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  • 1. 1 TNK-BPs TNK BP approach for attracting top hfi graduate talent and creating a pipeline for tomorrows employeestomorrow s Olga Zuykova Director, Corporate Learning and Development ,p g p TNK-BP Management

2. 2University Relations Program Goals, Objectives and Principles Program Goals Attract top graduate talent and create a pipeline for tomorrows employees Develop Universities potential and capabilities, motivate them to provide TNK-BP withthe graduates we need.Program Objectives Key Projects 2007 - 2008 Recruitment of1.TNK-BP tender University Grants Competition best b t graduates d t 2.TNK-BP Master-classes 2 TNK BP Master classes for students of Oil and Gas Universities. 3.Target agreement program. Summer internship program. Improvement of 4.Joint Master's degree programs for Russian Universities in tuition quality co-operation with l ditiith leading fforeign U ii Universities in k iti i key technical disciplines: TNK-BP IFP+Gubkin University, TyumenSOGU+RHUL Employment Brand p y Heriot-Watt+TPU 5.TNK-BP Training Centre in IrSTU Program PrincipleEffective investments To ensure measurable return on investment for the right UniversitiesLed and controlled by Strong Governance TNK-BP 3. 3 Round table with Universities cooperation formatFirst round table with Universities (08.06.2006)Second round table with Universities (14 12 2007) U iiti (14.12.2007) 4. 4 University Program Development:ygp 2004-2007 Recruitment Program for RegionsTNK-BP Program for Target Students Tt St d t MSc TGNGU Royal Holloway University TNK-BP Grants Master classes in Partner UniversitiesTraining Center at Irkutsk Technical UniversityIrk tsk Uni ersitTagret ProgramRecruitment of Target Group Young Specialists Cambridge scholarship MSc TPU - Heriot-WattMSc Gubkin University IFPCorporate offer2004 20052006 2007 2008 5. 5 TNK-BP Grants to RF oil and gas g UniversitiesBrief description:pOn a competitive basis we sponsor complex projects with the purpose toimprove the quality of education in the key disciplines: Public tender for oil and gas Universities under support of Ministry of Education and Science Company Expert Group and Expert Committee makes decisions on the right investments Goals:Participate in the higher education system reform Improve the quality of education in the area of oil production and refining Build partnership between the Company and high school Budget: 2007 USD 2.5 M (transferred for 18 projects at 10 partner universities) 2008 USD 3.5 M (21 project at 11 universities) 6. 6 N- Grants to Universities first results Key changes at Universities : Universities accepted and approved principles of partnership with TNK-BP They adopted a project approach to investments, transparency of project expenses Now they are motivated to customise the training programs to meet TNK-BP needs and requirementsExamples o first results o 13 TNK-BP sponsored p oj p s ofssu s of 3 spo so d projects :s Exploration and field development qualitative training changes will take place at 5 partner universities 4 new modelling laboratories, upgrade of 2 exploration training fields;g ; Refining Russian Oil and Gas University the main supplier of process and mechanical engineers for TNK-BP is adopting training practices using refinery virtual environment Drilling 4 partner universities are adopting training practices using multipurpose simulators HSE 3 universities are implementing innovative multimedia t i i iiti ilti i ti ltidi training complexes i l in HSE. 7. 7 TNK-BP Master Classes at Universities Description: Open interactive training event for senior students Being conducted by the group of TNK-BP experts 23 per. in 6 partner Universities Goals: For students: TNK-BP as a company; employment and development opportunities. Modern international technologies and practices used at the Company For TNK BP F TNK-BP: Attractive employment brand among graduates New, interesting ideas from students Identify students knowledge gaps and determine the future focus of TNK BPs technical students TNK-BP sprogram for students Results : 2007 27 master classes in 7 key disciplines 2008 15 master classes (20 master classes to be held till the YE)TNK-BP TNK BP is the most attractive employer among Russian oil and gas companies - independent survey conducted in 7 Partner Universities in December, 2007 8. 