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All about Mutual Funds

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  • 1. By,Rakesh Murthy K G, CFA

2. History Started in Belgium, year 1822 Popularized in 1920 in US Great Growth post 1980 3. Mutual Fund Its just a Fruit Salad Like Minded individuals Common Goal 4. Why ?? Better Management Diversification More opportunities Many More 5. Types Value Defensive Growth International Blend Thematic Income Balanced Index ELSS Enhanced Index ETFs 6. Different Types 7. Expenses Loads Fees Management Fees Promotional Fees Transaction charges DDT Capital Gains 8. Risks in MF Call Risk Inflation Country Interest rate Credit Manager Currency Market Income Principal Industry Churn & Earn 9. Investment Process KYC Complaint PAN verification Address proof verification Minimum Starting from Rs. 500 10. S.I.P. - Systematic Investment Plan Invest small but invest Regularly Starting at Rs 500 per month Rupee cost averaging Power of SIP Rs 1500 every month for 30 years would yieldRs 1 CRORE.Actual Investment is just Rs. 5.4 lacs 11. Valuation Techniques Standard Deviation Sharpe Ratio Treynors Index Alpha Expense Ratio 12. Be the change you want to see in this world - Mahathma Gandhi