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  1. 1. Can you use social media to attract talentedemployees?By Lee Gifford
  2. 2. YES! Using social media sites can help networking by using people telling people about job opportunities to ensure you find the most talented employees for your company
  3. 3. Can using social media to findemployees be more efficient than traditional methods such asnewsprint, job fairs, headhunters?VS.
  4. 4. YES! Social media sites generally cost little to nothing to run and operate Social media sites can spread faster and farther than non-social media outlets such as newsprint Social media can allow for employers to give out a greater volume of information to better fine talented employees that fit well into the company
  5. 5. Do you know of any goodSocial Media sites to findpotential talented employees?
  6. 6. YES!Some great social Media sites include the following: