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Diwali 2013 Edition of Michigan Bihar's semi-annual magazine - Vihara

Transcript of MiBihar Vihara Diwali Dhoom 2013

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    MentionMIBihars DiwaliDhoom2013


  • WelcomeByRachna Kumar



    On behalf of the MIBIHAR Committee, I would like to wish you and your family a very happy Diwali. May thefestival of lights illuminate your world with joy, happiness and prosperity.

    We are really excited to lead this wonderful organization in its 2nd year of existence. Your support andencouragement will help our organization grow and become better by promoting camaraderie, communalharmony, Indian culture and values amongst all people of Indian origin in Michigan.

    The Committee and Volunteers of MIBIHAR worked very hard this year to successfully ratify the constitutionand bylaws of Michigan Bihar Friends of Bihar and Jharkhand in Michigan, to accommodate the growingmembership and changing needs of the organization. This year we also filed our first annual report with theState of Michigan.

    We celebrated a very entertaining and well attendedprogram on the occasion of Holi in April 2013. Vasantotsav2013 brought over 300 guests to the Costick Center venuein Farmington Hills. The program was an eclectic mix ofperformances from almost all states in India. Local singingtalents Chitra Sridhar and Amit Deshpande rocked thehouse with their performance! The food, decoration andthe organization was well appreciated by all our guests.

    In July, MIBIHAR organized its annual summer picnic at Boulan Park in Troy. Our guests enjoyed the outdoorfun in a relaxed setting. There was barbeque, bingo and games for all ages till late hours in the evening.During the event, the youth of MIBIHAR joined hands with the National Bone Marrow Registry andregistered more than 40 guests into the registry. This is what we call a social event with a good cause! Ourorganization would like to encourage youth participation in all social, cultural and charitable causes.

  • MIBIHAR took active participation in India Day celebrations in August 2013. Organized by the local umbrellaorganization India League of America, our members proudly participated in the parade alongside variousother prominent Indian organizations here in Michigan. The youth of MIBIHAR participated in the culturalprogram on India Day too!

    We are also proud to announce our participation in the Utsaah A charitable event organized by DetroitIndians for Front Porch, a nonprofit organization serving Detroit children with homework help, tutoring andrecreational activities after school. Utsaah was organized on May 17th 2013 in Farmington Hills. We arefurther promoting their future fund raisers through this circulation of ViharaDiwali Edition2013.

    This year was our second year participating and supporting AIWA Asian Indian Women Association inSeptember. This year AIWA focused on the challenges faced by senior citizens, their wellbeing and ways toprovide them with long term health care and assistance. This event was well attended by MIBIHARcommunity members and we thank them for their support.

    Michigan Bihar Friends of Bihar and Jharkhand in Michigan is really grateful to our children and theirparents, who have contributed their time and effort to make this program successful. Our goal has alwaysbeen to encourage our young talents to perform on stage and volunteer their time for MIBIHAR. Westrongly believe in saying that every child has an enormous potential. And we are proud to be a verychildren centric organization.

    We respectfully thank our members, community volunteers, distinguished guests, advertisers, and sponsorsfor their active participation and support.

    Additionally, we would like to sincerely thank all the committee members for their continued support inmaking this event a success.

    Please enjoy the wonderful program this evening!

    Rachna KumarPresident, MIBIHAR


    Rachna was born in Patna and brought up in New Delhi in India. She has aMaster of Arts and Journalism Degree from the University of Delhi. She ismarried to Saurabh Kumar and has two lovely kids Riya and Sanchit. The familystays in Troy, Michigan.Rachna is a Financial Professional and an active volunteer for severalcommunity service and cultural organizations.

  • Every once in a while, I am asked this question Why do you keep visiting Michigan? My answer: It feels home tome. My association with MiBihar gives me a sense of belonging. The friends of Bihar and Jharkhand in Michigan havealways made me feel home, away from home. To me, MiBihar has certainly succeeded in keeping up to itsconstitutional vision statement: Promote and preserve social & cultural binding among the people of Bihar andJharkhand in Michigan and create a sense of belonging for the future generations of the membership. Working forMiBihar, helping it get to its vision, is a even greater sense of belonging.

    MiBihars event brochure or the semiannual magazine Vihara: Diwali Edition 2013 is an attempt inline with thisvision. The brochure has attracted entries in very diverse categories. This includes short entries like poems to storiesfor serious readers, recipes to a dedicated page on fashion, also several good to knowfacts for everyone.


    Family photos with short introductions of our adult authors havebeen included with most entries. This is to promote binding amongstthe community, by first knowing each other.

    Vihara also intends to help our future generations bind with Indianculture. We are obliged to the parents, who inspired their children tospend time learning and writing about the Indian culture. Havingthese entries published along with their photos, would not only getthem a sense of achievement, but would inspire other youthmembers to explore the Indian system as well.

    This edition also includes entries from two foreign nationalstravelling through India.

    In total, Vihara has published entries from 23 individuals plus ouresteemed sponsors. An effort of this magnitude can never succeedwithout support and motivation from peers. I must thank all of thecommittee members for their continuous support and motivation.Thanks to our cultural committee for preparing the programschedule ahead of time. Special thanks to Kanish and Rachna fortheir support. Thanks to Saurabh for painstakingly proof reading andreviewing on short notice. Thanks to my dear friend C.Thyag Rajanfor helping me with the cover page.

    I hope you enjoy this edition of Vihara. Please bring in your reviews,comments and suggestions to make it a better Vihara in next edition.

