotted tangs are useful for fastening to the machine. SIZES: Available in four standard fixture sizes see Dimensions page for part numbers, and Size Comparison page for a group photo of all sizes: 6 x 9" 8 x 12" 10 x 15" 12 x 18" MATERIAL: Gray cast iron, ASTM class 40. This item will no longer be available after our existing inventory is sold.



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