Mi Max 2 - Xiaomi · PDF fileMi Max 2 operates on the basis of MIUI operating system, ......

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Transcript of Mi Max 2 - Xiaomi · PDF fileMi Max 2 operates on the basis of MIUI operating system, ......

  • Mi Max 2



    Tasks Back

    USB Type-C

    Home screen

  • Use Mi Max 2 with pleasure!

    To turn on the device, press and hold the Power button for a few seconds, adjust your Mi Max 2 according to the instructions on the screen.

    Find out more

    Visit en.miui.com and to know more about product.


    Mi Max 2 operates on the basis of MIUI operating system, which is used by 200 million users, even more ergonomic functions, weekly updates, more complete user experience.Visit en.miui.com and find out more.

    VIP-users of Xiaomi

    Visit uvip.xiaomi.cn to confirm the status of VIP-user Xiaomi, enjoy exclusive privileges while making purchases, delivering, providing warranty service, etc.

    SIM-card slot

    The SIM card slot 1 supports Micro-SIM;The SIM card slot 2 supports Nano-SIM or Micro-SD.

    Using two SIM-cards It is not possible to use two SIM cards of China Telecom at the same time, in this case one card will work in 4G network, the other card will not work. In other cases, you can combine maps, the selected card will work on a 4G network, the other on a 2G network.

    User`s Manual

    Open: Phone settings> About phone> Icon in the upper right corner> User manual; Or Phone settings> About phone> Users guide.

    Warranty card of Xiaomi phone

    Information about user

    Name: ___________________ Phone: _____________________Email: __________________ ZIP: _________Address: _____________________________________________________

    Information about the device

    Device model: ___________________________________________IMEI/SN/MEID: _______________________________________________

    Information about store

    Address: _____________________________________________Phone: ___________________________________________Receipt number: ________________________________________Date of purchase: ______________________________________

    Stamp of seller

  • Additional information on security issues

    Before using the phone, please read the safety information for the pledge of correct and safe use. Use of power sources, chargers or batteries, not recommended by the manufacturer, may result in fire and other dangerous consequences. Use only licensed accessories, that are compatible with this device model. The operating temperature of the device is 0 C ~ 40 C, use at an ambient temperature higher or lower, than specified, may cause malfunction. If a non-removable battery is used in the device, do not attempt to replace the battery yourself to avoid damaging the device or battery. The battery can only be replaced by an authorized service center. Charge the device only with the charger, specified by the manufacturer, using chargers with other voltage settings may cause leakage, fire, or damage to the phone or charger. After reaching full charge, disconnect the phone from the charger, and remove it from the power supply. The time for continuous charging should not exceed 12:00 hours. Do not dispose of used batteries together with household waste, improper disposal of the battery may result in fire and explosion. In the disposal of the device, battery and other components, comply with the relevant requirements of local legislation. Do not disassemble, do not hit, do not squeeze the battery or throw it into an open flame. If the battery swells, discontinue use. Do not connect the metal contacts of the battery, this may result in a short circuit. Do not allow the battery to overheat, this may result in burns and other injuries;- Do not leave the phone in places with a high temperature, this can lead to overheating of the battery and explosion;- To prevent electrolyte leakage, overheating and explosion, do not disassemble, do not hit, do not squeeze the battery;- Do not dispose of the battery in an open flame, as this may result in a fire or explosion;- If the battery swells, stop using it.- Keep the phone dry.

    Do not attempt to repair the phone or other accessories by yourself. In the event of a malfunction in the phone or any of its components, contact the Xiaomi Service Center or take the phone to the official Xiaomi Service Center for diagnosis and repair. When connecting to other devices, use the methods, specified in the manual, do not attempt to connect to incompatible devices.


    To avoid damage to your hearing, and do not listen to music at high volume for a long time.

    Adhere to the relevant requirements and regulations, do not use the phone in the following places: Do not use the phone in the vicinity of petrol stations, chemical stores and places where there are flammable and explosive fumes of petrochemicals and chemicals. Do not use the phone in surgical rooms, emergency rooms, or intensive care units. To prevent interference with medical devices, do not use the phone near pacemakers, hearing aids, cochlear implants, or other medical equipment. While on the plane, observe the rules of aviation security, turn off the phone. Follow the rules and regulations for the safety of using mobile phones while driving. During a lightning storm, do not use the phone outdoors to avoid lightning strikes. Do not use the phone to make calls while the battery is charging. Do not use chargers in the bathroom or in places with high humidity, as this may result in electric shock, injury, fire and damage to the charger. Adhere to legal requirements prohibiting the use of mobile phones under certain circumstances.

  • SafetyTo update the phones operating system, use the built-in system update function or the services of the official Xiaomi service centers. Using other methods of updating the system can lead to malfunctions in the phone and loss of user data, and cause failures in the security control system, and the associated risks.

    Scan QR-code to download users manual

    O: the content of this harmful and toxic material in all homogeneous materials of this component is within the requirements of GB / T26572.X: the content of this harmful and toxic material in at least one of the homogeneous materials of this component exceeds the requirements of GB / T26572.(This product complies with the requirements of the RoHS Directive: There is currently no proven technology that would replace or reduce the use of lead in electrochemical, optical glass, steel or copper alloys.)

    Presence of toxic and harmful substances

    By the term safe operating time it is understood that under normal operating conditions, hazardous substances and elements contained in the phone (with the exception of the battery) and its accessories will not stand out, and that the use of this product does not entail serious environmental pollution, Will cause serious damage to the health of the user and material values.

    Safe battery life in the conditions specified in the manual is 5 years.

    The maximum value of the specific absorption coefficient of electromagnetic energy of this device is 2,0W / kg, which corresponds to the requirements of GB212288-2007.

    For acquaintance with the legal information, please read: Settings - About phone - Legal information.

    Xiaomi Phone User Guide

    Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., LTDDigital cellular phone standard TD-LTEModel: MDE40 CMIIT ID: 2017CP1318All rights reserved by Xiaomi Inc.