    Amit RanjanA brief introduction of myself:

    I was born and brought up at Ranchi, Bihar in India. I got a B.E. Degreefrom BIT Mesra, Ranchi and a Masters from University of Michigan, AnnArbor, USA. I reside in Columbus, Indiana. My immediate family consistsof my parents and two sisters located at Ranchi, MumbaiIndia & KasselGermany.

    I love getting dirty with machines and being behind the wheels. I am alsoan amateur photographer yes! that guy which obscures your view to thefine performances at almost all MiBihar functions.


  • I hadn't planned to travel to Rajgir by car. I'd been asking around Bodhgaya for bus options, but when Ali atthe Hotel Tokyo Vihar heard about it, he said it was a bad idea. "There are bandits," he said. He warned methat a bus might not be safe, and I had reasons to believe him. I'd read the book Rude Awakenings by AjahnSucitto and Nick Scott, a story of a Buddhist pilgrimage that fell apart when the two men were robbed inBiharactually, on the exact road that I would be traveling between Bodhgaya and Rajgir. That's why Iended up hiring Ali to drive me to Rajgir.

    The land we drive past was mostly flat, with a few dramatic hills and small mountains punctuating thehorizon. I watched them go by from the window of Ali's car. We listened to Bollywood music as we drove;Ali had a few collections of Bollywood hits, and he switched the CD a few times.

    One of these mountains is Vulture Peak. Buddhist scriptures tell us that Shakyamuni Buddha deliveredsome of his most pivotal teachings on Vulture Peak, including the Heart Sutra and the Lotus Sutra. It's amajor pilgrimage point for Japanese Buddhists of the Nichiren sect for that reason.

    As we drive, I'm reminded of Bihar's reputation as the wild frontier of India. A news magazine I read in thehotel lobby assured me that the lawlessness has subsided in recent years, but then Ali had warned meabout bus travel. Do I feel safe? I really am not sure.

    Ali is friendly, but softspoken, quiet by nature. It's actually a comforting presence, being in the car withhim, like I don't feel the need to fill up the air with chat. We're just enjoying a ride together.

    As much as I'm afraid of Bihar's reputation, there's also a deep love I feel for the place. I remember talkingto Vineet back in Delhi, hearing his pride in calling Bihar his home state, the history and opportunity forgreatness. There is a sign in Bodhgaya that says, "We walk on ground where Buddha walked. Wherever yougo in the world, say it with pride: I AM BIHARI." I take the sign's advice and say it with pride, pile it on tothe list of things I say with pride: I am Nebraskan, I am American, I am Detroit, I am Canadian, I am Bihari.

    We reach the foot of Vulture Peak, get out of the car and buy tickets for the ropeway. I've been onropeways before, in Haridwar, but this is different. The Haridwar ropeway had carriages for six people. Thecarriage would arrive and stop, and people would file in. Then the door would be secured, and the tramwould move on.

    This ropeway, the one in Rajgir, is just a chair lift. The single chairs are constantly moving, and passengersmust stand where the chair will scoop them up. We wait in line behind a large Indian family. Their teenagedaughter is nervous. She steps to the line with the incoming chair, then jumps away at the last minute.They coach her in Hindi, but she still doesn't want to get on the chair. Three empty chairs pass her beforeshe gets the nerve to get on one. The rest of her family follows.

    I step up. I'm determined not to make a nervous spectacle of myself. The chair pulls in, and I am ready. Ihop on and it lifts me off my feet. As I make the steady climb, I reach for the latch that's supposed to safely(or semisafely) belt me into the seat.

    UptotheVulturePeakByBija AndrewWright


  • I only find a broken hinge, a bent piece of metal where the latch should be. I glance at the chairs comingdown; they all have solid bars against their seats.

    Ali's in the chair coming up behind me. I turn to him, and he smiles and waves. He doesn't know that I'm inperil. But it's a peril against a stunning landscape, like a James Bond movie, so I decide I need pictures.Still, at each moment I look down, I make a quick mental calculation. If I fell right here, I might get caughtby that bush and not hurt too much. If I fell from here, I'd die. It's not too far right now; I could cut mylosses and take a fall right here.

    To be honest, I'm probably not in much danger at all. The chair remains relatively upright, I have both feeton a rest and bars to hold onto if the ride gets bumpy.

    But that doesn't stop my imagination from running away with me. I'm going to die. Here in Bihar. Here onmy way up the Vulture Peak. Without seeing the Peace Pagoda. I'm never going to see America again. Butthen I get a sense of peace. If I die here, I die on ground where Buddha walked. Maybe I'll be reborn herein Bihar. There are worse things that could happen.

    Of course, I reach the top of the lift in one piece. There are a few steps to go up to the Peace Pagoda, alsoknown as the Shanti Stupa.

    Just below the stupa, there's a field of gravel. Dozens of people are milling around in the gravel, drawingdesigns, moving gravel into little piles. I see a word written in the sand: AMERICA. I wonder who wrote it.Perhaps a pilgrim like me scratched it there, wishing for blessings for his homeland. Or perhaps it waswritten by a student from Patna University or IIT, who is praying the Buddha will help him get a visa, a job atGM, a house in the suburbs of Detroit. To me it's a reminder: this is your home.

    We walk the steps toward the Peace Pagoda. It seems so different from the other temples I've seen here.Where they are ornate and multicolored, it is mostly a round dome with a spire at the top, and it is purewhite. The color in the scene is provided by the blue sky and green trees, and also the people walkingaround the perimeter. A large group of barefoot travelers are all dressed in shades of orange. Some of theyoung men in the group stop to press onerupee coins to the wall, seeing if they can make the coins stick tothe smooth surface. Others prostrate to the ground before the statues of Buddha.

