Midi editing: Quantization

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Transcript of Midi editing: Quantization

1. MIDI editing: QuantizationEmmanuel Lpez-Pinto 2. Introduction With this presentation Im going to show you how to quantize a midi recording using FLStudio 10. Quantization is used to time recorded notes in the right place as ourperformance cant be completely accurate. This lesson belongs to week 2 of Introductionto music production at coursera.org . 3. Midi Instrument To be able to quantize ourmidi recording, we need toopen a new instrument orsound coming from asynthesizer or plugin. In thiscase Im going to useNexus. In the picture youcan see how to open anyof our plugins in FL. 4. Midi Instrument There is a lot of presets touse. I will just use the firstone as it is a simple melodywhat I want to do. Thislesson can be done withany other plugin. 5. Piano Roll Now its time record themelody. We have to openthe piano roll, click in therecord button (next toplay and pause) and justplay the melody on ourMIDI device or PCkeyboard. My result wasthis sound. 6. Quantization Once the recording is done, Ipressed ALT+Q to open thequantizer. We can see that notesnow are fixed in the tempo lines.Sometimes the quantizer doesntgive us the results we need sowe can play with some settingslike sensitivity knob to look for ourgoal melody. Now the melodysound like this. 7. Reflection I always preferred to use my mouse to create the perfect timed melody so I was neverreally aware about how quantization works. I knew about it but just preferred to use mymouse. With this lesson now I know more about quantization and its parameters.