8 Irkutsk Training Centre Goals:Set up a modern training center to provide high quality training in key disciplines toVCNG employees and students of the Irkutsk State Technical University and to covertechnical organizational capability gaps in the regionDone: Facility capable of running TNK-BP corporate training in Irkutsk L bLaboratory, technical and methodological facilities f t h i l t i it t h i l d th d l i l f iliti for technical training Train-the-trainer programs Organizational Capacity Development for the longer term Results Modern technical training for East Siberia Subsidiaries D illi Drilling safety and performance improvementf tdfi t Additional classes leadership skills and English language Budget, $: 2006 400K2007 750K2008 1400KFrom 2009 - 1000K 9. 9 Herriot-Watt / Tomsk PU Graduates Program Goals:Attract the best RM and PE t l t i t TNK BPAtt t th b tdtalents into TNK-BP Build and maintain the attractive employer brand of TNK-BP Before employment in TNK-BPB f l t i TNK BPSelection of future employees starts right after TPU-HW selectionOn-going monitoring of students learning achievementsInternships in TNK-BP during the programInvolvement of Technology Line Managers who participate in Team and Individual Projects appraisal sessions as well as Communication sessions, Master Classes with students/graduates After employment in TNK-BP Development program: 15 days of technical training + participation in ThreeThreehorizons Essential work on three various projects during three years Coaches and KPI Development options and further assignments are based on competencyassessments, performance and development appraisals Budget: $850k per year 10. 10TSOGU / RHUL Geoscience DualDiploma PDi lProgram Aim of ProgrammeEstablish a world-class Geoscience Masters Degree Program at Tyumen State Oil and Gas UniversityDone Distinct department in a separate building to deliver a unique World class curriculum customised to the needs of TNK-BP High quality teachers with international experience Best graduates from RF universities Geoscience competencies: integrated approach to complex objectives solution at thep g pppj Geoscience and Field development competences Expected ResultSerious improvement of the Geoscience and Field development competence level Budget, $: 2007 - 1164 k 2008 - 2800 k2009 - 900 k 11. 11Graduate Recruitment 500 Development and operation of oil & gas 50 fields 11052 101010Oil & gas geology4008 30 10 32 17 Oil & gas well drilling 41100 52106300 Fuel and hydrocarbon chemical12 237230 technology 41 33 4860 Power industry200 49 68344035HSE21 1072 Economic management of oil & gas100 23 149 160industry at plants. Accounting. 9093Information and computer technology02005 20062007 2008Other Intake across key specializations Year2005200620071. Tyumen State Oil & Gas University [TSOGU] 2. 2Samara St t Technical UniversityS State T h i l U i it Total young 3. Gubkin Russian State University of Oil & Gas [RSU] 305 487 474 specialists 4. Ufa State Oil Technical University 5. Tomsk Polytechnical University [TPU] Inc. key179 ( 274 284 6. Irkutsk State Technical University [ISTU] specializationsp59%)) ( (56%) ) ( (60%) ) 7. Moscow State University (Geology Faculty)y( gyy) 8. Arkhangelsk Institute of Oil and Gas (from 2008 year)Inc. partner Intake across other specializationsuniversity 55% 75% 99% 1. MGIMOstudents 2. Higher School of Economics 12. 12Target Training ProgramTarget ProgramTasks of TNK-BP program for target students TNK BP - Pipeline for tomorrow employees 1.Ability to attract the best students We select among the 3th years students - Talents ready to work and familiar with We pay 100% of target training and 70% of commercial the Company training standards and2. Smooth but targeted on-boarding: requirements Additional technical and leadership program3.3 Commitment and loyalty to the Company: Operational and pre-diploma internships 20082009 2010 Trends in selection0%20202020%%%%10 Target intake of the school leavers %40%45 Intake of 3rd year students onto the % 75 Program60%%70 Intake from 5th course 80%% 35%5% 100% 13. 13 Selection Process List of target UniversitiesSelection based on criteria: business-relateddegree/discipline,g/p , academic track record, fluent English Presentation to students; CVs and application formsOn-line tests (numerical andPiloted in verbal reasoning)Drilling DownstreamCase-study Strategy Competency-based in 2006 interview Selection 14. 14 TNK-BP Corporate Development ProgramsOdysseya INSEAD, 3D Top managersASCENTNOVYA VYSOTANOVYA VYSOTA, Middle Middl managers AKTIVPerspectiveFront-line managersThree Horizons Young specialistsUniversity program Graduates