    After we've seen the Peace Pagoda and the Japanese shrine, we walk back towards the ropeway to returnto Ali's car. He takes my picture with the stupa behind me.

    The people in orange outfits are walking beside us when Ali stops to answer his phone. Behind all theorange crowd there's one old man walking slower. He stops when he passes us and, because Ali's on hisphone, the old man directs his question to me.

    Yeh murti kaun hai? ?

  • It takes me a second. Murtithat's statue, right? He's asking about the statue on the Peace Pagoda.Sri Buddha Hain, I tell him. It's Mr. Buddha.

    Accha, he replies. I've just had my first full conversation in Hindi.

    Ali covers the mouthpiece on his phone and motions to me. Did you take your key?I reach into my pocket, and there it is, a metal tag on a key ring. Hotel Tokyo Vihar Room 108.

    Crap! I say. I forgot to give this to Roshan before we left Bodhgaya.

    No, it's no problem. He explains to Roshan on the phone that the lost key has been found, and I hand itover. We keep walking down the hill.

    On the downhill path, there's a little bazaar of souvenirs and devotionals, where a woman is selling stringsof prayer beads, 108 fragrant sandalwood beads to a string. Back in the Japanese shrine, an old monk inblack robes is doing 108 prostrations to the Buddha. And tonight, when I'm alone in another hotel room, I'llrecite the Great Compassion Dharani, just as I did the night before in Room 108, a Buddhist prayer that I amreciting for 108 days, thinking I've found the key.

    AndrewattheShantiStup Onthewaytothevulturepeak


  • 2cups,Salttotaste,Cuminpowder1/2teaspoon,Mustardseeds,small1/2teaspoon,Freshmintleaves2025+fewforgarnishingMethod:Heatsufficientoilinakadai.CutOkara intothindiagonalslicesanddeepfryinhotoiltillcrisp.Drainonabsorbentpaper.Sprinkleapinchofchaat masalaandtsp ofredchilli powder.Putyogurt,salt,cuminpowder,tsp redchilli powderinabowlandmixwell.Addhalfofthefriedladyfingersandmixwell.Heat1tsp oilinapan.Addmustardseeds,whentheseedssplutter,addittotheyogurtmixture.Addmintleavesandmix.Transferintoaservingbowlandaddtheremainingfriedladyfingers.GarnishwithafewmintleavesandenjoytheBhindi Raita.

    ByVarsha Gangrade

    , ,



    , ,

    M.I. Happy Diwali

    Varsha was born and brought up in MadhyaPradesh in India. She is married to Mr. GovindGangrade and blessed with a beautiful daughterAarushi. Varsha has a Master of Arts degree withmajor in Economics. She loves to sing, dance, readand write.A quote from Varsha: Dont blame anyone in life.Good people leave you with happiness, bad peoplewith experience, worse people with lesson andbest people with memories. Make the best out ofeach one of them.

    "Bhindi RaitabyVarsha GangradeIngredients:Okara (bhindi)200grams,Oil1teaspoon+fordeepfrying,Chaat masalaapinch,Redchilli powder3/4teaspoon,Thickyogurt

  • MichiganBiharisproudtosupportMr.Lalit Sethi,inhiseffortstoservethelocal



  • MiBihar congratulatesRajani Sinha forReceivingPioneerAwardatWomenofColorSTEMConference

    The Pioneer Award recognizes innovative leaders who have worked in their profession for a remarkablelength of time, creating a social and economic impact in their field. Awardees have spearheaded majorprojects and assignments, broken barriers, and have made professional gains in fields that many womenhave not occupied.

    Rajani is currently responsible for managing the Plant Supply systems, supporting 14 assembly and 10manufacturing plants in the US, Canada and Mexico. She is involved in working collaboratively with Fiat todefine common converged processes, tools and systems to manage all plants in order to build, design,manufacture and sell the vehicles anywhere in the world. Rajani has a wellestablished background ininformation technology with over 20 years experience.

    The 2013 Women of Color STEM conference is a multicultural event for women in scientific and technicalcareers. The conference features several key speakers who will address the underrepresentation of womenin these disciplines. The conference will also host training seminars that will highlight important topics suchas leadership and professional skills, diversity and inclusion, technical leadership and innovation and careeroutlook.

    Tyrone D. Taborn, CEO of Career Communications Group, calls the awards longdeserved recognition fortalented women. "These women are outstanding achievers in very competitive fields where women do notalways get a fair shot at leadership positions," Taborn says.

    "Women make up more than half of the population of this country and are receiving more than half of thecollege degrees, yet too many women in todays work force are trapped in lowpaying and lowgradeleveljobs," Taborn adds. "Given the growing diversity of the current work force, employers must commit not onlyto leveling the playing field but also to addressing those inequalities that limit women from achieving theirfull career potential."

    Women of Color magazine is published by Career Communications Group (CCG), the leader in celebratingdiversity and promoting equal opportunity for minorities and women in the fields of science, technology,engineering and mathematics (STEM). CCG provides leadership in talent management and careerdevelopment, enabling employers to recruit, retain, and recognize highly qualified minorities.

    Source: Career Communications GroupPRLog Global Press Release DistributionDated: Sep. 12, 2013

    Rajani Sinha, Manager, Plant Supply Systems, Chrysler Group LLC, has beenselected to receiveWomen of Color Magazines Pioneer Award at the 18th AnnualWomen of Color Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Conferencein Dallas, Texas.

  • Food:ADifferentKindofPredatorbyRiya KumarFood is one of the building blocks of life, but for some it can also be deadly.

    For many people around the world eating one small morsel of the wrong food can be

    detrimental. Cramps, trouble breathing, vomiting and even death are some, not even all of

    the symptoms sufferers of food allergies can go through. After a recent study done in the

    US, it has been found that food allergies are on the rise. However, assessing the frequency

    of food allergies is easier said than done.

    Navratri messagefromAdishreeIamAdishree,9yrs oldandIliveinSylvaniaOhio.Iamingrade4.Ilovedance,musicandreading.IlearnKarateandsoccerismy

    favoritesports.IhavelittlesisterAnushree.Navaratri isthecelebrationofMaa Durga victoryoverseriesofpowerfuldemonsintheDeviMahatmya.Duringthisfestival,for9days,weworshipMaa Durga.Ontheeightday,wecelebrateDurgasthami andonthetenthdaywecelebrateDashara.Outofthis,welearnthatbydoinggoodthingswewillsucceedinlife.

    One of the main problems of identifying a food allergy is that society and scientists havent

    come to a consensus on the exact definition of food allergies. In fact, societal and scientific definitions are

    the farthest from identical. Therefore, finding firm figures of those affected is deemed almost impossible.

    Not only that, but food allergies can lose prevalence over the course of ones life. For example, milk allergies

    are mostly prevalent in young children who will most likely grow out if it by their teenage years. More

    importantly, it is very difficult to find the underlying cause of the symptoms one faces when they eat a

    certain food. It could be the food itself or some other factor entirely.

    In an age of globalization food has also been affected. People dont just migrate, but their

    foods do too. In the new age it has become common for families to adopt exotic diets making tracking

    down food allergies that more challenging. Speaking as a sufferer of food allergies these conditions make

    honing in on what affects your body much, much harder. Therefore, if you feel a tingle on your tongue after

    you eat walnuts, or you get a rash on your arms after you eat strawberries, dont diagnose yourself, but

    make an appointment with an allergist. With all these changes in culture and the world it is a fact that food

    allergies are on the rise. A common misconception is that food allergies are something youre born with,

    but that is not true. Everyday people develop food allergies so you can too. It is up to you to protect

    yourself. If youre sorry that you ate shellfish, petrified of peanuts or coughing over coconuts, get help now.

    As a person with many food allergies, it was the best decision I ever made.

  • TENQUOTESFROMAMERICANPRESIDENTS byShikha Raman It is better to be alone than in bad company George Washington Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried

    before you give them your confidence. George Washington Old minds are like old horses; you must exercise them if you wish to keep them

    in working order. John Adams When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government

    fears the people, there is liberty. Thomas Jefferson If men were angels, no government would be necessary. James Madison Wherever there is interest and power to do wrong, wrong will generally be

    done. James Madison All men profess honesty as long as they can. To believe all men honest would

    be folly. To believe none so is something worse. John Quincy Adams











    24th.to28th.Presidents Cleveland,McKinley,Roosevelt,TaftandWilsonwereelectedsequentiallyandalphabetically.

    Heaven will be no heaven to me if I do not meet my wife there. Andrew Jackson Any man worth his salt will stick up for what he believes right, but it takes a slightly better man to acknowledge

    instantly and without reservation that he is in error. Andrew Jackson Frequently the more trifling the subject, the more animated and protracted the discussion. Franklin Pierce

    Sri. Pramod NandanPrasad retired as theExecutive Director(Comm.) from SteelAuthority of IndiaLimited. He is the fatherof Samir Kumar, SaurabhKumar & Shilpi Ramanand has 7 grandchildren.He enjoys singing,reading & solving Mathpuzzles.

  • MyHappyDiwali(FromStuti Sinha ,Grade2)



    Itmightcomeallthewayfromspace.ButitdoesntgothathighAndhappyDiwalitoMIBIHARAndyoutooandmyfamilyHaveagreatdayatMIBIHARDussehra DiwaliDhoom..

    10AmazingScienceFacts(FromSatyamSinha Grade 4)1. TheUniversecontainsover100billiongalaxies.2. EveryhourtheUniverseexpandsbyabillionmilesinall

    directions.3. 1million,millions,millionthofasecondafterthebigbang,the

    Universewasthesizeofapea.4. Eventravellingatthespeedoflightitwouldtake2millionyrs.

    ToreachthenearestlargegalaxyAndromeda.5. Everysecondaround100lightningboltsstriketheEarth.6. Thespeedoflightisgenerallyroundeddownto186,000mps.7. Inexacttermsitis299,792,458ms (equalto186,287.49mps)8. Ifyoudriveacarstraightupyouwouldarriveinspacejustover

    anhour.9. In5billionyrs.,theSunwillrunoutoffuelandturnintoared

    giant.10. Anindividualbloodcelltakesabout60secondstomakea


    SwatiwasbroughtupinDarbhanga,BiharinIndia.SheholdsaMasterofScienceDegreeinZoologyfromScienceCollege,Patna.Sheenjoysreadinghindi novelsandwatchingoldclassicmovies.SwatiismarriedtoSanjeev Sinha with4thgraderSatyamand2ndgraderStuti.SatyamisaseniorredbeltofTaekwondo.Stuti's introductioninherownwords:"Hi,IamStutiSinha.Iamingrade2.IhaveaelderbrotherandlotsofcousininIndia.MyparentsarefromIndiabutIwasborninAmerica.IalwayswanttobeadoctorlikeoneofmybigbrotherinIndia.SoIamreallycuriousbeingdoctor.Ireallylikemyparents.HappyDiwalitoMIBIHARfamily..!!!"










    6:30 PM CULTURAL PROGRAM**********************************************************************************************

    CULTURAL PROGRAMCultural Coordinators: Shilpi Raman & Namita Mohan

    Master of Ceremony: Ashwini Dole

    1. NATIONAL ANTHEMArushi ChandrakApure & Harini Vijay

    2. Program inauguration lighting of Diya

    3. Diwali Diya DanceSwati Sinha, Manisha Chandra & Vinita Keshri

    4. GANESH KAUTHVAMChoreographer Dhanya kumar

    Abhinaya School of DanceNamrata Desai, Sangeeta Desai & Aditi reddy

    5. RHYTHMSChoreographer radhika Acharya

    Nupur Academy of DanceTanvi Deshmukh, Vedika Aigalikar, Anindita Manchala,

    Pavani Chilukuri, Riya Kumar, Preethi Gorla, Lakshmi Meyappan & Renuka Murthi

    6. LAG GAYI LOTTERY - FUKREYChoreographer anupama heroor

    Aryan Goswami, Anjali Sunkara, Surya Ravi, Ryan Guglani,Nikhil Nair, Pratyush Neelakantan, Vyom Kashi, Prakurti Rao,

    Kyra Zachaias & Ashwika Bairaboena

    7. CHAK-DHUM-DHUM & DHOOM MACHALEChoreographer shreya raman

    Satyam Sinha, Stuti Sinha, Kanush Singh & Yuvraj Singh

    8. BALAM PICHKARIChoreographer anupama heroor

    Aanya Singh, Aanvi Arora, Varnika Guglani, Geneva JoshuaSneha Nandimandalam, Saachi Mahendrakar, Varin Senthil

    Pranav Gunna, Ajitesh Venkatesh, Yash Govind & Nishit Palepu

  • 9. BHANGRA DANCE GROUPChoreographer Varsha Ambardekar

    Vaidehi Ambardekar, Vrushali Ambardekar, Saloni Singhal, Prisha Grover, Vaydehe Parmar, Amishi Taneja

    10. BATTAMEEZ DILChoreographer anupama heroor

    Aryan Singh, Akhil Tatineni, Praneel Pillariasetty,Sudhanva Pulvender & Priyanka Pulvender

    11. RACE 2Choreographer anupama heroor

    Lekhana Katuri, Sumedha Mudri, Shreya KalyanAanika Sunkara, Mariska Goswami, Nandini Lakshminarayanan

    Nithya, Riya Gone & Sneha Vayugandla

    12. DANCE FUSIONChoreographer Anjana Gandhi

    Bollywood Fusion Dance AcademyAnjana Gandhi & Natasha Gandhi

    13. KATHAK DANCEChoreographer Manisha Dongre

    Taal AcademyParasar Athmakuri & Anagha Srivatsa

    14. GANAPATHY BAPPA MORYAChoreographer renny joy

    iDanZ - School of Modern dancePrathik Hosalli, Prahalad Bhagavatula, Shikha Raman

    Shreya Raman, Shubham Tiwari, Avani Samandur, Samantha SwamyParnika Kumar, Riya Kumar & Sanchit Kumar


    THE GRAND FINALESingers - Namrata Jha, Vivek Ambardekar,

    Madhupriya & Kanish MohanTabla: Pranav Vijay

    Dj dance By Dj Bhavdeep 'Micky' Singh& DINNER


  • ChineseBhel Recipe fromNamys Kitchen!

    IngredientsBhel:1&1/2cupscrispynoodles1tablespoonOliveOil3/4mixedveg.(chopped onion,carrot,cabbage,celery,green/red/yellowbellpepper)1tsp chatmasala1/4tsp tomatosauce/ketchup1tsp chilisauce1/2tsp soyasauce1/2tsp vinegarIngredientsCrispyNoodles:100gm (approx.1/4lb)noodles5cupswater2tsp salt1tsp OliveOil2tsp allpurposeflourMethodforcookingcrispynoodles:Boilthewaterinabigpan.AddnoodlesandsaltSeparatenoodleswithaforkCookitfor23minutesWashwithcoldwaterAdd2/3tsp ofallpurposeflour.Mixwell.Spreaditonanevensurfacefor34hoursDeepfrythenoodlestillitturnslightbrownMethodforcookingmouthwateringcrispycrunchyChineseBhel:HeattheoilinaPantillitsmokesAddthemixedveg.andsautonamediumflamefor1minuteAddcrispynoodlesAddthechatmasala,addallsauceandvinegar,whilestirringcontinuouslyServeimmediately

    10MustknowwordsinBiharsDictionaryBy Shailesh Raman

    Bhakchonhar (Noun)EnglishMeaning: AstupidincompetentpersonHindiMeaning: BewakoofExample: , ,

    Bhamorna (Verb)

    EnglishMeaning: StingmassivelyHindiMeaning: Buri tereh dunkmaarnaExample:

    Bhothar (Adjective)EnglishMeaning: BluntHindiMeaning: Dhaar rahitExample: , ,

    Chimchimmi (Noun)EnglishMeaning: PlasticbagHindiMeaning: PanniExample:

    Dheeth (Noun)

    EnglishMeaning: Apersonwhoneverlearnsnomatterhowmanytimesyoupunishthem

    HindiMeaning: ThettharExample: ,

    Ethi (Pronoun)EnglishMeaning: This/ThatHindiMeaning: Ye/WoExample: ? ?

    Garda(Adjective)EnglishMeaning: AwesomeHindiMeaning: DhaansuExample:

    Khakhorana (Verb)EnglishMeaning: ScratchHindiMeaning: KharochnaExample: ?

    Labarlabar (Noun)EnglishMeaning: ToomuchtrivialtalkHindiMeaning: BaatoonipanExample: , ?

    Tani (Adjective)EnglishMeaning: LittleHindiMeaning: ThodaExample: ,

    Namita comes from Patna, Bihar in India. She has a degreein human psychology. She is a university topper, yet chose tobe a homemaker for her current phase of life. During herleisure, Namita loves to invent delicious mouth wateringrecipes.Namita is married to Kanish Mohan. The couple is blessedwith the world's cutest daughter, Kashvi.

  • India:UnexpectedIntrigueByMollyElizabethMardit

    I never thought I would visit India. It isnt that I never wantedto, but rather that I was unsure that I would ever come up thefunds for such a trip. In my final year of studies at a Jewishhigh school, I learned of a program called Kivunim, which isHebrew for directions, and immediately I was intrigued. Theeight month program involved coursework, volunteering, andtraveling within Israel, in addition to travels to countrieswithin which the Jewish people have developed, flourished,and enriched themselves. I applied for the program and wasselected to participate, along with 18 others, in what has beenand probably will remain, the most unforgettable experienceof my life.

    Prior to our trips abroad, we studied the history and politicaldevelopments of the target country, and not only informationwhich was specific to the Jewish experience. Guest lecturerswould present the relevant information to us, often backed upby years of fieldwork and personal experience (many wereJews from these countries whom had later immigrated toIsrael). I recall my excitement building as the India trip neared.Our guest lecturer brought in a salwar kameez, which I rushedto try on. I was convinced after doing so, that this style suitedme and my stylistic preferences, and that it would beworthwhile for me to buy a salwar kameez once in India. Afterour meal in Jerusalems Ichikidana restaurant, and adiscussion with its owner about the things we were about toexperience in India, I was prepared to be thrilled.

    So much happened in only 12 days of our travel. My monthlong congestion had cleared up within three days of myarrival, which I accredit to the spiciness of Indian cuisine.Many a time on the bus, I was left wondering how it waspossible that we had not yet gotten into an accident, given the

    Molly is an undergraduate student at TheUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She ismajoring in International Studies andminoring in Music.Molly is a seasoned internationaltraveler. She loves learning from theplaces she visits and the people shemeets. She has served as a communityvolunteer in Israel, where she worked ata multicultural preschool.Molly aspires to pursue InternationalLaw or Ethnomusicology as her careerpath. She is originally from HuntingtonWoods, Michigan, and now resides inAnn Arbor.

    constant hustle and bustle on the roads. Our driver shouldve been given a award for averting what always seemedto me, to be certain disaster. I recall sly and meddling monkeys near the Taj Mahal, whom it was difficult for me notto want to pet and feed. An earlymorning boat ride along the Ganges in Varanasi, while our guide Dadaji sangsome religious hymns and prayers, added to the heightened spiritual feeling that I carried with me throughout theday. The natural beauty in Kochi was aweinspiring, though the sunscreen and bug repellent cremes I rubbed ontomy fair skin hung onto it heavily, never being absorbed due to the humidity in the air. All I could do was laugh aboutit and momentarily curse how prone I was to sunburn. I purchased a relatively simple necklace, featuring a star ofDavid (a Jewish religious symbol) in a small shop in Mumbai, and I wear it daily. In this way, India actually stays withme always.

    Since my return and especially within the past few years, I have found my interest in India and its culture steadilygrowing. As a vegan, Indian cuisine perfectly meets my needs. My preferences for modest fashion have resulted inmy belief that the salwar kameez is perhaps the best style of clothing there is. I have watched too many Bollywoodfilms and have even picked up some Indian English expressions from friends of mine. One even invited me toperform a dance with him last Diwali, and this proved to be one of the most enjoyable events I have taken part in. Iwant to study classical Indian vocal styles as well, and only hope that I can find a teacher nearby with whom I canstudy. I do of course realize, that the best of India is really found there, which means I have no choice but to find away back. I dont know when this will be exactly, but I hope it will be sooner rather than later.

  • HowtofightwinterweatherDepressionByDr. Niru Prasad,MD

    Thereisastronglinkbetweendarkmoods,lethargy,excessiveweightgainanddepressionrelatedtochangeofseasons,especiallyduringthelateautumnandwinter.Thescientistsandresearchersinthepasthavedonemanyexperimentsincooperationwithpsychiatriststoprovethefactsthat: MillionsofAmericansareaffectedduringautumnandwinterwithdepressionsalso

    knownasseasonalaffectivedisorder. Theautumnandwinterbringsdepression,lethargyandcravingforsweets,women


    Majorscientists&psychiatristsmaketheserecommendationstofightseasonalaffectivedisorders:1. Lightupyourlife:Trytogetasmuchlightaspossible


    2. Sincewomenspendmoretimeinkitchenthanmen,makesurekitchenisbrightwithenoughsunlight.Theceilingmercurylightingfixturescontributetobrightkitchenandshouldbepreferredasthemethodoflightingkitchenifpossible

    3. Exerciseoutdoors:Participateinoutdoorwintersportsactivity.Evenanhourofwalkingorjoggingwearingproperclothescanreducedepression.

    4. Eatwellbalanceddiet:Eatingawellbalanceddietwithextraaddedcarbohydratesassnackinformofsweetscanimproveyourmoodwhendepressed.Thesweetsnackshouldnotbemixedwithyourmajorproteinrichmeals.Thecarbohydrateschangebrainchemistrybyreleasingchemicalserotonin aneurotransmitterthatisresponsibleformoodlifting.Thepremenopausalwomenwithseasonalaffectivedisordersalsohavelowlevelofanotherneurotransmitterdopamine,contributingtodepressions.





    Dr.Niru PrasadgothermedicaldegreeinBihar,India.SheiscertifiedinPediatricsandEmergencyMedicine.Dr.PrasadhasauthoredabookcalledHowtoKeepYourChildSafeandHealthy.ThisbookhasbeendistributedtothedevelopingcountriesthroughtheOrphanMedicalNetworkInternational(OMNI).Withtheproceedsofthebook,Dr.PrasadhasstartedacharityfundforblindorphansinherhometownofPatna.Hercharityandherbookhavebeendedicatedtoherparents,Dr.Sadashiv PrasadandSarswati PrasadNiru ismarriedto orthopedicsurgeonDr.Bala Prasad,isthemothertofourchildren&grandmotherofsixgrandsons.

  • Remember:AprilshowersbringMayflowersWinterblastsbringspringjoys.

    Laughteristhebestmedicinetoimproveyourmoodwhenyouaresad: Theheartandlungsarestimulatedwhenyoulaugh. TheamountofoxygeninthebloodisincreasedbecauseofdeeperBreathing. Theheartbeatsfasterandbloodpressuretemporarilyrises. Withlaughingthereisexerciseofmusclesofface,chestandAbdomen. Followingagoodlaughter,thereisaslightdropofpulseandBloodpressure,withrelaxationof

    skeletalmuscleproducingaFeelingofwellbeingandrelaxationwhichlastsabout45minutes. Duringlaughingtherearecaloriesburned,approximately80timesmorethanduringrestingphase.

    4. Getprofessionalhelp:Sincemajororminordepressionsmightalsobeduetoorganiccausessuchasthyroiddisorders,getcompletephysicalcheckup.Thepsychiatristsareusingspeciallightingfixturesfourtimesbrighterthanhouseholdlightingunderwhichthepatientsitsforaminimumof2to4hourseverydaytocurethedepression.

    5. Thinkpositive:Becheerfulandthinkpositive.Sometimesgoingouttoshoppingmallsandlookingatspringandsummerclothescheerupthemood.Remember,ofallkindsofdepressions,thisisthemostbenigntypeandistreatedeasily.Formostpeople,itwillpassbyspringandcanbetreatedsuccessfully.Forthosewhosufferfromseasonalaffectivedisordersthereisrewardofexceptionallygoodsummer.

  • Yt{| wxvwxw




    BeingaFashionDesigner,Ibelievethat fashion,style,

    fads,whattowear,isinterpreteddifferentlybydifferentpeople.Nobodyiswronginwhattowearbutitsthemassappealwhichcreatesthefashionorafadorastyle.PleaseusetheFashionDecoder formakingastylestatementorafadofyourown.

    Payal wasborninMumbai,India.She

    studiedfashiondesigningatNIFT.SheismarriedtoAshish Singhwithalovely


  • ! ! , '' , ! , ,

    Cup , ! , , ! , ! - , !


    , ..By Kuldip Bhatt

  • Mr. Tomkinson is a ghost. He lives in Jamtada, one of the most godforsaken places in Bihar. He has lived

    there since 1911, when he was killed in a motor accident. He asks passers by for cakes and biscuits, but

    doesnt harm anyone. He is a genial ghost.

    I happened to visit Jamtada in the summer of 2000. I was a school master then, as I am now. So far as I

    knew, Jamtada was a place where piles of rubbish were the norm, and loafers roamed about. However a

    school master has few choices. So I had to go there, no matter what I felt.

    The story about Mr. Tomkinson was narrated to me by Dasrath, the caretaker of the school where I was an

    'invigilator' of examinations. With no other place to go, I would sleep in Dashrath's room at night, and with

    the light switched off, he would entertain me with spooky tales from across generations. One day he fell to

    talking about Mr. Tomkinson. The following is the text of Dasraths narrative, quoted as I recall it:

    Its quite a strange story master sahib, this business of Mr. Tomkinson. During his time, he was a popular

    figure in the town. He was the magistrate of Jamtada, but unlike other English magistrates, he was kind and

    warmhearted. The town residents could go to him with any problem and he was sure to help as best as hecould.

    Mr. Tomkinson had a wife as sweet and as gentle a white lady as ever set foot in Jamtada. She loved him,he loved her, and all was well. Her name was Mary.

    Now, Mary had a weakness. She could not stand slackness in her servants. As good natured as she was, she

    could be fierce if her orders were not performed with promptness. The servants had to remain very alert to

    obey her commands to perfection, or else they had it. They blamed their despicable situation partly on her

    hotblooded lineage and partly on their rotten fate which had never done them a good turn.Mary had a favourite servantmaid, Dulari, who was very close to her. The reason why Dulari had foundfavour with the Mem saab was that she was quick in her work, never answered back, and was meticulous

    like an ant. She was married to Tomkinson sahib's driver.

    In the month of June, Dulari was seven months pregnant. Mr. Tomkinson and Mary were happy for her.

    Mary did not ask her to do much, just a small chore or two, and to bring her the evening tea. Now

    the tea had among other things her favourite snack English cake and biscuits. It was a special time of herday, and she trusted no one else but Dulari to carry it out to her satisfaction.

    That day was like any other, except that the stock of cakes and biscuits in the house had run out, and Dulari,

    who had not been feeling quite good since morning, forgot to arrange for more. When she realized this in

    the evening, her nerves quivered. There was no servant in the house who could run across to the shop to

    get it, and if she went, she would take a long time, considering her condition.

    ThemagistrateofJamtadaByAbhishek Jha

  • ThemagistrateofJamtada (Contd)ByAbhishek Jha

    She could think of nothing. Her heart began to sink. Suddenly, she heard Mr. Tomksinson coughing in theverandah. She decided to ask for his help. She had never talked to him before. But this was an emergency.

    She went to him with a long ghoonghat pulled over head.

    Sahib, she said meekly.

    Sahib started. What is it, Dulari?

    Sahib, would you mind bringing some cakes and biscuits from the market? They got over and there is noone in the house to bring it. If I do not take them to Memsaab in time, she will be very angry.

    Sahib was taken aback for a few seconds. Then he said, 'Sure thing. I will bring them. You wait awhile. I willbe back soon.'

    At the time this happened, Her Majesty's government had issued new instructions to the officials to keepthe activities of its Indian citizens in check. Mr. Tomkinson liked none of the orders, and was having intricatethoughts while he walked to the market.

    So lost was he, that he did not hear the sound of the motorcar that had moved into the road, right ahead ofhim.

    There was a loud horn, a crashing sound, and Mr.Tomkinson fell on the road, unconscious.

    He passed away the next day.

    Such was his love for the local people that his spiritrefuses to budge from the place, even though the Englishleft long back; He never harms anyone, only asks forcakes and biscuits of people.

    "Is this true? I asked, halfincredulous.'No'

    I gave a start. I could have sworn it was the voice of anEnglishman.

    I promptly switched on the light.

    What happened, master saheb?'

    'Who said 'No' just now? Was it you? '

    Dasrath laughed, ' What master saheb, you seem to bescared by the tale. I told you, he is a good ghost. Sleepcomfortably. And why would someone said 'No'? Everyword of it is true.'

    I put off the light and lay down. I could sense Mr.Tomkinson close by, waiting to pounce on Dasrath.

    Abhishek is a management consultant.

    He is a graduate of National Institute of

    Technology, Jamshedpur & Indian

    Institute of Management , Kolkata in

    India. In his free time he loves to explore

    new places. He is married to Aditi Jha.

    Aditi is a graduate of Birla Institute of

    Technology. She is passionate about

    dancing and Indian culture. The couple

    lives at Farmington Hills.

    They have a son, Ishayyu.

  • MovieTitles BhojpuriDubsTitanic 3Idiots Ghajini

    MissionImpossible MissionImpossible2 ... MissionImpossible3 ...

    Vivah , ....GoneWiththeWind

    Spiderman Spiderman2 Spiderman3

    Bhojpuri Dubs of Movie TitlesBy Shailesh Raman

    Shailesh comes fromMuzaffarpur, Bihar in India. He isa Mechanical Engineer byprofession. He is a wonderfulphotographer, a chef and apassionate Bhojpuri speaker.Shailesh can make people laughin no time.He is married to Shilpi Ramanwith two beautiful daughtersShreya & Shikha.

  • SomeLesserknownfactsaboutCarsbyShailesh Raman The first car was invented in the year 1672 by Ferdinand Verbiest. The first cars did not have steering wheels.

    Drivers steered with a lever.

    Jamshedji Tata was the first Indian to own a car. He bought a car in 1901.

    Worlds first motoraccident was in 1769. The vehicle is still preserved in the Conservatoire Nationale desArts et Metiers in Paris

    The first engine powered car was built in Mannheim, Germany by Karl Benz in 1885.

    The first steam car was invented in 1769 by NicolasJoseph Cugnot in France. The first gasoline automobile was made in 1885 by Karl Friedrich of Germany

    The first auto insurance policy was purchased in in 1897 in Westfield, MA.

    An airbag moves up to 4500 mph within a second when triggered. A force of 200g is generated. They aredesigned to explode at an impact speed of 19 mph. The bag inflates within 40 milliseconds of a crash.

    The Most expensive Car ever sold is 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe with price of $8,700,000.

    Red Cars Are prohibited in Shanghai, China

    Windshield wipers were invented by a woman. And the rear view mirror was devised & first used on a car atthe Indy 500.

    The city with the most Rolls Royces per capita is Hong Kong. Rolls Royce is the only Limo that is actuallymanufactured by a car manufacturer.

    It would take more than 150 years for a car to drive to the Sun from Earth.

    While 53% of car owners wash their car once a month, 16% never wash their cars.

    The biggest speeding fine ever given is $1,000,000 to a guy who was doing 180 mph in Switzerland. Thepenalties are based on the speed and the salary of the driver there.

    FactsAboutDiwalibySanchit Kumar ThenameDiwaliisacontractionofDeepavali whichmeansrowoflamps Firecrackersandfireworksaresetoffbecauseitisbelievedthatitscaresawaytheevil DiwaliisgenerallyassociatedwithGoddessLakshmi,theHindugoddessofwealth MostcountriesandregionsthatcelebrateDiwalihaveadifferentreasonforcelebratingit DiwaliisaofficialholidayinIndia,Nepal,Myanmar,SriLanka,Mauritius,Guyana,TrinidadandTobago,

    Suriname,Malaysia,Singapore,andFijibutitismostpopularinIndia Diwalialsomarksanewfinancialyearinmosthouseholds GamblingduringDiwaliisbelievedtobringgoodluckandprosperityfortherestoftheyear Forfarmers,Diwalimarkstheendofharvestseasonandthecomingofwinter InHinduism,DiwaliiscelebratedtomarkthereturnofLordRamaaftera14yearexileaccordingtoNorth

    Indiantraditionsbutdownsouth,thedeathoftheevilNarakasura atthehandsofLordKrishnaisthemainreasonbehindcelebratingDiwali


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    Sheela Neral,D.D.S.






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